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How to Store Craft Supplies Effortlessly and Creatively

How to Store Craft Supplies Effortlessly and Creatively

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Craft making is addictive. You not only spend your spare time productively but also have fantastic bonding sessions with the kids crafting. And the best part, you save money. Or it becomes another side hustle for you.

However, nobody tells you craft supplies pile at an alarming rate. You notice when you are near giving up your bedroom for the items. What you have now is not craft supplies. You have a hot mess. 

Thus, how to store craft supplies is a lesson for all moms. You won’t run from collecting toys around the house, but you can avoid tangled yarn and messy fabric.

rectangular white wooden table near brown wooden cabinet with ceramic tea set

I need two entire rooms for my craft supplies, you say. Do you have that kind of space?

How do you organize craft supplies? How do you store them? That you want to be neat is enough. Believe me, that little corner will work.

What to Do Before You Store Craft Supplies

If your craft supplies storage has to work, consider what I call the three pillars of storage.

1. Declutter

woman in blue sleeveless dress sitting on bed

Often, we hold on to what we don’t need for an insane number of years. You fill your rooms with stuff you will never need and never use. Your house rooms are full to the brim, not even room enough to dance a little.

 Huh! You got to do something. Sample your craft supplies and throw out the fabric pieces that are too tiny to be used for anything. The dried paint, toss it out also. Every inch of free space is a step to a lovely home. 

2. Find The Space

Most people live in a confined space. I have met only a few people who say that they keep some of their rooms empty, most have no families. When the children come, the story changes.

You want to know how to store craft supplies, start with where you keep them. Look around your house. You may settle for an entire room, some space in a room, or a loft. Move some furniture if you have to.

Remember to take exact measurements of your space, so the storage unit of your choice fits.

3. Organize 

There is no storage without organization, period. Know how to group craft supplies and how to label them. 

When grouping, sort out related items. For example, everything on sewing projects is one group. Everything about painting is another group.

Next, group the sewing materials into tools and material. Have your needles and thimbles separate from the thread or ribbons and fabric.

brown letter envelopes

When you finish grouping, how do you label craft supplies? Since you haven’t settled on how to store craft supplies, prepare labels. 

Buy stickers at the store or even cheaper, make your labels. Cut out pieces of paper that you’ll use glue to stick them.

Write names like beads, yarn, fabric, felt, or crayons. Whatever you have. 

How to Store Craft Supplies

Now, it’s time to explore the vast pool of storage options within your reach. I have categorized storage options based on three criteria. 

1. How to Store Craft Supplies On a Budget

If you want storage units for your craft supplies, you can find a ton of them at the store. Even so, you may not have a budget for any of that.

As a craft lover, you don’t have to break your bank to organize and store your craft items. Here are things you need to consider for storage. 

A) Re-Purpose Old Furniture

two maroon sewing threads on cube shelf

You have that closet that you bought with your first salary, or your grandma gave you? You don’t use it but not anymore. Please give it a new coat of paint, divide it into shelves, and have a shelving unit.

B) Recycle What You Have

You have empty shoe boxes and spice bottles. How about you transform the otherwise useless boxes into storage units.  Label these boxes and fit them into shelves. For the spice bottles, put glitters and beads. 

2.How to Store Craft Supplies in A Tiny Space

When you live in a confined space, you need to be organized, lest everything will be everywhere. However, being creative and a craft lover is no excuse for disorganization. 

A) Consider The Wall Space

red and white sofa set

Well, there may not be enough room, but there must be a wall. If the wall doesn’t work, you can use the doors. Consider hanging options. You can buy cheap buckets or racks with hooks at the store, mount them on the wall, and organize your craft supplies.

Also, consider built-in shelves on the walls.  Put your craft supplies in wicker baskets or containers. You’ll have an ample and permanent storage unit.

B) Consider Double Use Furniture

Get furniture that can function as a sofa bed. For example, you can buy a kitchen table that has multiple drawers. Store supplies in drawers and the tabletop becomes your work station. 

C)  Consider A Peg Board.

brown wooden heart shaped wall decor

Have you walked into a garage or workshop, and you saw work tools hanging on a board? If you want the hammer, you get it and replace the measuring tape. Recreate that for your craft supplies only prettier.

Divide the board into sections using wood, and for each section, you can store your craft supplies.

3. How Do You Store Sewing Supplies?

I find sewing supplies harder to keep in control than any other category. The results of sewing are beautiful, but so many collections are required right from sewing to decorating.

 You have supplies ranging from a sewing machine to a variety of buttons. Not to mention you have ribbons and a ton of thread. Have you tried fixing entangled strings, by the way? You most likely fail. Know how to store sewing supplies and craft away peacefully.

person holding white and red plastic toy
  • Use a see-through storage unit- for example, plastic containers available at the thrift store.
  • For supplies such as beads and thread, use small drawers, rather than have one large drawer to throw everything in there.

Or use drawer dividers to subdivide the large drawer into sections.

  • For fabric and linen, roll them on a rod into a round shape and tuck them away. Alternatively, if you are using shelves, fold the material to the exact size of the drawers.
  • Use open jars for items such as markers and scissors.
  • For ribbons and thread, make a simple DIY organizer using a box and a skewer stick.
gray nails on clear container

Final Thoughts

You now know how to store your craft supplies, and it’s super easy. Why would you delay a task that takes a few hours? Schedule it in your regular cleaning activity.  All you need is a storage space and a good organization.  

When you organize your craft supplies, you can easily take stock of what you have and what needs replenishing. Plus, you quickly pick the item you want without emptying everything on the floor.

You won’t need lots of money to get functional units just for craft supplies.

You have no excuse not to store your craft supplies creatively. Not even space, if you have a tiny space, get a storage unit that fits the small room.

Start organizing your craft supplies for a whole new crafting experience. Live in a neat space. You don’t have to be embarrassed when friends visit.