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How to Organize Your Phone in 5 Minutes

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Phones are an extraordinary creation of humankind. They have made our lives unbelievably simple. Have a network connection, and you download anything you fancy. 

You have your important dates, work, to-do lists, planners, fitness apps, and everything that suits your lifestyle on a gadget in your hand! Phones are our lifelines. 

However, just as the apps come easy, you can easily create a jungle in your phone. Finding something takes an eternity, or you always resort to using the search button.

Come on, phones should make us productive and efficient. If yours is cluttered, you are not getting the most that your gadget can offer. It’s time to learn tips and ideas on how to organize your phone.

Check out these fantastic ideas you should try.

How to Organize Your Apps

1. Declutter

Before you start to organize the apps on your phone, you need to do some cleaning. Along the way, you have accumulated apps you downloaded but then have no use for them now.

Scroll through your phone hunting for those apps you don’t even remember their use. Before you decide to keep them anyways, remember that you are wasting storage space.

 Plus, if the apps are working in the background, they are draining your battery. The worst part, if you granted the apps permission, they are collecting your data.

Another place to declutter is your contact list. Most likely, you have contacts for friends who became strangers and others you can’t trace where you met them. Get rid of these contacts.

Besides, you can save related contacts in groups. For example, you can have contact groups with names like work for your colleagues at work, Church, or anything else you want. 

2.How to Organize Your Android Phoneblack android smartphone displaying icons

Users of Android phones have a way of avoiding the organization altogether. You can use Google Assist. All you need to is long-press the center bottom button and name what App you want to find. 

However, that is not for anyone who wants to know how to organize their phone for productivity. Besides, the task is easy, won’t take anything much from your tea break.

  • Create folders

Apps, by default, are arranged alphabetically on your home screen. Plus, the last four used apps appear on top of the page. Pretty genius, right? However, when you have way too many apps, you need a smart way of finding what you want faster.

How do you create folders?

1.  Unlock your phone to reveal the Home Screen

2. Long press an app of your choosing and place it on top of another app

3. Repeat this action  for all apps you want to be together

4.Name the newly created folder by tapping on top to rename it.

  • Where to place most used apps- at the bottom of the home screen, there is a slot for your most-used apps. If you don’t like the apps that appear there, you can change that in a snap of your fingers.

1.Remove any app you want by long pressing and drag it upwards. Place it anywhere you want on the screen.

2. Long press the app you prefer and place it on the spot you have made.

  • Uninstall apps that you no longer need by long-pressing them and dragging them upwards until you see the icon that reads Uninstall or Remove.

1. if you choose to Uninstall, you get rid of the app

2. if you choose to Remove, the icon is moved from the home screen to the second screen.

3. How to Organize Your iPhone

Most recent iPhones come with an App Library, which sorts your apps and places like apps into the same folder.

However, if you don’t have a gadget with that feature, fret not. There are great alternative options on how to organize your phone.

  • Use the Spotlight search

1. Pulldown or swipe down your screen to show a search bar

2. Type a letter or two of the app you are looking for to narrow your search area

  • On the home screen, you have 28 spots for your apps- Some people prefer a simple layout of a single screen instead of two or three.

1. At the bottom, there are four slots (the Dock)- have apps that you use most frequently

2.Put other items in folders. person holding silver iPhone 6

  • Create folders- if you have quite many apps, you will find folders useful.

1.Dragof another to create a folder.

2. Repeat that procedure for all apps you want in that folder

4.How to Organize Your Phone Aesthetics

Are you looking for cute ways to organize your apps?  Well, why not go ahead and make it visually appealing. Try any of these ideas

  • Arrange the apps in alphabetical order.

1. Go to Settings

2.Tap on General

3.  Tap Reset

4.Reset Home Screen Layout

Also, you can kick the organization a notch higher by creating alphabetical folders. Label the folders with names like A-C, K-S, or W-Z.

  • Action named folders- Do you use an app to chat with friends and family, entertain yourself, or listen to music. Have folders that have apps with names such as Chat, Music, or Games. That way, you will need to think of what you want to do to find your app. Easy, isn’t it?
  • Label your folders using emojis-  If you prefer an exciting space, have emoji icons imitating your apps’ function.
  • For example, for fast food apps have a burger icon.black samsung galaxy smartphone on white surface
  • Use color- People who find colors to be memorable yearn to know how to organize their phones by color. Group your apps according to color shades, so you easily identify them. For example, Facebook and Twitter are blue, so they share a folder. Go ahead and place all your apps into folders based on their color scheme.

Alternatively, create color-based themes for every row of apps on your screen.  

How to Organize Your Photos

Are you always asking, “how do I organize my gallery?”. Usually, those are the days when you are trying to find a particular picture in a pool of a thousand others.  Try these tips and keep your memories with you as long as you wish.

  • Google Photos– for a shortcut to organizing, this is the tool you need. The app sorts out the photos according to faces and familiar locations and stores those images together.
  • Organize photos after you take them- make it a routine of going through new photos before keeping them. Get rid of the foul shots and keep the good ones. 
  • Schedule a cleaning day- Decide on a day or month when you will sift through your photos, getting rid of images you don’t want to keep. person holding black android smartphone
  • Install Google Drive– Make use of this useful tool to store your photos in the cloud. You will have a backup source in case anything happens to the hard drive.
  • Sort the photos according to the time you took them. Have pictures of a particular year and a specific month together. You won’t have a problem making a collage if you want to create one.
  • Name your photos- Photos, when unnamed, appear as something like IMG1444-012, which is okay until you try to transfer or share them. You won’t tell the images apart. Therefore give them names you identify quickly.


You much more time on your phone than any other electronic device. And, it conveniently sits in your bag, pocket, or desk wherever you are.

To organize it, all you need it picking it, and in no time, you have a phone with a new look. Don’t lose items in your phone when what you need to find them is a single swipe or two.

We shared our best ideas to give you an efficient phone with a touch of your style. You have answers to your question of how to organize your phone. 

No more excuses are left. Regain your motivation and perform this task. Besides, you will love your organized phone better.