How to Organize Your Room –Once and for All

How to Organize Your Room

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Your room is a safe space. Your nest, a place in the world you can lay your head and experience immense calmness and peace.

However, you don’t wake up to a room that looks like a hotel room by the seashore. You have a magnificent well-made bed, spotless white faux carpets. And a gentle breeze is blowing against the curtains.

You wake up to the reality of clothes, books, lone shoes, pizza boxes, toys, and all sorts of stuff on the floor. Not to mention you need two hours to get dressed as you dig into the pile of clothes in the closet.

How to organize your room is an art you need to learn. Fortunately, you need just some effort, and you never have to ask what is the best way to organize your room again.

Practical Ideas to Adopt

 To bring lasting order in your room, you have to develop a system that works to give you a serene personal space that is structured effectively.

1. Declutter

 Your room is a magnet for clutter. You have belongings you have not used or touched for years. Therefore, spare some time and decide what you keep and what to toss away.

You can keep everything; you will squeeze them all in, you say. But that is not how to organize your room. A less crowded space is not only comfortable to manage but also pretty.

Give out some items that are in good condition to the local shelter.

2. Store

When sorting out your items, you’ll find things you won’t need until a later date. For example, you won’t need Christmas decorations until the festive season. If its summer, you don’t need heavy coats and mittens.

Therefore, free your closet of these items and store them till when need be.

3.  Have A Laundry Bin

Choose a spot for a bin that you have as a home for your laundry. Alternatively, you can get a woven basket to add a splash of life to your room.

Besides, a basket is a great place to have all your pillows and stuffed animals when they are not in use, so you have a neat bed.

4. Spot Alternative Storage Places

Sometimes you overlook the simplest solution to a problem when you look up how to organize your room, you never think of some places.

A place like under the bed storage or even the door space goes unnoticed. So, fill some boxes that fit under the bed and store items like shoes in there.

Shop for a shoe rack you can fit at the back of your door. Put a stop to having shoes sprawling everywhere.

5. Get simple holding solutions

When the wind blows, and your window is open, do you get a hurricane of papers from your desk swirling around? Well, rounding them up together is not only nasty but also unworthy of your time.

Cheap solutions such as getting a tray for the papers saves the day. On that note, you can have a jar for your pens and pencils too. 

person holding yellow plastic spray bottle

Not to forget a trash bin lest your waste paper and wrappers end up on the floor. And you water down efforts on how to organize your room.

6. Have A Cleaning Routine

Hiding evidence of your daily living space is not a one-off kind of thing. Don’t wait to wipe the surfaces or put back the items once a month.

Instead, adopt a system like ensuring before sleeping every night, you scout for misplaced items and return them to their place.

You will find such a routine simplifies room organization. Waiting until everything is everywhere once again is a huge task. You will keep starting from scratch time and time again. Save yourself the trouble. 

 How to Organize a Room with Too Much Stuff

If only my room were not too small, a phrase many people have for staying disorganized is wrong. If that is you, stop. Your room size won’t grow, but you can learn how to organize your small room.

1. Have A Minimalist Mindset

A minimalist gets by with essential items with no room for surplus. The chief reason why you have too much stuff is your attachment to your property.

Look around your room, and you find a large item such as furniture that takes vast space. Ask yourself if you can’t trade it for a modern and more efficient item. 

In my case, I had to let go of a desk I inherited from my grandma. I got a fold-down table.

Not furniture? Check your shoe pile, check your clothes, sort through all you have. You have space for what you need and what works for you only.

2. Get Appropriate Furniture

 Consider investing in furniture that suits small spaces. For example, swap a broad chest of drawers for ones that are tall but thin.

Again, your desk, dresser, and closet should be a model with drawers. If you can’t find such models, never leave space below under-utilized. For instance, I put my trash bin under my desk, and that frees some room somewhere.

3.Have High Shelves

Ever thought of the wall space above the door when you think of how to organize your room? You have a row of shelves up there, so you get extra space to stash your belongings.

When you lay awake in bed, you don’t have just a light to look at. You can gaze at your boxes of items. Plus, what a better place to store items away from the reach of kids?

How to Organize Your Room DIY

Sometimes, all you need for a fantastic room are creative hacks and tips. Things you can handle on your own and watch yourself transform your space. You save space too.

1. Have A Head Board with Storage Slots

Bare headboards are okay, but why not stir some creativity into it. Have a headboard that can act as your bookshelf, for example. How sweet, you read a book and get it back to its place without leaving the bed.

Not books, okay. Have your jewelry boxes or make up boxes on anything else you have in mind that can fit the space will do.

2.Have A Bed Frame with Drawers

Storing items under the bed is brilliant, but better is having a bed with drawers on its frame. You don’t need to buy a new one, just a few supplies, and you have somewhere to hide your journal.

3.Make A Pegboard

closeup photo of doughnut with toppings

Pegboards are great for hanging your little items such as keys, necklaces, and earrings. At the comfort of your home and with a few craft supplies, design a pegboard and stop losing your earrings.

4. Have Shelves and Hooks

Exploit hanging options that are easy to make. Hang hooks at the back of your closet wall for extra clothing. Another excellent spot for clips is the closet door—ideal for hanging belts.

two gift boxes on floating shelf

 Also, on the wall of your room, make floating shelves for your extra items. The frames don’t need complex carpenter skills. Help from a family member will do the job. 

Final Thoughts

You have nothing to stop you from organizing your room. You take charge of everything in the house. Sometimes, parenting can be overwhelming and overbearing. You need to have a neat space to act as a compass to remind you that you haven’t lost all control.

The time to clean up and organize is now that you know how to manage your room. You can’t refuse something that will make you happy and stop the gnawing feeling you get when you see all those items on the floor.

Organizing your room may need a little tinkering here and there. Look at how to organize your craft supplies, for you sure will need some.

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