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Office Organization Ideas to Revamp Your Productivity

Office Organization Ideas

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Organizing your office is all about having a colorful, neat space? No, count visual appeal as a bonus for getting a functional space that boosts your productivity.

Come to think of it, how do you rate a day that you spend hours on end looking for a specific file? A file that you find after several hours. You waste time that would be spent on other productive activities if you had a proper filing system. 

Whether you have a small desk at home for an office or it’s an office at your 8-5, you got work to do. Your productivity is pegged entirely on how you organize yourself. And, what a better place to start than at your command center- your office.

We compiled office organization ideas that will save you time, boost your efficiency, and who knows-set you up for a promotion!  yellow ceramic mug beside gray aluminum iMac

How to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized

When you sit down to start working, what is the first thing you do? Do you put on your computer and start working, or do you reach for a cloth to wipe around as you toss a few things in the dust bin?

If the second description matches you, your brain is screaming, “We are not finishing ALL these tasks today.” Why? Besides, the tasks at hand, the brain registers more. Clutter that has crept into your space is work too.

Your desk occupies the most space in your office. So, if you organized that space, then the new look will begin taking shape immediately. 

For orderliness, keep the desk clear. Have your desktop or computer and a few other necessary items. For example, other than putting all the paperwork on the desk, assign each category a drawer.

Again, for easy retrieval, remember to label each drawer according to its contents. 

 Further, have a filing system that allows you to categorize files according to projects. For example, separate final and draft copies and arrange them in a design you will follow. 

Have your pens, pencils, crayons, and markers stored in holders. Kitchen clear plastic containers will do a good job.

Another excellent office organization idea for your desk is drawer dividers for drawers with supplies such as paper clips, pins, and extra pens. 

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Work Office Organization Hacks 

An average work office imitates the mailbox in terms of the amount of paperwork that needs sorting. The office supplies, too, are more than what you need for your home office. 

 Besides, you are always on the timer to complete your tasks. You have no time to keep things in order. However, being busy is no excuse for being disorderly.

Quit asking, “how can I organize my office at work?” and get yourself a space that works for you and gives the vibe of a result-oriented individual in your workplace.

  • Stick notes are live savers that are essential for everyday life. But, what do you make of the sight of more than half a dozen stick notes on your desktop? Instead, have a notebook that you jot down what you don’t want to forget. 
  • Make use of the vertical space and install wall shelves. You have additional space for boxes that you fill with extra supplies and paperwork. And you never have to ask, how do I keep my office supplies organized again.
  • Make use of the space under the desk by fixing shelves that you can turn into your books library, for example.
  • Have a rolling cart. Is your desk far too small to hold everything? An incredible little desk organization idea is having a  storage space that you can have anywhere you want in your office space.
  • Steal organization ideas from the kitchen or bathroom for your office. Get supplies from the Container Store and transform them into drawer dividers and holders for your stationery.
  • Make the label maker your friend. You have a ton of boxes on the shelves, but you don’t have to turn everything upside down to get what you want. Have clear labels for all packages. Even co-workers looking for something in your office won’t need to ask so many questions.
  • Tame your pile of cords by binding them together and stashing them away into a desk drawer or box. Plus, for even easier days, label your cables, so you know what cord is for what gadget.  
  • Organize your inbox. Yes, that is part of the office organization too. You spend way too much time sifting through meaningless emails. Therefore, label your emails, so you read priority emails first. 

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Office Organization Ideas for Home

Working from home is difficult. How often when you sit to work, you remember the burrito in the fridge. Can you resist the temptation to get a bite or two?

Plus, the home office at home is usually small, sometimes inside your bedroom. Make your space fun to stay and be creative with office organization ideas for small spaces for maximum productivity.

  •  Create a ‘landing space” on your desk. You put away items, but they come back without you even noticing. Therefore, have a beautiful tray or mat at a corner of your desk. 

Designate this spot for items you need but should not be on the table. When the landing space gets full, know, it’s time to clear out.

  • Use a clamp-on lamp to maximize free space on your desk.
  • Banish use of papers- among the best home organization ideas is going paperless. Instead, adopt the use of apps such as Google Keep and Evernote to store your notes and other material on cloud storage.
  • Have a lazy Susan on your desk to organize items you frequently use. The swivel base allows you to pick the entity you need without disarranging everything else.
  • Find decorative items another spot, not on the desk. You have family portraits, souvenirs, a pot of flowers, and art. Things that are nice to look at and make you love your workspace.

 However, the idea of putting them all on the desk won’t work. So, make a gallery on the wall for your art and portraits. Your souvenirs go to a shelf while the flowers have a stand-alone stand.

  • Create multi-level storage on the wall. Have ceiling shelves for baskets of extra items, followed by smaller shelves for your books and magazines, and at the bottom have drawers.
  • Get organizers from other rooms in the house. For instance, pick coffee mugs you don’t use as much and make them pen holders. Have mason jars to store supplies such as tape. Also, you can have a utensil organizer for a drawer divider. 
  • Get a desk organizer from Target or Container store. Since the desk space is not enough for all your supplies, a brilliant office organization idea is getting extra storage space. A great desk organizer has a section for your files, a drawer, and other slots to fit your smaller items.
  • Put away the cables- Each gadget comes with cords that, if not controlled, make your space messy. Therefore, bind the wires together and store them behind your desk or some hidden place. 

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Have an Office Fit for The Boss You Are

Nothing feels better than finishing your daily target tasks. You feel resourceful, productive, and happy with yourself.

A disorganized office won’t give you that any day at any time. You don’t even have room to stretch your elbow. And, you often have to search for everything you need, including pens.

We hope the simple office organization ideas we shared will help you give your office a new look you will love. 

Now is the time to quit staring at office organization ideas Pinterest images and dedicate some time, effort, and creativity to transform your space to fit your dreams. 

Make your life fantastic by adopting an excellent organization for your bedroom, house, and office. Choose to put everything you can in your control.