Easy DIY Giant Outdoor Games: Boredom Busters for All Age Groups

DIY Giant Outdoor Games

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Summer is the season for fun activities. The days you organize your room and put your winter clothes in boxes, you store on the highest shelf. You ready yourself for outdoor parties and quality family time.

Once the sun shines, everyone is out. Kids chase each other around, and you sit on the bench, watching them. But then all the fun dies out in a few days. You have no new ideas.  How do you salvage the precious summertime?

You can buy an outdoor bowling set, badminton play kit or board games. But wait, that will blow a hole into your budget. However, all is not lost. Easy DIY giant outdoor games are a quick, effective solution. 

Read on as we share with you a ton of fun games that will light up your family’s summer and remind you all why summer is the most loved season.

Outdoor Games Without Equipment

When you hear DIY play projects, you think of saws, drilling machines, and lots of skill. But setting up some outdoor activities is simpler than lifting a finger.

Tic Tac Toe, Love, Heart, Play

1. Tic- Tac Toe

You won’t go wrong with this game for children. Other than order from a site online, get some stones and paint X and O’s using a prominent color like white, red, or blue.

 For a board, use chalk to draw lines on the sidewalk. Or you can find a wooden board, and you are all set for a game. 

2. Ice Treasure

One of the inexpensive outdoor games to try with your younger children is a sensory activity. Grab some strong toys that are not too tiny to avoid a choking hazard and freeze them into a big block of ice.

On a sunny afternoon, take the blocks outside and let the kids have the time of their life trying to reach the hidden toys. The sun will help them a great digging into the ‘treasure jungle.’

3. A chalkboard outside

Take a wooden board and plop it in your backyard. Paint it black and let it dry. Get some chalks from your craft supplies and give the kids to draw whatever they like on the board. The kids have fun, and it’s also an easy way to prepare them for school activities such as writing their ABCs.

4. Make Crowns

At some point, every child has believed that they are a prince of a faraway land or princess like Cinderella. Create some happiness for your boy or girl by making a crown for them.

Fetch a strip of stiff paper or carton to make a circular shape that fits the kid’s head and some decorations. Go outside and walk around, picking the blossoming flowers and make the crown pretty.

Backyard Games for Families

Sometimes you want a game that includes the entire family. And what a better place than transforming your backyard into your private park. 

5. Have a sack potato race

Everyone in the entire family, including daddy, gets a sack for this exciting game. Participants enter the sack and try to move as fast as they can towards the finishing line.

The fantastic game gives your family something to talk and laugh about long after sunshine is replaced by snow.

6. Have an obstacle course

Your back yard may not be very spacious, but none the less, it makes a great obstacle course. Besides, you need items you already have to create a course.

 Have a competitive race that involves your children crawling, hopping, jumping, and bending over objects you put in their way. You can participate in this game or cheer the children.

Water Gun, Spray Gun, Toys, Child, Play

7.  Bring out the water guns

Among inexpensive outdoor games is one that involves water fights that cool you off on sunny afternoons.

Take a plastic cup and make a hole in it that a thread goes through. Tie the thread on poles a distance apart and play a game of moving the cup by spraying water using the water guns.

8.  Play Scrabble outside

Scrabble is a family game that is as great indoors and outdoors.  For a refined game that does not require a lot of work, make your letter cards. Use a material such as chipboard for cards that will last a long time. Or you can cut the letter cards from a carton you have in the house.

9. Ring Toss Game with Bottles

Do you have a crate of soda bottles sitting in your attic? Well, you can make one of the easy DIY giant outdoor games.  Find some wooden rings and play a family game of getting the rings on the bottlenecks.

10.  Find Time for Twister

Looking for backyard game ideas for adults? Or even kids when you have a party? Then try the all-time party game- twister. Get cans of spray and a circular shape to make your twister board. Have everybody getting a simple gym session that they love.

Other Crafty Inexpensive Outdoor Games 

 Lovers of DIY crafts have a stash of craft supplies and tools they want to use when the chance presents itself. Fish out your hammer and other supplies and transform your back yard into a gorgeous play yard.

11. Make a DIY Tetherball

You most likely have all the supplies you need for this easy DIY giant outdoor game. Find a sturdy rod about a meter long, a strong string, a deflating ball, and an old tire to make a sturdy base.

12. Outdoor Xylophone

If your kids are into music, a xylophone is a great addition to your back yard. Get blocks of wood that you use a string to attach. Let your child use a stick to strike the blocks and get amused at the sounds they get.

Dice, Five, Gambling, Luck, Chance, Game

13. Take Yahtzee outside

The dice game is excellent for great bonding sessions as well as teaching children basic math concepts. Other than buying the pack of dices, make yours using wood supplies.

 Cut cubicle shapes and make tiny holes that you paint black. And you are ready for some dice rolling.

14.  Bean bag toss

Find a flat wooden board and punch a hole. Lean the board against the tree in your back yard and engage the whole family in tossing bean bags through the hole. You can use leftover pieces of fabric and cereal for the bean bags.

Just a little work, and you have an enjoyable or backyard or lawn game that you can engage in summer in summer out.


Having fun and spending lots of money doesn’t always have to go together. The purest experiences don’t cost much. You can fly your family for a weekend at a beach, and you book an expensive hotel. But family vacations need budgeting. You don’t wake up and travel.

Transforming your backyard or lawn into a playground is an attractive and practical solution to having great summers. Your children will have fond childhood memories.

Easy DIY outdoor giant games save you money and often allow you to recycle stuff you no longer use.

Other than wait for summer to start running around looking for supplies, start early. Moms have planners, schedules, and routines to keep everything together. A warm-season brings warmth to everyone’s life. Nobody should be unprepared for warmth.

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