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Home Organization Ideas: Organize your Living Space Like a Pro

Home Organization Ideas:

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Homes are hard to keep organized. Even with a thorough cleaning from time to time, the mess builds up all over again. 

Even worse is when there are children in the house. Some of their play activities don’t conform to the rules of tidiness and neatness. They will reach for the can of paint and ruin your carpet within the two minutes you are not looking. 

And well, it’s just YOU. It seems you clean then get to cleaning again. In addition to the daily chores, a new one just cropped, get ready for some scrubbing.

So, do you wait until the kids grow up and leave, so you have a neat house?  

Well, that is a long time to live in a mess. We compiled home organization ideas that are a must-try for a tidier house.  

Home Organization Services

Your house looks messy; lots of people have the same problem too. The problem is so prominent in modern society that a booming business and a big industry has grown.

When you don’t know where to start organizing your house, you look for a professional organizer. What does a professional organizer charge per hour? An amount of 30-80 dollars per hour.

A professional organizer will turn your house into a radiant functional space; you will be happy. However, when the house gets messy again, you will need help. How long can you keep up with that?

Not when you can learn professional organizing tips and develop an organization system that works for you.

Set The Ball Rolling

The disorder in your house is driving you insane. Congratulations, you just made the first stride. Why? Some people never notice the disarray around them. And, remember, you can’t fix what you don’t see as a problem.

bauble balls in the box

The pillar of home organization ideas is decluttering your house. You have stuff you hold on to that is of no use to you. Therefore, start by sorting out everything to determine what needs to find a new home and what stays.

Where do you start? You are not in a race that you have to declutter your entire house in a few hours or one day. Don’t overwork yourself. How about you adopt the “divide and conquer” method? Declutter one room after the other.

The lesser stuff you have, the lesser time and effort you need to get a tidy home. Therefore, you have no reason to hold on to the heavy sweater from 2007 that you no longer wear. Clear space for what makes you happy now.

As you declutter, remember that every item has to have a category. You are KEEPING IT, STORING IT, or DONATING IT. Store items such as off-season clothing and extra bedding while you donate what you no longer use.

When you sort out your possessions, consider:

  • Home organization products you need
  • Inexpensive home organization ideas

Home Organization Products

 The market is flooded with home organization products. However, your central focus when purchasing an item is addressing the problem you have. We listed products that are trendy, functional, and save on space. 

  • Catch all dish- items that are easily misplaced, creating disorderliness usually have no permanent spot to keep them.  A catch-all plate holds keys, loose change, and other things that you can easily place anywhere when you get home.
  • Built-in shelves- Shelves are a great way to utilize the otherwise unnoticed storage space on the walls. They are ideal for storing books, boxes, baskets, and anything else you desire to perch there.
  • Drawer organizers- when you have one central drawer to put small items such as jewelry, beads, or even cutlery, it would be hard to keep everything within your reach. However, drawer organizers make sections that you arrange every item you have, each in its category.
  • Self-adhesive clasps and hooks- Items such as hats, belts, and pet leashes are easy to organize with the hanging option. For instance, you hang the pet leashes and your coat at the entryway while you hang hats on your closet doors.
clear glass jar lot
  • Cans and storage jars- Jars with lids are ideal for storing foodstuffs such as snacks and cereals. Cans, on the other hand, can be used at your desk as a pen holder.
  • Rotating turntable( lazy Susan)- Do you have a problem keeping your makeup, spice bottles, or craft supplies organized? With this product, you rotate the products with a finger till you get to what you want without disarranging everything.
  • Furniture with storage- An all-time fantastic home organization idea is, having double use furniture. If you had a bench or bed with drawers, you would have extra space to stash items that you would have nowhere to store. 

Inexpensive Home Organization Ideas

  •  Shoe holders- Hang shoe holders in your cabinet to create extra storage room. And yes, it does not have to be shoes. In those pockets, you can fit your camisoles.
  • Use a magazine rack in your kitchen to store supplies such as spices or plates.
  • You have no hamper, transform a sack of grain into a home for your laundry.
  • Have a railing above your dresser to hang extra clothes
  • Get hooks to hang your coats and handbags.
  • Have baskets to store extra items
  • Use curtain rods to divide shelves.
  • Repurpose honey and other supplies jars into pen holders or catch-all
  • Make labels for every storage unit.

Additional Home Organization Hacks

man in gray crew neck t-shirt sitting beside boy in red and white crew neck

Maintaining an organized house requires a level of commitment, not just one-touch up and nothing more. Do you want to know how to keep an organized home henceforth? Try these hacks:

  • Have a spot for play activities- Let your children know they cannot play everywhere in the house. Instead, model a playroom for them complete with their favorite toys. You will save yourself a lot of heartaches.
  • Have a routine that includes placing everything to its place before you sleep every night.
  •  Don’t grab all offers at the store- you accumulate too much stuff that you end up expiring without you using.
  • When organizing your clothes, arrange them according to color. Plus, you can stick a picture of your favorite dress combinations on your closet. Dressing up in the morning will be a breeze.
  • Get rid of food containers that have no lids or vice versa, instead get stackable uniform containers. They are neater to arrange and take lesser space.
  • Maximize under the sink storage- for example, have pull-out baskets to store extra items.

Final Thoughts

An organized house is everything clutter takes from you. You get to your home that radiates peace and calmness. You catch a breather, get quality sleep, and wake up with the energy to face a new day.

Clutter reminds you that you are not in control of your life, and you are failing in areas as minute as making your bed. Why would you choose to be this unhappy?

Find motivation and embark on a mission to have an organized and tidy home. We have shared every practical and useful tip that will get you the neat house you want. Check out additional organization ideas for bedrooms here.

All is left is sparing some time in your to-do list and some effort. That guarantees you a sweet and fulfilling home makeover.