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How to Be a Happy Mom- 6 Things Happy Moms Do

How to Be a Happy Mom

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Striking the perfect work-life balance as a busy mom isn’t easy.

Fitting loads of laundry between virtual meetings and work sessions…

Always up to date with your kids’ school games, homework, mommy time with kids…

Cooking every day and having quality time with your spouse…

Wasnt working remotely supposed to make all that ( even more) possible?

You saved all the time by skipping the commute and were going to get more done in less time. Your days of working long horse were over. 

(Or so you thought)

Here’s the thing:

A happy busy mom’s life doesn’t just automatically happen when working from home.

Like everyone, you have to plan to keep life from intruding on your work or work intruding on life – more so when it all takes place in the one place.

But a happy busy mom’s life can be done, and worth the effort. 

Let’s look at some simple ways to be a happy mom and make it easier.

How do stay at home moms get happiness?

How can you keep your happiness constant as a stay at home, mom?

We all deserve some happiness within us. 

Motherhood is awesome, and it’s such a joy to see your children grow. Every milestone counts and it makes you feel fulfilled.

The happiness and joy isn’t a guarantee throughout.

Besides motherhood being a wonderful experience, it can be frustrating, and that’s for sure.

Feeling angry and frustrated is inevitable, no matter how you may try to run away from it.

I have been there and felt like it’s a burden being a mom at times.

Being gloomy, sad, and mad at everyone or the kids is not a better option. I had to look for ways to live a healthy, happy life as a stay at home mom despite what was/is happening around.

Let’s look at some of the effective ways that have helped me navigate through motherhood.

1. Speak out about how you feel. 

The worst thing you can do to yourself is trying to bottle up your feelings, thinking that things will be fine.

Imagine living a day in day out without sharing about how you feel? A time comes when you can’t hold it on longer.

You’ll break down or unleash the frustration to the kids or anyone in the vicinity. Being a stay at home, mom is not a small feat. Speak out when you feel overwhelmed.

Find a trusted friend who is willing to listen or your spouse.

Mental health issues like anxiety and depression may crop up, which is not healthy either to you or your loved ones.

Your kids need a happy mom. 

2. Have some me-time.

When you become a stay at home mom, you carry a lot on your shoulders.

You ensure the kids are well-fed, laundry is done, help in their homework, and many responsibilities that require your attention.

It’s not a walk in the park, which can make you lose yourself in the process. 

Don’t compromise your happiness. A happy mom equals a happy spouse and kids.

What is ‘me-time’ all about? 

It practically means having some moment where it’s only you without worrying about what is going on around.

You can achieve this by getting someone to keep an eye on your kids as you maybe opt to step out to enjoy some time.

You can take a walk, visit a park and enjoy nature, or opt to get a massage at your favorite spa.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not loving or inconsiderate; it’s healthy and recommended.

So, plan for a day to have some moment for you to help you recharge.

3. Work out on your sleeping patterns.

There is nothing I value most than having enough sleep.

Sleep is very vital, and as a stay at home mom, you require tons of it.

Busy moms find themselves working around the clock, depriving you of some sleep.

If at all you can’t manage to sleep for eight hours every night, which is recommended, try to take a nap during the day.

Power naps are very helpful and can increase your productivity as a mom.

Sleep is one of the many ingredients that can make you stay at home mom get happiness.

How can I enjoy being a mom?

Motherhood should be fun and exciting. It is a fulfilling journey that we should all try to enjoy, no matter what.

Each day is always a gift. Enjoy being a mom more so a stay at home mom.

But how can you enjoy being a mom?

Let’s delve at some tips;

1. Exercise

Did you know that exercising is helpful for peace and mindfulness?

Taking some time off to do some yoga, skipping rope or sit-ups is very healthy.

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called Endorphins, which helps in relieving pain and stress, boost pleasure, which helps in your well-being.

2. Enjoy some time with your kids.

Nothing excites me like motherhood, and I’ll try as much as possible to enjoy it until my kids will grow up and be ready to have a life of their own.

Enjoy it when it lasts. Create some time where you can enjoy with your kids. Talk about anything. Let them open up and ask questions which they may be having.

Play games. Go out for lunch or dinner or take a walk. It is therapeutic for you and the kids.

Enjoy being a mom by spending time with the little ones. Some day later in life, you’ll all be glad that you did.

3. Don’t ever compare yourself with other moms.

Did you know that each one of us is unique and gifted in different ways? Now you know.

Comparing yourself with others is the worst pain you can inflict on yourself. You are unique. Be you, and enjoy doing you.

Appreciate your strengths as you work on your weaknesses. 

Learn also to appreciate the little you may have. It goes a long way in enhancing your happiness.

How do you ensure that you remain a happy mom?

Being a stay at home, mom should not deprive you of happiness. Be content. Be positive. Have some fun, and be a mom with a positive attitude.

How do you ensure you get happiness as you bring up your kids?

What can you add to some of the things we have discussed?

Kindly let us know in the comment section as you continue enjoying the motherhood journey.