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Freezer Organizer Bins: The Best Way to Organize Your Freezer

Freezer Organizer Bins

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How do you rate your freezer organization skills? 

Would you let somebody snap a picture of the inside as it is now? I would only because I organized it this morning. 

Freezers are lifesavers. 

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They are your number one spot when you get to the house hungry and tired. You won’t have to get farm-fresh milk daily from the store (even on rainy, snowy days) if you stock it up. However, organizing them is the ever-present challenge.

Plus, they  never have enough room for all the supplies.

Your bad days with a freezer are when you buy food, store it only to search for it later frantically. You lose your food inside your freezer!

Other times you go grocery shopping and buy an item that is still sitting pretty in the freezer. Not to mention the food that goes bad without you even knowing.

 What is the best way to organize a freezer? You ask. 

A search on your computer will reveal that freezer organizer bins are the way to go. 

Stick around as I walk you through how to give your freezer a new look and what freezer organizer bins to use to avoid freezer burns.

Freezer Organizer Hacks You Need to Lay in Place

Before you hop into the car and go shopping for freezer bins, halt. To get the best out of freezer organizer bins, you need these handy hacks I have compiled for you.

1.  Knock Off Some Stock

You got it right, don’t order to consume what you have in the freezer. Why? The knowledge that there is food in the house is fantastic. Your kids won’t starve, and neither will you.

 However, some people leave it at that. They open the freezer to whip out some ice cream, not butter, not veggies.

Make meals as you ready to organize your freezer.

2. Throw Away the Boxes

Packaging boxes are only meant to conveniently get your snacks and foods to the house in great shape. You keep the pizza in the freezer in its packaging, “so you know its pizza in there.”

 But consider the space all boxes are taking in the freezer. Room other items would take. Toss those boxes out. 

3. Take Stock

One of the most brilliant freezer organizer ideas is stock-taking. When I emptied my freezer to take stock, I was dumbfounded at what I found.  

Nasty foods such as pie I did not know who made and when. I even found a pack of crayons in there.  So, empty your freezer and see what you have and don’t have. Plus, you will choose freezer organizer bins that fit your needs perfectly. 

4. Declutter 

brown and white labeled bottle

A general rule of a great organization is knowing what to keep and what not to. It works for managers, for moms, and for your freezer, it will work.

Why are you keeping the corn from a couple of years ago? If you wanted to try the cornmeal recipe, you would have a long time back. Throw away any item in your freezer that has no use. It will only hinder your dream of a beautiful freezer.

5. Labels

When food is refrigerated, ice makes it all cloudy and thus hard to tell what it is. Save yourself the trouble of always asking, “what is this we have here?”.

 Get simple stickers from the store that will allow you to see through the cold layers and not guess at what container has what. 

Upright Freezer Organizer Bin

You can now go shopping for freezer organizer bins at your favorite store. However, you want to know how do you organize a side by side freezer? Space is limited; thus, you need to know what organizer product to purchase.

  • At the door, have what you always need on the go.  Don’t put ham on the door while the smoothies are kept deep inside.
  • Don’t suffer that headache; instead, put your favorites where you swing the door and retrieve them.
  • Narrow freezer organizer bins are perfect for upright freezers. For example, check out the Idesign freezer organizers, a great collection of transparent containers with a handle. Store baby foods to fruits with utmost convenience.
  • Buy clear plastic containers at the store, especially those that come in various sizes, thus allowing stacking.
  • Another fabulous addition will be zip lock bags (the secret is to freeze the contents flat, so it’s easy to put the bags upright in the freezer shelves.
  • Remember to store similar items together. You can’t have the butter in the same container chicken. You won’t know where to start looking when you want to get any of the items.

Chest Freezer Organizer Bins

Chest freezers have space; you can fit a cow if you want! However, most owners will tell you that the freezer comes with its own set of unique challenges.

You will happily stock a considerable amount of food items but then realize later, under the sheets of ice, you can’t tell which thing is which.

Without proper organization, you won’t take out the food in time to let it thaw. Worse, you won’t find a particular food item.

How do you organize a freezer without shelves? Avoid everything sprawling everywhere and learn to enjoy using your chest freezer.

  • Always have an inventory- Thanks to the ample space, it will be impossible to see everything in the freezer.

So, start by creating an inventory for all the items in the freezer. Write it and stick it on the freezer for yourself and people you send to pick an item.

  • A smart freezer organizer idea is putting always putting old food on top. A chest freezer allows stacking up due to its depth.

Therefore, remember to put the newest food stock at the bottom, so you consume what you have had for a long time first. You won’t want to cook items that have lost their flavor.

  • Lose the dividers and go for containers. Get containers available in tiers. For instance, check out the Walmart fridge bins. 

You quickly stuck up these bins; the larger containers hold foods such as meats while the smaller bins have fruits like cherries.

  • Another great option would be wire baskets. They are spacious, allow you to see through them, and are easy to lift out by holding between the wire mesh. 
man wearing green crew-neck t-shirt

Can you put plastic baskets in a freezer? You ask. Yes, especially the plastic storage baskets with handles are just as great as the wire baskets.

  • When on a budget, consider repurposing milk crates. You can stack them up and lift then out too.
  • Grocery bags are a great freezer organizer hack too. Have a sizeable reusable storage bag and arrange your supplies in there. You can put items in zip bags and have them in a flat shape, so you stack many of them. A grocery store has handles, so you can get it out and back without a hassle. 

Reclaim The Beauty of Your Freezer

You have had enough with searching for items in your freezer for hours, sometimes days. Not when all you need is freezer organizer bins, and you fix the food searching problem forever.

Save yourself time; a few minutes for busy moms have all the difference. Plus, don’t undermine the importance of an organized freezer.

 You won’t have to let your toddler stand there and wait for you to find their milk when you can’t remember what shelf the milk might be. An unhappy child will make you sad too. 

With the tips I have shared with you, you can’t ask the best way to organize a freezer. Get your organizer bins and labels and schedule a freezer organizing task. Have it in your morning routine or to-do list or regular cleaning activity. 

Be a happy mom with a beautiful freezer.