Fun and Engaging Activities for One-Year-Olds

Activities for One-Year-Olds

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What activities can you do with a 12-month-old child? A dilemma every mom has had. Your child does not spend almost the entire day sleeping; they sleep more at night. 

You can’t always cradle them or lie them down when they are awake. You keep an eye on them at age one, for they touch everything, crawl around, and want to explore their environment more than anything else.

However, as much as the child has gained some independence, they can’t do things older kids can. Most activities and games are too advanced at this stage.

But you can’t do anything with the child the whole day. When your baby gets bored, the crying and sulking will give you both a terrible day. Who wants awful days? Not when there are a ton of fun activities for one-year-olds.

Check out our compilation of fun activities that will keep your kiddo occupied, happy, and vital for their growth.

Educational Games for One-Year-Olds

Your child is yet to join pre-school but education begins early. They have been learning new things since birth, and they are eager to learn. All that is left is choosing activities for one-year-olds. Your child will be happy to try them all.

1.  Play Peek-a-Boo- You play this game by holding a blanket up to cover your face and holding it down to reveal yourself. The game is a simpler version of the Hide and Seek game. Your child will be amused to see you disappear and appear. Take turns at the game for a more fulfilling experience.

2. Dance to music- At the age of one, your child is developing favorites; pick a song they like and play it and let your child jump around and make their version of dance moves. With time, train the child to dance when the song is playing and when you pause it, let them stop. You are teaching them self-control.

girl holding purple and green camera toy

3. Explore images and photos- your child understands simple things you tell them. Among things to teach, a one-year-old is pointing out to images you call out their names.

 For example, as you are reading for them, a story asks them to point to the book’s images. Say phrases like, “show me a carrot here.”

4. Play pretend phone- your child loves mimicking you; therefore, a phone conversation will thrill them. Get a toy phone and hold it to your ear, and pretend to talk to your child. An easy start would be calling their name and saying hello. Let them respond and answer even when you don’t understand a thing.

5. Put toys away- Engage your child in a playful chore that ensures they grow into the habit of organizing their room. Your child will enjoy picking and dropping toys in the toy basket but all the while, making your space neat.

Sensory Activities for One-Year-Olds

A one-year-old child wants to hold everything. You will freak out when you see them stretch their hand to touch the candle flame or grab the dog’s tail. But don’t worry, ease into the development stage for it will pass too.

Plus, since your child is into touching everything and putting others in his mouth, that means he enjoys these activities. So, make safe, playful options and watch him all engrossed like an adult reading for a test.

1. Make a busy board- To organize your craft supplies, you make an efficient space such as a pegboard to hold extra supplies such as sewing thread. For your child, make a similar space but have his favorite play items.

He loves taps and doorknobs; fasten them on the board. Hang a bell and some buttons. Remember to make all items impossible to get off the board to prevent any choking accidents.

2. Share your utensils- Activities for one-year-olds must include banging things together and against surfaces. Make music with your child using your pots, cutlery, and other items they find fascinating.

3. Make bubbles- One reason why most one-year-olds love their bathing time is the foam, so such an activity would be fulfilling.

During bath time, take some time to make bubbles and ask them to smear the foam on their legs or stomach. You are preparing them for bathing themselves.

Again, you can get them a bubble toy that will keep them busy sending bubbles into the air.

4. Make shakers- Fill plastic bottles with cereals such as beans or corn and make shakers. Let your child enjoy shaking them and listening to the different sounds.

baby holding a cloth

5. Play with sand or dirt- One-year-olds can be messy, and they love it. Other than sneaking outside to play with mud, allow your child some activity that lets them scoop dirt into their hands and sometimes smear it on their clothes. They will get dirty, alright but don’t worry; they won’t be like this forever. 

Art Activities for One-Year-Olds 

If you are looking for an alternative to games for one-year-olds online art is the way to go. Although a one-year-old won’t paint with perfection or make tasteful art, they will enjoy the activity. And, you will have the keepsakes of their tiny palms to show them when they turn twenty. Better than staying glued on some computer game, right? 

1.  Make cereal necklaces- Eating is not always fun for children who have problems eating, but all children will enjoy playing with food.  Enjoy making necklaces with their breakfast cereal, and who knows, they could start enjoying breakfast even more. 

3. Use play dough- Engage your child in an activity that allows them to model shapes they desire. They will enjoy the rolling and pressing. To make it more fun, ask them to make different items. Ask for a doughnut, for example.

4. Try finger painting- Get some canvas and some paint. Invite your child to dip their hand in the paint can and apply it on the canvas in whichever way they like. When the canvas is “well” painted, they can paint their feet and hands too. flat lay photography of paintings

5. Play with stickers- Get some space for your child to stick on exciting objects. For example, you can have pompoms or ribbons and help your child attach them to some surface. Let your child stick the items where they wish. That way, they feel like the activity is theirs and that they may enjoy it more. 

Outdoor Games for One-Year-Olds

A one-year-old is not old enough to play outside on their own, but you need to take them out too. The child enjoys the fresh air just like everybody else, plus they have been indoors for most of their life.

1. Water plants- You have plants that need some watering? Don’t let your one-year-old stand at the window watching you. Instead, let them come out to help out. They may get wet somehow, but later on, you will have someone to water your plants when you aren’t home.

2.  Go for a nature walk-  As you walk your pets, take your child too and walk around the neighborhood. A few blocks will be enough, but your child will have the time of his life seeing everything as new and foreign. child lying on grass

3.  Spend time at the park- your child will enjoy activities at the kids’ play area.  You can try a train ride or a trampoline. Besides, in just half an hour, your child will have bagged thirteen best friends!

4. Have a texture walk- Like how you enjoy running barefoot at the beach, your child will love walking not just at the beach but also in your backyard. Let them feel what stepping on leaves or walking in the grass feels. However, be careful that the walks don’t result in pricks or cuts.

Still Afraid of Trying Activities for One-Year-Olds?

Your child is at a critical developmental stage in their life, and they could use your help. All you need is picking out activities that are solutions to what should be taught to a one-year-old baby.  At their age, they will participate in all activities you present. You don’t have a grumpy teenager as yet.

Again, think about the child’s curious look as they experience new sensations and participate in new activities. Everything is just priceless. These activities will present wonderful learning experiences, and what better time to establish your child’s favorite pass time.

Do you want a happy child, mentally stimulated, and enhanced physical development? Pick a simple activity and start as soon as now.

Happy moms figure everything out somehow, don’t they?

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