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Easy and Fun Picnic Ideas For Girls

Picnic Ideas For Girls

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It’s that time again isn’t it? It’s the weekend again, and your girls are antsy to leave the house. To do what, though? You look in your wallet and what you find isn’t quite amusing. You still want to make your girls happy.

…” What can we do that’s cheap but interesting?”…

They say cheap is always better right? Okay, I don’t know anyone who says that. But good news, here it can be. Cheap can be fun. It can be classy if you make it. It can most definitely be memorable. And by better, I do mean more memorable.

Wait, I’ve not put you in on it yet. What exactly am I referring to by cheap? If you hadn’t already guessed it from the title, I mean: 


There, the cat’s out of the bag.

Need some ideas? Worry not, I’ve got your back. 


What should I bring to a picnic?

  • A picnic basket, bag, and cooler

First things first, a picnic basket, a backpack, a hamper. Whatever you may wish to call it, you need something to carry your goodies. Don’t forget a cooler for those drinks.

  • Blanket

Let’s make this picnic more special and bring in a blanket. It is more charming than seating on the cold grass anyway. If you’d like to go all the way, you can bring in a foldable table.

  • Trash bag and paper towels/serviettes

Eating outdoors with children can end up being a messy situation. Trash bags can help out with this and serviettes keep those hands less sticky. In the midst of all the fun, you can’t afford to get your nice blanket and picnic basket soiled. 

  • The food!!

Most importantly, don’t forget to pack that food. Have no idea what to serve? Here are some examples:

1. Sandwiches.

What’s a picnic without some sandwiches?  You can never go wrong with sandwiches though. Ham, Cheese, both ham and cheese.

2. Crisps and sweets

You can pack these in small containers for each of your babies.

3. Fruit Salad

Cut up your fruits, mix them up and toss them in your cooler. Time to take it out, they are more refreshing than ever.

4. Lemonade/Juice/Water

Need some more refreshments, give these a go!

Don’t limit yourself to these though. Grab your girls and have them help prepare what they want to eat. It’s probably going to be a fun pre-picnic experience.

…”Mum, let’s not go home yet!”…

Your kids don’t want to end the day yet. Not surprising though is it?

What do you do at a picnic?

  • Games like Hide and Seek etc. 

As long as the area is safe, this should be a fun game to play. Even though you were a queen of hiding and seek back in the day, watching your child smile after winning a game maybe even more satisfying than winning.

  • Draw/Paint

Packing up canvases with paint and colors in your basket is definitely a good idea. Challenge their creativity with their painting skills. You never know, you may have the next Picasso on your hands.

  • Sing Songs

In the bathroom, while watching TV, right before bed, kids are almost always singing a tune. Join them today and sing-along. This will certainly bring some smiles.

  • Girl-talk

Girl talk is very important. 

At a picnic, where the atmosphere is relaxed and everyone is having a good time may be the best time to initiate that topic.

  • Document the day

Take photos and videos. 20 years down the line watching and reminiscing the day will have made it all worth it.

Anytime is a great time to make memories. 

They last a lifetime. 

Children tend to cherish the small things because you made time to be with them. 

As you figure out what to do next with your girls, keep this in mind.