Incredible Low-Cost Activities for 18-Month-Old Children

Low Cost Activities for 18 Month Old Children

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Motherhood has its fair share of challenges. However, watching your child conquer milestone after milestone every day makes everything worthwhile. At 18 months old, you have a cheeky little human with a goofy smile.

You watch them try to comb their hair, try to eat with a spoon, or even remove their flip flops with ease. You marvel at how far the two of you have come.

But at this age, your child has become the princess or prince of throwing tantrums when they get bored. And yes, kids get bored super-fast.

They have outgrown most of the toys you bought them at birth, and what is left is spending their days all teary and tearing the old toys apart.

No one wants such days, not when you can entertain your child with many 18 months old activities.

We have put together a list of activities you and your baby will love. And what a better time to learn what your child loves most than when they are just a year and a half!

Rainy Day Activities for 18-Month Old

No matter how much you love going outside to stare at clouds, some days you have to stay indoors. The day could be rainy or snowy.

Other than that, your home is your child’s safe space where they spend most of their time. To keep everything exciting, you need to figure out new activities for 18 months’ old every once in a while. Child, Tower, Building Blocks, Blocks

1.  Create a sensory box- Do you often ask how do I entertain a 1.5-year-old? Creating a sensory bin is very likely to be just what you need.  Fill a container with rice or flour and hide little toys or objects inside. Your child will have a fantastic time celebrating the heroic moments they dig in and pull out something.

2. Building blocks-  At this age, your child can stack a few blocks to build a little tower. To make the activity more fun, get brightly colored blocks, and once you stack up, ram a toy car into it and watch the blocks crumble. Then start all over again.

3. Time to get yourself an assistant– Your child enjoys imitating what they see you doing. So, if you are sweeping, get your child a little brush and let them help you. Alternatively, you can walk around the house together, picking toys and tossing them into a basket.

4.  Play games such as Food Truck or Farm House-  Do you wonder what kind of toys are suitable for an 18-month-old? Then, getting them toys that stimulate their imagination is the place to start. For example, your child will enjoy staring and touching all the objects on the Farm House game. 

Help them learn the names of vegetables and animals at the farm. And, your child will equally love to serve you meals from their Food Truck.

5. Matching games- Your child can tell the difference between colors. To keep them busy for a substantial amount of time, ask them to match their socks or even match images on a book to real objects. Use objects such as balls and toys.

6. Play the laundry basket game- You need a basket full of laundry to play this game. Show your child how to remove all clothing from the basket and ask them to put everything back.

7.  Hide toys- Among the best play activities for 18-month-olds is finding hidden things. Let your child stand at the doorway and see you hide exciting stuff in the room. 

When you are done, ask them to walk around the house, finding the hidden objects. Build your child’s memory with this game and watch your little fortune finder smile throughout the activity. 

8. Dance to good music- Outside, the rain may be pounding, but you can still dance to good music with your kid. Try different songs until you find a couple of songs that get your child to jump in excitement. Blast some music and move your bodies the way you like.

Outdoor Activities for 18-Month-Old Kids

Sometimes you want to take your kid outside the house to experience a new thing and explore their neighborhood. You may choose something as fancy as a picnic for your boy or girl or going to the park. 

However, you can still create great fun activities with your child right on your backyard or front porch. For moms asking, “what activities can I do with my 18 month old?” you get a chance to be your child’s playmate. girl wearing blue striped shirt beside black dog

1. Walking the pet –Your dog has waited for your child to grow up more than you have. And finally, your child is walking around.

Since the two enjoy quite some relaxing time on the couch, you can let them go outside. Let your child hold the dog’s leash and take a leisurely walk a few blocks.

2.  Play Hide and seek-  Is there anything like hiding outside? Well, out is the ideal place for an 18 months old child without much patience. Take turns with your child to hide and find each other. Watch your child giggle as they celebrate the victory of finding you hiding behind a flower pot.

3. Enjoy a fishing game- Fill a sizeable container with water and drop items into it. Help your child understand that they are supposed to ‘fish’ the things. Your child will love this activity and keep an eye on them that they don’t try to put any of the items in their mouth.

4. Obstacle course-  The space outside is ample for you to create obstacles in the path your child is supposed to use. Arrange items in a manner that makes them crawl under, hop, or even walk in a zigzag way. Clap for your child and encourage them to finish off the course. Remember to give them a treat afterward.

Person, Human, Child, Girl, Blond

5.  Make music- Outside is a serene environment to play the guitar and other musical instruments. Encourage your child to string the guitar, for example, or blow the flute. You never know, that could be the beginning of a family tradition.

6.  Create a maze- Among enjoyable activities for 18 months old is trying to find their way through a maze. Take out old cartons and use them to create pathways. Assist them in getting into and finding their way out. Offer them guidance and cheer them on. 

Independent Activities for 18 Months’ Old

All your child’s life, they grow less and less dependent on you. How will you miss their childhood days!

At 18 months, your little human will have developed some independence, like trying to button their shirt or crouch to collect something that falls. In their heads, they got this!

Allow your child to explore their newfound abilities by engaging in independent play that involves you checking on them every once in a while. Plus, the activities are safe for your child.

1.  Stacking cups- Kids love building things, and cups are a great way to make something that does not tumble quickly. Plus, when your child is not stacking the cups, they will be filling them with other play items such as toys. 

2.  Finger painting- Get a variety of paint colors and let your child make art on a piece of canvas. Make sure to get food based colors to make it safe even when they decide to have a taste of it. Your child will get engrossed in this activity to give you enough time to organize your room.

3. Activities with playdough- your child will love the feel of playdough on their little palms. They will find it impressive that the dough is easily squeezed and takes the shapes the child finds impressive.

4. Sticking foam letters- Get a pack of foam letters and show your child how to stick them on a surface such as a window. Get a chance to introduce them to their first ABC’s as well as enjoying the sticking activity. girl sitting beside white bucket

Final Words

Happy moms know what button to press to keep their kiddos happy. Learning what activity best suits an 18-month old makes sure your kid gets the most out of play activities.

You have no reason as to why you should not find activities for your 18 months old child. You will neither need too many toys nor buy so many supplies. Sometimes games that will give your child extreme happiness will blow your mind- they are so simple. 

Choose an activity to start with and make fond memories with your child while they are still babies. Otherwise, you won’t have funny pictures like a child who has painted their clothes and face yellow, blue, and red in your family album.

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