How to Get Motivated to Clean When Overwhelmed by a Big Mess

How to Get Motivated to Clean When Overwhelmed by a Big Mess

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Have you ever found yourself as a potato couch? 

Looking around your house, all you see is a mess that needs cleaning up? Then the doorbell rings, you peep on the door hole only to see it is an impromptu visitor? 

But you are ashamed to open the door cause of the mess in your house?

Well, you are not alone; this happens to 7 out of 10 people most of the time.


How to clean a messy house step by step.  

Find your motivation buzz.

You are probably asking yourself, ‘How do I force myself to clean? Try finding your motivation buzz, what is that one thing that will motivate you when you are overwhelmed by the mess around you?

  • Taking a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Music to energize your spirit.
  • Imagine how nice your home will look when it’s all clean and tidy.
  • Put on your work gear.
  • Consider asking for help and dividing the work – You can outsource to a cleaning company, ask a friend to help you clean or have the whole family participating in the cleaning.
  • Putting on your work gear – It will set your mind to cleaning once your mind is set to it, you will feel motivated to see your work results.
  • Write a list of things that need to be done and set clear goals for yourself.

Where to start cleaning when overwhelmed.

Start by establishing which chore you love doing or what makes you happy and smile when it is clean and organized.

  • It would be clean kitchen countertops
  • Fresh laundry
  • Tidy and clean living room
  • Vacuumed carpets
  • Well-made beds.

Once you have selected your clean ‘zen zone,’ put a timer and get started without stopping till you have achieved your goal. 

Repeat the same on the next task; when you look around, and you feel less overwhelmed, know you are getting somewhere, pat yourself on the back and reenergize for the second step.

Cleaning neglected parts

You may detest doing some chores, but you need the same stamina and motivation you used on step one for the chores you detest. Firstly What chores make you overwhelmed, and you always leave them for last? Is it cleaning the bathroom or doing the dishes?

Leaving the chores, you detest for last is not a good idea. You will be tired, and the motivation will be lost.

Gear up and tackle the tasks ahead of you, remember to put your timer. You may find yourself drifting away from the task, and your heart is not in it. Asking for help may be a good thing.

Remind yourself of how grateful you have a home to clean, and how fresh and nice it will look when it is not messy. A timer will help you accomplish your goal faster and keep your mind focused.

When you are done with your task, take a break, you can walk outside to throw away the garbage. Change of scenery and the fresh air outside will motivate you for the next task.

The golden baskets.

Get three big baskets to label as:

1. Trash

2. Donation

3. Find me a home. 

Alternatively, get different colored baskets to serve the three purposes. When cleaning, place the baskets in the middle of the room, you are cleaning.

Once you start sorting out the mess, place them in the baskets accordingly, do not second guess if it is trash, take it outside immediately, and get rid of it. Do not be tempted to salvage anything as a souvenir; the memoirs will remain in your heart; you don’t need to fill up your house with clutters to act as reminders.

Sort out your golden baskets immediately; you don’t want to turn them into a hiding place for your mess. ‘Find me a home’ are stuff in the wrong room e.g., children’s toys, towels, papers, and books. 

Repeat the same procedure in the next room you are cleaning till you are all done. 

Having the golden baskets at an accessible place to be used every day will minimize mess and clutter. Sort the baskets every two to three days.

Clean a messy house checklist

Make a schedule which days of the week some chores to be done, have your whole family participate in the tasks, and divide the chores accordingly. Example are:

  • Monday – laundry day
  • Tuesday – garbage disposal day
  • Wednesday – Sorting of the golden basket

Make it to best suit your home and your family’s needs. You will realize when tasks are done continuously throughout the week, you will avoid having a messy home. You can set one day in a month for general cleaning and polish furniture, clean the curtains and walls.


Get rid of unnecessary things, such as unused clothes crowding a closet, to tidy up a room or area. This may be a hard task to do it all at once. Find some certain day of the week to declutter and go room by room.

Make a point not to let clutter fill up your house. Decluttering may be a way to relax.

Addressing the declutter habits.

The clutter must have a source, address it, and have your family sort out the clutter before it piles up. The more you work together to keep your home tidy and clean, the less the chances of being overwhelmed by the mess.

Donate to charity anything good enough to keep, but you don’t need it. Have your kids donate clothes they have outgrown, small bicycles, and books that you no longer need

A messy free home

Take a picture of your home once it is all clean and organized. Stick the pictures on your fridge, and they will act as a motivator to complete your cleaning checklist on time and sort out clutter.

Please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below on how you overcome your depression to clean a messy home.

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