Cheapest Way to Heat A Home: 30 Ways to Get Started

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As the year rolls by, there is always a bittersweet feeling that comes with its last quarter. 

The time of the year when you get to use your finest utensils. You finally get to see your Uncle John and, if you are lucky enough, the one cousin you never get to see any more. I mean, it’s Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas. 

People will show up. That is the sweet part of it.

You cannot explain the bitterness. It’s felt. It appears unannounced. One morning, you will feel a slight draft on your skin and head out to close your bedroom window. 

As you look out the window, you will see the first drops of snow.

Your heart will drop. Here is the bitter to bittersweet.

Winter is coming; worse, it’s arrived. A few years ago, oblivious to all that comes with it, you probably loved winter. The snowflakes. The snowmen. The snow angels.

What it took to keep the winter air out of the home never crossed your mind. You just knew it happened. 

Now you know.

You know that your bills will skyrocket during this time of year. With the endless amounts of family dinners to prepare for and the gifts to get. Not to mention the electricity bill that keeps increasing because as the temperature skydives, your electricity bills are sure to skyrocket.

You know that if you don’t find a way to fix your budgeting soon, you may end up in debt.

You keep wondering…

What is the cheapest type of home heating?

Let me take some weight off your chest and help you save as many pennies as you can.

Here are 30 ways to heat your home at the cheapest bargain.

The cheapest ways to heat a house with electricity

1. Pay utility bills with a credit card

The cheapest ways to heat a house with electricity

Paying utility bills with a credit card may be the best way to do it.

It may work best if you carry a rewards credit card. Although the transaction fee may be small, this may, in turn, benefit you. Continuous use of the credit card helps increase your credit score. 

For the credit card companies that allow it, you may even receive cash back when you use it. In the long run, you end up saving.

2.Use budget billing

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Budget billing means that your utility company makes you an offer of a set amount of money due each month for that specific utility-in this case, electricity. 

For this to work, the company will look up your previous year and how much you paid. They then add up the amount and divide it by 12. With budget billing, you are assured that you pay the same amount each month. It makes it easier to budget for the rest of your money.

Imagine this; you won’t go through the sharp increase in payment during winter because you used more power. Topping this, at the end of the month, if you paid more than necessary, the company refunds you your balance.

3.Use a humidifier 

The most annoying thing about winter is how dry the air seems to get. In turn, your skin is almost always chapped, your baby can’t sleep well, and let’s not even get started on the snoring that comes from your husband. 

Using a humidifier is the cheapest home heating method to beat these ill effects. Adding more moisture in the air helps fight the drying of your skin, keeps your baby comfortable during the night, and alleviates dry airways, which causes snoring.

The humidifier does all this while keeping the house warm. It’s possible because the more humid the air is, the warmer it feels.

4.Heat only the rooms you use

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There is simply no reason as to why you are heating a 6-room house when you spend most of your time in just 3 of these rooms. For that reason alone, not heating unnecessary rooms is one of the cheapest types of home heating.

All you need is a space heater. Using a space heater with this method is more efficient because it works better in small rooms. When you are in the rooms in use, you can turn on the space heater.

Read this article on more about space heaters.

5.Leave doors closed

Just like how you leave taps closed to conserve water, leave doors closed to conserve heat.

Leaving the doors opened when you get into a room allows for cold air to seep in, causing a draft. Other than that, it increases the surface area that needs to get heated.

Closing said door allows for you to produce and keep the warm air in just the room you are in.

6.Use an electric blanket

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If we are honest, the smaller space you heat, the less the bill will be at the end of the month.

We can go even cheaper than using a space heater to using an electric blanket with this in mind. Instead of heating the room, you are in, you choose the cheapest home heating, warming yourself. 

All you will need is an electric blanket and a cozy place to snuggle up.

With this method, there will be no need to turn up the heat at night; thus, you end up saving more money.

7.Invest in a heat pump

A heat pump transfers heat from one place to another. In this case, it takes heat from the outside and brings it in. 

..“It’s winter..where is it getting this heat from?”..

I am glad you asked. A heat pump can take even the smallest amount of heat and compress it. This heat can be absorbed from soil or even masses of water.

Find out more about heat pumps here.

The cheapest ways to heat a house with central heating

8.Install a smart thermostat

Automating your thermostat is another way to heat your house cheaply. With its inbuilt technology, you can program it to turn down the heat of the home when you are not around.  In turn, you can switch it back on when you get back home.

The best thing about this is that it is programmable. All you need to do is set it up the first time, and you can forget it. Its programs and sensors do everything for you. 

9.Geothermal heating

Just like a heat pump, all it does is move heat from one place to another. This investment is best to be made during the construction of your new house. 

Because temperatures remain constant underground, pipes are strategically placed underground around the house. The pipes draw in the heat and move it into your home.

The plus side to this is that aside from bringing heat into your home, it can also draw unwanted hot air from inside during the summer. 

Although the initial price is high, it can end up being one of the cheapest forms of heating in the long run.

The cheapest ways to heat a house naturally

10.Use the sunlight

The cheapest ways to heat a house naturally

I know…is winter sun sun or just light..

That sun helps out more than you think. On those rare winter days that the sun comes out to play, open up your blinds. The walls and floors will absorb the little heat coming through and warm up the room.

As soon as the sun starts to set, close the blinds again to retain the heat.

Using the natural sun may by far be the cheapest way to heat a house without electricity.

11. Install black window curtains

Together with the sun, you can get to have free heating. Shut the blinds on the window that face the sun and wait for the magic.

For those who did well in Physics, you remember that the color black attracts heat. When the sun hits your black curtains, they heat up. 

The curtains trap the heat inside the house.

Invest in black window curtains and see the significant change they can make.

12.Invite your friends over

Human bodies are naturally self-heating elements. As you may have noticed, the more people in an elevator, the hotter it may be. It’s because, as the body performs its biochemical processes, heat is produced. This heat is emitted from the skin pores.

If you have many friends over, the house is sure to warm up. 

It only works in small rooms, though.

13.Open pan left open after cooking

So, you have invited your friends over. Or maybe it’s finally Christmas day. What is the order of events? Food.

There is nothing better than comfort food on a cold night. 

As soon as You are done baking that meal, leave the oven open.

All the hot air is sure to heat your home, even just a little bit.

14.Check exterior doors and windows for drafts

The smallest crack or draft can easily let in cold air, hence, costing you more money.

Check the doors and windows for any of these gaps. If present, you can use weather-stripping tape or even towels and blankets as a substitute.

15.Animal Dung Fireplace

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Although having a wood fireplace is the most traditional method, it is a costly form of fuel. Locating and buying the wood beats the whole purpose of reducing the heating cost. 

Dried animal dung is a proper alternative.

No worries, as it burns just like coal, your home will not smell of animal dung.

16.Block up your chimney

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If you have an old home, you most probably have a chimney installed in it. Is winter time the perfect time to finally get your fireplace going right? But a lot goes on around it. Whether or not the fireplace is on, these chimneys draw air out.

This is seen drastically if you live in a tall house. As the warm air rises, it’s replaced by the chimney pulling in cold air. 

To prevent this, whenever you are not using the fireplace, draught-proof your chimney.

You can use chimney balloons or even plastic bags. Read more on draught-proofing here.

17.Install a solar thermal panel

Install a solar thermal panel

We already discussed how using natural sunlight may be one of the cheapest home heating forms. A solar thermal panel takes this sunlight, stores it, and further turns it to heat. 

It can be used for electricity or even to warm water.

Using solar thermal decreases your consumption from electric grids: cutting down your utility bill significantly. 

If you live in a place that receives a lot of sunlight, consider installing a solar thermal panel.

18. Use a candle

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As long as something is burning, it is sure to produce heat, so why not burn a candle? This is surprisingly efficient, but you have to use more than one candle. Although it is a short-term solution, it is one of the cheapest types of home heating. 

Use several candles around the home, and not only do you get some warmth, you can also get some form of lighting.

Although not as efficient as other forms, it is perfect for short term use.

19.Use a lantern

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Lanterns work in the same way as candles with just a little tweak. Because of its protective enclosure, it is portable.

It is a modern improvement of a candle hence more expensive than the option above but safer than the candle. 

A rechargeable lantern may be the best option between itself and a candle.

20.Open your shower door

The shower may just be the warmest place in your house, with the kitchen coming as a close second. 

With this in mind, leave your shower door open after your morning or evening bath.

 21.Insulate your home

Insulating your home can trap warm air. The one place to make sure you insulate is your attic. Because warm air rises, it ends up in the attic. If the attic is not well insulated, the warm air is sure to leak.

Like other forms of heating, the initial cost may be high, but it serves a long-term purpose.

One of the ways of insulation is using Loose-Fill. It is made of fiber or foam and is blown into place by special equipment. Since they are small in size, they can fit any space.

Read on to find out more.

22.Add carpet to the room

As we discussed earlier, warm air rises to leave cold air to accumulate below. It leaves your feet on the cold hard floor. One of the ways to mitigate this is to invest in a carpet.

Although it does not warm a room, it insulates the floor keeping your feet warm. It is a simple self-insulation method. 

23. Install a hot water storage tank on your roof

It is essentially having a big water tank being heated by the sun. It relies more on temperature than the actual sun rays. These big tanks can then produce hot water even on a cloudy day as long as it is hot outside.

While it may not be the cheapest form of heating, it tends to be worth it.

24.Check air filter

If your home is fitted with a furnace, it is required to be inclusive of an air filter. The furnace regulates the temperature of incoming air. To ensure that the warm air is safe for human consumption, the furnace is passed through the air filter.

The filter collects dirt and debris. If the air filter remains clogged, the fan uses more power to distribute air. It, in turn, increases your electricity bill.

It is, therefore, essential to continuously check and replace your air filter. 

25.Exercise in the house regularly

Do you ever sit at your work desk for a while and start to get cold? 

It’s because, as long as you remain still without constant movement, your heart rate decreases, causing you to feel cold.

Your first instinct may be to get up and turn the thermostat up. Let me let you in on a little secret. The remedy to this is to get that heart rate back up. 

What better way to do it than some exercise? Don’t worry; these exercises do not have to be rigorous. It can range from doing some jumping jacks to simple high knees.

By getting up to do jumping jacks, you start to get warm again. Meaning you don’t have to turn up the thermostat: saving money. 

Aside from this, you end up reactivating your brain, and you can go back to work refreshed.

26.Go outdoors

You may be wondering why this particular point made it on the list. Trust me, and it is not by mistake.

It may seem like a counteractive method. If you are trying to get warm, why would you go outside in the cold? When you go out, your body adapts to the cold by producing more heat.

You end up feeling warm as soon as you get back inside the house, meaning you don’t have to turn up the heat.

27.Use a hot water bottle

Just like an electric blanket, you get to heat yourself for more than 2 hours straight. Because you are heating just a small amount of space, no energy goes to waste. 

All you need is a hot water bottle and some hot water. The cost of heating a jug of water is less than heating a whole house. Combining this with the fact that a cheap hot water bottle is relatively inexpensive may just be one of the most affordable heating forms.

28.Wear slippers

Slippers should not be optional home clothing. What with how dirty floors can be. Slippers just keep those feet clean. Aside from that, they can keep your feet warm.

For those areas where there is no carpet, they insulate your feet from the cold hard floor. 

With its magnificent design, your feet are kept cozy in small pockets that prevent heat from escaping.

29.Wear a hat

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Wearing a hat benefits you as you get to keep yourself warm, all the while refrain from turning up the heat. During winter, a winter hat is one of the greatest investments. You can even sleep with it on while hugging your hot water bottle to save more money at night.

30. Wear warm clothing

Wearing warm clothes is the most underrated heating method and the cheapest way to stay warm in your home without using electricity.

With all the requirements already in your closet, there is no need to go out to get something new.

You can lower your smart thermostat by a few degrees to save up money and compensate by doing some layering. 

All you need to do is to be smart about it. Some several shirts, a couple of sweaters, scarves, and some socks: and you are all but ready to beat the cold. You will not even notice the change.

Final Thoughts

Considering how high the cost of living already is, wintertime does not make it easier for anyone to survive. With most of the time being spent indoors because the cold outside is unbearable, the heating cost increases tremendously.

If you are keen, you will notice that the list constructed mainly focuses on the cheapest ways to heat a home without using electricity.

The main aim of this article is to help you think outside the box. This can range from heating just your body by doing some small exercises to closing a door when you get into a room.

It is impossible to say which method may be the best. That decision is highly personal. The choice depends on individual circumstances, needs and lifestyles.

All you need to do is evaluate your priorities and needs, then choose the method that works best for you.

Get started by picking up a minimum of 3 of these tips and watch the significant drop on your heating bill. 

I would love to know the methods you will implement in your home.

Let me know by commenting below.