Fantastic, Fun-Filled Games for 2-Year-Olds

Games for Two-Year-Olds

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A two-year-old child is in a blissful moment in their life. They have just discovered the miracle of standing on their own feet and walking around. They have also muttered their first words!

Your child is one big ball of excitement and full of energy. You frequently will worry about your bowls and glasses breaking when you set them on the table. Why? Your child is running around and kicking anything and everything. Who wouldn’t? They just discovered a new ability of their legs.

And voila! You have a new problem. You start looking up what games are suitable for two-year-olds.

Again, you want to know what games to play with your child to keep them entertained.

Stick around as we outline brilliant ideas of ideal games for two-year-olds that are educative, interactive, and will get your child bursting into laughter.

How Do You Entertain Your Two-Year-Old at Home?

Your child spends most of his time at home with you. At that tender age of their lives, they have one HUGE TASK: play and more play.

However, you have a perfect opportunity to choose your child’s activities that are vital for their development. Prepare them for the competitive world they are growing in by sharpening their abilities.

Know how to prepare your child for writing or counting before even school-going age. Also, consider activities that are helpful for physical development.  Here are some fun activities that are rewarding and worth trying. girl in teal long sleeve shirt smiling

1. 2 Year Olds Development Activities

  • Create an obstacle course- design a play area and arrange items along the path your child should use to get to you. Let them jump over tiny boxes, go round more oversized objects, or even crawl under others. Celebrate their every move and guide them along.
  • Play catch a- ball – Throw a ball at your child and let them catch it in their hands and throw it back at you. Once they master that task, take an empty bin, place it a distance away from them and try to throw the ball into the container.
  • Walking in circles or in a zig-zag way- Draw circular or zig-zag lines on the floor and encourage your child to walk along those lines you have drawn to improve their balancing.

Alternatively, let your child sit on a blanket and pretend it’s a car as you pull them around the house.Child, Colors, Nepal, India, Finger

2. Educational Games for Two-Year-Olds

How do you play with a two-year-old? Or even engage them in activities with educational value? Yet such a child has a short concentration span and still too young to understand some concepts.

Well, slow down the whole issue is not as complicated as you think. Easy activities for two-year-olds are there.

  • Sing nursery rhymes- Start singing to your child and encourage them to sing after you. Most of these rhymes teach counting, new words, fluent speech, and are memorable for any child.
  • Sort into colors- get objects of different colors and help your child sort them out into like colors. For example, let them arrange the red with the red and the blue with the blue.
  • Get a box of blocks- Let your child enjoy stacking up blocks. For a two-year-old, they can stack at least four blocks. 
  • Count- Count anything that can be counted, pieces of furniture, cups, toys, and everything else that comes to mind. Start counting as you point at items and ask your child to repeat after you until they master several numbers.
  • Do some painting- painting is an all-time favorite game for two-year-olds; you should not shy away. Messy as it may be, your child will be amused at painting their faces and dipping their hands in paint jars.

A great alternative is getting crayons and coloring pages.

toddler looking up while holding candycane in party

Outdoor Games for Two-Year-Olds

Just like adults, children should go out and get some sun and breathe in the fresh air. Even more for children, they need to understand their environment. You don’t want your child growing up not knowing that picnic table sitting in your backyard belongs to somebody else.

Have activities suited for the outdoors, and spare yourself some serious mess cleaning in the house even better.

  • Engage in chases- outside the house, you have fewer obstacles and thus the ideal space for running around. Pretend to go after your child to catch them as they run away from you.

Remember to make it more fun by letting the child catch you when your turn is chased around.

  • Have a picnic- Other than having lunch at your usual spot in the house, spice it up for your kiddo by taking out the picnic blanket and having your lunch outside as you try spotting the butterflies hopping from flower to flower. And, check out our helpful picnic ideas for boys and those of girls.boy standing under garden sprinkler water splash
  • Show nature some love- if you have plants you take care of, don’t do it alone. Get a little bucket for your child and water the plants side by side. Other than have your child flood your bathroom as they watch the thrill of running water, let them water plants and watch them blossom.

How do you entertain your two-year-old in the car? Most moms have had the experience of traveling with your child, and midway the child is bored and wants to get off in the middle of nowhere.   

You resort to not taking your child anywhere with you, but that is not even practical. How do you show up at grandma’s house without the munchkin she wants to spoil rotten?

Make it easy on yourself by trying these games for two-year-olds, so you have a calm journey.

  • Start a conversation- Encourage your child to talk to their toys as if they can hear. Let them speak to the doll as if she was a real girl who gets happy or angry. If it’s a toy car, let the child talk to the toy using phrases such as “speed up” or “slow down a little.”

You not only keep the child preoccupied but also help them build their creativity.

  • Play Simon says – play an interactive game with your child, giving them simple instructions that start with the phrase, “Simon says.” Give them instructions that require simple tasks such as closing eyes, holding their head, or even sticking their tongue out.
  • Act out opposites- Help your child master emotions by acting them out. For example, ask them to look happy. When they do, ask them to look sad. Point out that the two emotions are the opposite of the other. 

Final Thoughts 

Being great at parenting is not just about making excellent meals and organizing your house. Great parenting means choosing what is best for children by giving them a safe and happy environment to grow.  

If the only way you get some time to handle household tasks is by letting your child stay glued to the television, you are getting it wrong. Cut on games for two-year-olds online. If you raise a couch potato, you will have nobody but yourself to blame. 

Instead, choose from the vast array of games for two-year-olds and watch your child grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. It does not hurt to have a brilliant kid, and interactive fun games will build your child’s brilliance.

Besides, you will have fantastic bonding sessions. There’s nothing more a mom would want more than spending memorable moments with their child.

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