Everything to Know About Morning Routines for a Successful You

Morning Routines for a Successful You.

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Being a mom is tough and overwhelming. 

You wake up feeling tired to start every day of the week. No time is enough to finish every task you want to. You yell more and have no quiet in your home.

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How do other moms manage to keep sane, tackle tasks, and rock at parenting? You want a peaceful home, a composed you, and a feeling of control like before you had any children.

The answer you are looking for is where you are not looking. A great morning routine to set you up for productive and happier days is what you need. Be that mom; everybody wonders how she does it all. 

Why Do You Need a Morning Routine?

All my life, I have never been a morning person, suggest something else, you protest. Well, everything just changed when you became a mom.

Morning routines are like a compass—steady your direction by waking up, knowing just what to do with your day.

Somebody is going to refuse to eat their vegetables, they will throw tantrums, wreck your make up kit, but somehow you will respond calmly.

Still, need convincing about why early rising is essential for you and all moms?

1# A Routine Makes Everything Easier

Remember the first day you were trying a new recipe? You gathered everything you needed and read step to step instructions. Thankfully, the meal was a success. 

To make the same meal in the days that follow, you use a lot lesser time. With routines, if we do the same thing repeatedly, we get better and spend a lot less time.

2# Have More Time

With parenting, there’s more than cleaning and babysitting. Unless you make a deliberate effort to sit and rest, there are a ton of activities waiting to get done.

Wake up early, and have some uninterrupted time to do something important to you. If you love reading a book, you won’t have your toddler tugging at it to get your attention.

3# Get A Dose of Quietness

A house with children is a beehive of activities and quietens when they sleep. Quietness some other time might mean somebody is cleaning their toys in the toilet bowl.

Thus remind yourself of tranquil and calmness. That lowers your stress levels.

4# Cut On Stress

Think of it this way, days you mistakenly overslept, you have a feeling of being rushed hanging over you all day.

You get a spiral of reactions that runs you off the track of having a great day. If you get late preparing the kid’s breakfast, they will be upset, and so will you. If the day starts with your kid in a bad mood, this affects the type of day you have.

5# Start Your Days with Intention

Moms have a reason to keep planners and trackers- getting organized. If you organize yourself, you achieve more. Thus, you have a better day when you plan your day when you get up.

You accomplish tasks and be a productive mom.

What Should Your Morning Routine Include?

A morning routine has benefits every mom wants to reap. However, do it right, so you lose some sleep hours for something.

Know what activities you include, so you are successful. Borrow traits from successful people so you will be a great mom and a happy person.

1# Wake Up Before the Children

Waking up before the children could be anytime between 4:00 AM -6:00 AM, depending on the routine you have set in your home or age.

Don’t make abrupt adjustments to your waking up time, set the alarm fifteen minutes earlier for a start, and keep adjusting.

You have time to engage in activities that are important to you without a distraction. So, before kids wake up, you will have checked off some tasks, thus lesser work for the day.

2# Why Are You Rising Early?

Have the motivation to get you out of bed, so you kick start your day. Therefore, do something that stirs happiness in you.

Just like you have a favorite meal, decide on your favorite activity. It could be meditating, exercise, yoga, writing, reading, a jog, or even coffee.

 When you know, you will wake up to the coffee aroma sifting from your mug, and you will have something to get you up. 

3# Ignore The Phone

There are all reasons as to why you get your phone when you wake up. You want to check your email and social media pages. 

If you pick your phone, you will get carried away, and reality strikes you when the kids are already up and at your door. What a waste of a morning!

4# Encourage Yourself

To focus on goals and plans, you keep yourself emotionally invested.  Dedicate some time in your morning to motivating yourself. Recite a mantra. Mine is “consistency brings success” what is yours?

woman doing yoga post during golden hour

Listen or motivational speeches and power yourself up for a productive day. A mindset that makes you optimistic about the day eliminates negative energy for a happier you.

5# Exercise

A work out is among the few things that keep human beings healthy and gives us back our energy and restores our focus.

Well, by exercise, you don’t have to engage in a full work out; it could be something as simple as a jog, dancing, or yoga.  

Moms need energy, and exercise is the way to get the power you need to carry you through the day.

Again burning calories helps fight anxiety, stress, and depression, conditions no mom wants to battle.

6# Tackle That One Task

There are those tasks that take so much of our energy, but we should do them. In the morning, your focus is sharp and have high energy levels.  

Pick ONE such task and tackle it. If you can tackle the most demanding task for the day, you can have a greater chance of having a successful day.

Mornings are a great time to plan a family calendar, write a budget, or other tasks that require your undivided attention.

7# Bring Your Life Goals into Focus

You have a dream about the life you want. You have a plan to achieve it. Part of achieving your long term goals lies in how you spend every day of your life. The other part is in diversifying your streams of income.

Have a morning routine where you read through your goals list and determine what to do so you remain true to pursuing your dreams.

Spend a day in a manner that you will have an answer to what you did today for something you want three years from now.

Geared Up for The Morning Routine Challenge?

A routine, if repeated for a couple of weeks or months, will stick. And yes, it can change. You find what works for you over time.

You have all the reasons to be a mom with a morning routine because quiet moments are hard to have.  You can plan out the day, but your toddler will determine what you do or don’t do.

 On a typical tantrum day, you will spend chunks of time soothing them. Why not grab a chance in the morning when you have no distractions and accomplish what makes you happy? 

Besides, to take care of your family, you take care of yourself first. You can’t give love if you are grumpy and tired.  

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