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the ultimate busy mom planner

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A mom is like a theatre performer, juggling balls. A little miscalculation or a wrong move, and all the balls get strewn everywhere. And suddenly, a mom is buried in endless chores, work responsibilities, and a ton of missed appointments. Dreaded moments you almost forget your name.

Moms who rock the mommy business, however, know how to keep things under control. These are the moms who, despite the crazy schedule, can still afford an hour or two of free time to do whatever they want. But how?

First, they have a planner and not just any planner– a working mom planner. They don’t depend on their memory to remember all the important dates. Instead, they use the humble pen and paper method.

Here at, we crafted for you an ultimate busy mom planner customized for your needs. Read on; we will tell you all about this magical tool for all moms.

What Should You Look for in A Planner?

Moms can’t afford to go on a spending spree. Therefore, you need to know what you want. Buy a planner that will help you keep your busy life on track and accomplish tasks. 

Otherwise, you will end up with a good for nothing book that your kiddo will fill with cartoon drawings.

1. Consider the price- Are the most expensive items the best? No, some things are overpriced for no substantial reason. However, that does not make overly cheap products any better. So, get a busy mom planner well within your budget as long as it matches what you need.

2. Level of orderliness- Do you want a planner with just days of the week on the pages? Or do you desire a more comprehensive one with multiple columns, daily, weekly and monthly schedules?

3. Flexibility-  A flexible planner leaves room for you on its pages to make your notes or even write new recipes you want to try.

4. Color- What works for you? Bright color themes that run through your planner’s pages or a toned-down single color? Get a planner with a color you love; you will enjoy writing in it even more without feeling like you need to shop for a new one.

5. Size- Do you want a busy mom planner that fits in your purse, handbag, or you’d rather have a large one that you leave at home?  

6. Layout- Planners come with a vertical and horizontal layout. The vertical format is the most popular among moms because of features such as the whole week, month, and year calendars at a glance.

And What Does Our Ultimate Busy Mom Planner Offer You?

Our planner is anchored on the life of a busy mom. The planner extensively covers sensitive areas such as self-care, something most moms neglect.

The planner comes in a floral print cover that reveals a bright, charming personality wrapped in a touch of nature.  

The floral theme runs through the entire planner decorating the top and bottom margins of all pages. Giving you have enough space to write on that with cute little decorations on every page you turn. 

Let’s discuss what there is inside.

1. the Year 2021 at a glance- Time passes quickly, so to accomplish what you intend for the new year, you need to keep track of your days. The planner gives you a calendar you can use to circle or mark all the important dates.

Even better, every time you open your planner, you see the calendar first, thus a constant reminder of all occasions.

2.  Finances Tracker- The working mom planner has five entries to help you keep your money on track. Things go wrong, but financial turmoil will turn your life upside down.  You have:

  • A monthly bill tracker–  you won’t forget about subscriptions such as Netflix or the water bill.
  • Income tracker- Record all the money you are making—time to see what your side hustle brings to the table.
  • Expenses tracker– How is your spending? Are you spending way above or below your financial muscle?
  • Savings tracker– Moms know rainy days come. And on rainy days, the money you have saves the day. So, make saving a habit.
  • Debt tracker- Take note of what money you need to pay off. When you pay blindly, you won’t realize when you are stepping forward into financial freedom or backward, deeper into debt.

3.  Track your goals- The ultimate busy mom planner aims at helping you keep in check your short term and long term goals with two entries.

  • Goal checklist- Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment as you tick off goals you decided on, and you bag them. 
  • Goal planner- Decide what you want to achieve and let writing serve as an everyday reminder. Wake up to a purposeful day, every day.

4.  Plan your week- If you plan well every week, you will have planned months and eventually a well-planned year.  Plus, weekly planning ensures you take planning one step at a time and regular analysis of how you are managing. 

For this, you get three entries:

  • Weekly planner- Write down activities that you need to tackle in a week.
  • Weekly Checklist by Day- Celebrate your productivity by ticking what you accomplish. You have a choice between boxes and a table.
  • Weekly schedule- The ideal place to fit the doctor’s appointment.

5. Everyday activities –  The working mom planner dedicates two entries for tasks planned for each day of the week. You have:

  • To do list- Start your days objectively by listing down activities you wish to tackle.
  • Top 3 lists- You have a priority space for tasks that can’t wait any longer.

6.  A plan for meals-  Meal planning, especially for an entire family, is never easy. You won’t know what to cook on some days, but our planner offers you two entries to solve your problem. 

  • A meal planner-  A meal plan prepared beforehand will not only save you time but get you entirely organized too. 
  • Recipe page- Jot down your favorite recipes and the new ones you want to try.

7. Keep fit-  All moms know the struggle of trying to lose stubborn baby fat and keep fit. However, a good fitness plan results in physical as well as health benefits. Our planner has four entries dedicated to fitness.

  • Fitness goals- What do you want to achieve? Lose belly fat, for example.
  • Monthly fitness–  Evaluate your progress on a month to month basis.
  • Weekly fitness– Plan a fitness routine to guide you through the week.
  • Daily fitness- What is your daily exercise routine?

8. Cleaning Routine- Cleaning takes a considerable chunk of a mom’s activities. Dust collects on furniture faster than the laundry bin gets full. Thus, finding a busy mom planner that offers a perfect cleaning schedule is ideal. You get three entries.

  • Daily cleaning- Plan a cleaning schedule that does not overwhelm you—for instance, clean every room on a different day of the week. 
  • Weekly cleaning–  Plan what needs to be cleaned weekly, for example, doing laundry.
  • Monthly cleaning– Isolated spaces such as the attic or backyard can be cleaned monthly.

9. Self-care routine- A working mom planner should have room for taking care of oneself. Time a mom to engage in her hobbies and do her hair and nails.

10. Personal information- You have space to fill out your name and address. In case your purse gets lost, for example, one would have a way of contacting you.

11. Password keeper/log- you write easy to forget passwords such as that of your email address.

12. Gratitude journal page- You enjoy life more when you appreciate the simple everyday joys. Our planner has space to write your blessings

13.  Project planner- Productive moms have a goal plan for their life. They keep tracking the progress of their long term goals. Record what you are doing to get where you want to go.

14. Homeschool planner- Organize interactive and educational activities for your children in the comfort of your home.

15. Blank Pages for your notes- And finally, some flexibility for you. You have space to write motivational quotes from your favorite podcast, for example.

Order A Copy of the Ultimate Busy Mom Planner

Planners are meant to make you productive and focused. A busy mom planner, on the other hand, makes mom’s activity-filled lives easier.

Get our ultimate busy mom planner, and watch yourself get more organized than never before. Break down your year into months, weeks, and finally days.

 Be that mom sips her coffee peacefully without worrying that everything will fall apart. Her entire year is planned out, all thanks to a super planner.  

You can’t miss out on such a fantastic offer, so buy now, here.

the ultimate busy mom planner

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