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14 Incredibly Easy Things To Paint and Make Money: A Step-By-Step Guide

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The quote ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ has been used numerous times, but I don’t think we know how deep it goes. A painted picture can convey words, thoughts, and emotions even better than words can. 

Learning to paint may be one of the best journeys one can be on. Watching the canvas go from blank paper into a finished product is satisfying. 

Even so, there are a lot of frustrations that go with it. Figuring out what to draw, how to draw, or even getting the confidence, can slow down the whole process.

The whole painting concept may interest you, but one question remains: how do you even begin? Today may be your lucky day. This blog will guide you into becoming a great painter. 

Before we begin, below are some FAQs, so let’s get them out of the way:

..“What should I paint as a beginner?”…

As a beginner, the best advice would be to stick to the simple basics. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Starting from the ground up is the best way to go. We will get into a list of easy things to paint for beginners shortly.

..“What objects can I paint on?”…

You can paint on paper, canvas, or fabric. 

We will get into painting on a canvas later.

Now that we have tackled those pressing questions, below is a list of prepared, easy things to paint that will likely set you on the right path.

Let’s get started as I guide you on easy things to paint step by step:

Easy things to paint – step by step

Easy things to paint for kids

Kids are naturally free thinkers. Their imagination knows no bounds. If your child has creative energy in them, don’t hinder it. Get them started with a few of these painting ideas:

1. Moon and stars

A picture containing nature, night sky, dark, clouds

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For a moon and stars painting, you may essentially need only two colors. Don’t let that stop you though, get as creative as you may like.

With a fully dark blue background resembling the night sky and scattered white dots around the blue, you have the stars. 

With this first stage done, all you have to do now is draw a moon right in the middle of the page and paint it. The moon shape can range from a crescent to a full moon, depending on your creativity.

If you want to get into the painting of moons, read this article.

That’s it!

2. A Rainbow

A rainbow over a mountain

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A rainbow may just one of the simple painting ideas. As long as the knowledge to draw a semi-circle is there, you are set to go.

Need a step-by-step process?

A rainbow has seven colors. First, you need to draw eight arcs, each underneath the other, to make space for each of the seven colors.

After that, you need to paint each color of the rainbow in its own space, one by one. These colors being: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, respectively.

3. A House

A child has probably seen and visualized their house. They may have already pictured the type of home they would want to live in when they are older. Why not give him a chance to paint it out for you?

Kids learn shapes all the time. It’s time to put those shapes to use. Most parts of the house are just basic shapes put together. Being one of the easy things to paint for beginners, painting a home will be a simple task.

To paint a house:

  • Paint a rectangle, which will be the frame of the house.
  • Right on top of the rectangle, paint a triangle. This will act as the roof.
  • With two squares on each side of the rectangle, you have windows.
  • Paint on a smaller rectangle in the middle of the windows, and you have a door!
  • Once done with this, you have painted a house.

4. A Sunflower

A close up of a sunflower

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

A flower is an easy thing to paint for kids. Because it is so beautiful, it is a perfect subject to begin practicing painting on.

Below is one of the easy things to paint step-by-step:

  • Paint a big thin circle and another smaller one at the centre. There should be some form of the donut shape.
  • Paint a thin line to the bottom resembling a stem.
  • In the flesh of the ‘donut shape,’ paint out small heart shapes, with the tail being toward the centre of the circle. Do this till the process is completely covered.
  • In the smaller circle, paint slanted lines crossed over each other.
  • Add some color, and you have your very first sunflower!

Easy things to paint on paper

5. Butterflies

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects. Although they can feel intimidating to paint because of their segments, breaking it down into steps is the way to go. With this method, it becomes a simple painting idea. 

This is how to do it step by step:

  • Paint a big “B” shape on the right, with the top half wider than the bottom.
  • Paint a similar shape to the left side, leaving some space in the middle. Painting both of these creates wings.
  • Paint along with a “U” shape that will connect both the wings, forming the body.
  • Paint a small circle on top of the “U” shape, which will be the head.
  • On top of said head, draw two lines on either side.
  • Throw in some color because butterflies are essentially colorful insects’, and you have a perfect butterfly!
  • Add two more on the paper, and they can even look like they are flying away.

6. Scribbles

Does this all seem a bit too much for you? 

Would you rather just draw without following any steps or guidelines? 

Would you just like to express your emotions and art on paper without restriction?

Painting scribbles may just be for you. They are an easy thing to paint for beginners, which comes straight from the heart.

7. A Puddle of Water

A picture containing nature, wave, night sky

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A puddle of water is a simple painting idea for beginners. 

A puddle of water needs just but two colors, the color of the water, blue, and whether it’s grass, green or rock, grey.

Read ahead for a step-by-step process:

  • Paint the paper with either green or grey, depending, to set the stage.
  • Paint a wide, jagged circle that resembles a puddle of water.

You may decide to play around and even add a moon at the top, paint as your heart desires.

Easy things to paint on small canvases

8. Sunset

A picture containing sky, outdoor, sunset, sun

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A sunset traditionally has three color shades: reds, oranges, and yellows. With just these three colors, here are easy things to paint on a canvas for beginners.

Follow along for an easy step by step procedure:

  • Use yellow paint to draw a horizontal line just above the middle of the canvas.
  • Still, with the yellow paint, paint a half-circle above the line painted in step one. The circle is the sun.
  • Fill the edges around the sun towards the ends of the canvas with yellow paint.
  • Add orange paint over the yellow color to make it darker.
  • Finally, add red paint over the mixture.
  • To sharpen the sun, add white paint on its edges and blend it in.
  • You can paint a horizon below the horizontal line, i.e., a water body.
  • Make any finishing touches you may like.

The steps may seem a lot, but their beauty will keep you going once you get started.

9. Clouds

The first step to painting clouds is to observe them in real-life. To visualize their shape and color shades. Once you have done this, you can get your paint down on the canvas and begin a simple painting idea for beginners.

With the cloud’s shape already painted on the canvas, you can start to shade it in. The bottom of the cloud is more likely to have a darker grey than the top, so you should factor that in while you are painting.

10. A Road

A picture containing tree, outdoor, road, way

Description automatically generated

Life is a proverbial road/path that we must follow to reach our final destinations. If you reflect on the life you are leading at the moment, it would be an easy bet that you can see the path you are on.

Visualize that path and paint it. All the winds and bumps make that path yours. 

Fill the outsides of the paths with grass or even rocks.

You can paint the sky grey with rain or even blue for the sun.

Because this picture comes straight out of the experience, it is easy to paint on a canvas for beginners.

11. Still Life

What better way to practice your newly acquired skill than to paint what is around you every day?

Pick any still object around you. It’s the best step-by-step process as you can touch and feel the object.

If you have a water bottle near you, try painting that!

12. Lighting Strike

It’s an exciting and straightforward painting idea.

The process to achieving a lighting strike painting is as follows:

  • Paint the dark blue sky on the canvas.
  • You can paint where the horizon ends using green lands.
  • At the top center of the canvas, start to paint thin white lines resembling veins or branches. These lines should drop till just above the horizon.
  • At the sides of the veins,’ use white and light blue paint to create a shadow of the strike and the sky.

This process is easier than it seems. Try it out and let us know how it went. 

13. Duct-Tape Painting

Do you have duct-tape in the house? No?

Invest in one. 

Trust me.

On your canvas, cut out duct tape pieces and place them in different ways to create triangular or even abstract shapes.

When the tape is pressed down, use different colors of paint between the shape lines. Be adventurous in your color choices to make it look beautiful.

Once the paint has dried off, peel off the duct-tape to reveal your new abstract painting and hang it on your wall.

14. Stripped Colored Canvas

Have you thought, but no painting idea has come to mind? Why not just let your paintbrush roam free and paint stripped lines along with your canvas?

Choose a color palette and with each stripe, make the colors match. 

It may not look like much as you’re painting, but it will look like a masterpiece afterward. 

Dry the canvas and hang it on your wall so that you can introduce them to this simple painting idea when people come to visit.

What are the easiest things to paint?

The answer to this question is highly individual. What one person finds easiest to paint, another may find it to be the most challenging. 

What makes painting easier is the preparation for it. Planning and knowing how you want the painting to turn out makes it easier.

If you want to challenge yourself, just dive into the deep end and see where the painting takes you.

More Painting Ideas

If you did not find anything to your liking in the list above, below are some more simple painting ideas for beginners:

  • An animal.
  • Hills.
  • Fruits.
  • Fruits in a fruit bowl.
  • The sky.
  • A car.

Final Words

Like I mentioned in the beginning, painting is an art form that speaks more than words ever could. 

I hope that you have identified some easy painting ideas that you cannot wait to try out. 

PRO TIP: Drawing is an art. And with art, practice makes perfect. Don’t get frustrated and quit if you do not manage to get it right in one attempt. 

Enjoy the process, express your feelings and paint for fun!

Are there any paintings you’ve done from the ideas mentioned above? Do you have any painting ideas you feel should have been added to the list? Share your stories and ideas in the comment section below.

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