The 7 Secrets to Thriving Even If Your Life Is Insanely Busy

As a wife and mom of 2 children (ages 5, and 3) who works from home and is trying to build my blog into a business, my days always seem busy.

Kids, husband, homeschool, freelance writing business, blog, KDP, and Printables business just to name a few. And it sometimes feels impossible to keep it all together!

It’s easy to feel like everything is hard to juggle, am I right?

However, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that makes it so much easier to juggle everything without getting too overwhelmed! Mind you, I still have my days where I need to hide in my room and enjoy a good nap, who doesn’t?

Here are some great tips for balancing life and feeling accomplished all while raising kids.

“Okay, now with that out of the way, I’m super excited to share the top 7 secrets I discovered on my OWN path to achieving the super busy mom life success. Let’s start with #1”

Secret #1:

Use a Planner

Sometimes you’re actually accomplishing a lot during your day, but you just don’t realize it.

The key here, is to start using a planner and write down every item that needs to get done for the day – from making the kids’ lunches to getting to the bus stop on time, to completing a project at work – however big or small, put it on your daily To-Do list and then (here’s the kicker): Cross. It. Off.

Ahhh, it feels so good! And by the end of the day, you can look back and see all your victories.

Prioritize ruthlessly using The Ultimate Busy Mom Planner

The Ultimate Busy Mom’s Planner

Secret #2:

Schedule Your Time

This goes hand-in-hand with the tip above, but it’s something that has really helped me juggle my responsibilities as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur.

Using your planner,  block out chunks of time every day for each “hat” that you wear.

For me, I have mom-time from the moment I wake up until the kids’ are napping or in bed.

That then turns into wife-time when my husband comes home and we catch up over dinner or a cup of milk.

Then I shift into entrepreneur time when I burn the midnight oil working on my printables business, Busy Mom Bliss Shop.

I use a different colored highlighter for each, and since I started doing this, I no longer feel the pressure to work during the day or feel guilty not being with the kids if I’m getting some work hours in on a weekend.

Start prioritizing and scheduling your time.

Secret #3:

Use Your Mornings and Begin Your Day with Quiet/Alone Time

Take a few minutes alone in the morning. Your day runs more smoothly and you can accomplish more.

Wake up before the kids instead of with them, as this gives you time to enjoy your coffee, read your devotion, and hop on the computer to start working or complete some house chores.

Consider creating a morning routine as a way to reset your morning and get your day started right.

Secret #4: Freezer Meals

Take one day a month to make 30 meals. Yep, 30. Fifteen recipes doubled.

For the days you are overwhelmed, running errands, at sports, or just don’t feel like cooking, pull out a freezer meal! It’s one less thing to worry about! It’s also a great feeling to know you have a freezer full of meals for your family!

No need to stress about the little things! Take care of yourself first, and then follow these other tips.

You’ll find yourself feeling accomplished and less overwhelmed in no time!

Secret #5:

Get Special Toys/Activities for Your Children

Get your kids occupied with a special toy or activity. I have some toys that are not part of their toys that they can play with whenever they want, like their tractors or dolls

You can have buttons or play dough that they only get to play with maybe once a week. This way when you feel like your juggling ten different things at one time then with your kids occupied then you can focus without having them all wanting your attention.

Because they will be occupied with something that they don’t get to do very often, and it remains something that is exciting!

Here is one thing that my girls love – coloring workbooks. Teach them how to color on their own! Or any other game they love. Do you know what the best part is?

I have made plenty of them for you here to download.

Secret #6:


There are days where you’ll have peanut butter in your hair and go to the grocery store with your shirt inside-out. These mommy days are not exactly self-esteem builders but, you know what makes them sting a little less?

Making money. Start investing and learning new skills to make your money work for you instead of vice-versa and these types of days won’t bother you so much.

So what if you didn’t get any work done and no one has clean laundry?

You still made money through your investments so who cares what the house looks like. Start investing in yourself and learn new skills to generate passive income for you.

Good luck Mama! You’ve got this!!

Secret #7:

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Stop and tell yourself (seriously, get that inner voice working) that you’re doing an awesome job.

Maybe you just really need a shower sans-kids on a regular basis. Maybe you can’t stand prepping dinner with kids hanging on you so your spouse can be in charge of pre-dinner playtime.

Unrealistic expectations just set you up for a whole boatload of unsatisfied items on your to-do list and nobody thrives in that environment.

You got through the day with everyone alive and well. If your kids are happy, that’s what really matters. The laundry and dirty dishes can wait another day. Or two.

You are a great mom.