Fun and Educative Games for 3 -Year Olds

Indoor Play for Kids

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What is it about 3-year old’s?

A bundle of joy and pain. All in just one body!

I mean they are quite old, yet they are not old enough. They can walk, talk, and communicate almost independently but sometimes they just choose not to. They are much more developed but are still considered children.

Why playing games is important for 3-year olds

Am I the only one who rather finds age 3 an odd age? It may or not be odd, that part is debatable. What isn’t is how vital the age is.

They grow in all aspects and with all that energy in them, they are begging to release in one way or another.

Insert the savior, games.

Working as both a learning and fun experience, it’s sure to knock out that extra energy. This definitely helps along the growth process both socially and cognitively.

Indoor games for 3-year olds

The words indoor and games may not sound like a very appealing idea. 

The thought of messed up walls, or floors, or just anything may be frightening but that just comes with the territory of having a 3-year old. 

Give it another chance though, these are definitely going to be rewarding.

  • Play with playdough and get your kids to be creative. Get their imagination kicking in and see what they come up with. Even if nothing but stick-figures comes out of the little project, that was probably fun for them.
  • No one can ever go wrong with arts and crafts. Get some coloring paper, markers, and crayons, and see your kid’s imagination come to life. They may end up drawing something that looks like a bird and say it’s a cat but hey! That’s the fun of it. They get to be themselves.

If you’re worried about them ending up drawing on the walls:

  • Matching games. You can have them match words to pictures or colors or even upper and lowercase letters. Write letters on sticky-notes and stick them on items that start with that letter. Go a further step and make it a search and find a game where they have to say out the item name in the end.
  • Balancing games. See for how long you both can balance on a leg, on a straight line, or even with a book on your head!

Fun outdoor games and activities for 3-year olds

Can you imagine staying home all day every day, well children can’t even begin to imagine it? In fact, don’t just send them outside, join them.

Oh! This definitely helps with the indoor-games phobia.

  • Hide and seek. Kids play it all the time, although hiding in quite obvious places, indulge and join in on the fun.
  • Play ball. That’s it, that easy. 
  • Freeze and dance. Have a small chase but the twist is, once your touched, you have to stay frozen for two seconds, do a funky dance, then you’re the chaser. PS: Make it more fun and let him catch you a few times.
  • Play follow the leader. Start a game where you give instruction by doing the action yourself. Your child has to follow the leader by doing the same action twice. You can spice it up by taking alternative turns.
  • Arrange for a picnic. Take your child outside for new scenery. Bring out his favorite snacks and have fun as they explore their surroundings. Here are some fun tips and tricks for boys and girls.

Educational games for 3-year olds

You may be thinking, okay so it can’t be all fun and games right? There are definitely games which are more educational but still fun. Here are some:

  • Have a sing-along. You can sing-along using numbers, alphabets, animal names, anything! Sing and have your child sing after you. Most 3-year old songs and rhymes encourage their ability to pick up new words.
  • If that is not what they are into, try make-believe. Children love playing dress-up. They can be whoever they want when they dress up. Giving them the opportunity may even show you where their interests lie. They can decipher what doctors do, what chefs do, etc.
  • Fix puzzles. Get your child’s mind in gear as they try to fix up puzzles. You may encourage them with a gift if they complete it. 3-year old puzzles maybe 10-20 pieces a puzzle.

Entertaining 3-year old’s may seem like a hard task.

All you may end up hearing is “Moooom! Play with me!”, and you don’t know where to begin.

Remember, anything can be made fun and educational. The thing with such games is that there is no right or wrong way to play, games can easily be made up as you go along.

Pick out any of the games for three-year-olds above and help your 3-year old explore the world through his own eyes.

Have fun!

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