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Bullet Journal Habit Trackers for Busy Moms to Supercharge their Productivity


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Find out how to create your own bullet journal habit tracker and why it will supercharge your productivity as a busy mom.

Busy mamma…

Thought you could run a small home business as a side hustle, but now your business is falling on the wayside.

You’re trying desperately to increase your sales, generate traffic to your blog or whatever it, but you’re pulled at both ends – your kids and house need your attention. But so does your business.

You want to make this whole thing work – you know, get to the work-at-home mom status – but it’s not working out the way you anticipated.

I get you.

I’m a busy mommy, too, always reading and searching for productivity hacks for busy moms. 

With two toddlers to take care of, a thriving freelance writing business, as well as working hard on growing my eCommerce store and BusyMomBliss, I need a foolproof way to maximize my productivity.

If we’re in the same boat – as I am sure many mompreneurs are – here is how to create a bullet journal habit tracker that’ll supercharge your productivity. There are many bullet journals you can use and lots of them I want to try.

First, let’s chat about bullet journal habit trackers.

What is a Bullet Journal Habit Tracker?

A Bullet journal habit tracker is a dedicated space in your journal where you write down a habit you want to be aware of. 

Bullet journal habit trackers are exceptional tools if you want to become mindful of your habits. They help you become more accountable to yourself and the best way to create a new positive habit or get rid of a bad habit.

Why Track Your Habits

By all means, bullet journal habit trackers help you improve your lifestyle and achieve your goals.

Here are some benefits of having a habit tracker in your bullet journal

  • Have a central place to keep track of all your habits
  • Reminds you about the new habits.
  • Make it easy to assess your progress every day.
  • Your life gets a new routine and order
  • You get a visual idea of your weekly or monthly performance.
  • It motivates you to track your habits to avoid blanks in your journal. You’ll find yourself doing chores even if you’re feeling lazy. 

What To Include In A Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Habit tracker is an excellent tool for personal improvement, increasing productivity and achieving your goals. Moreover, keeping a habit tracker will help you know more about yourself and your lifestyle.

What I found confusing is to choose what to track! So here is my comprehensive list of categories to put in your bullet journal habit tracker.

We have divided ideas into categories for your convenience. These are templates you can adopt for your personal habit teacher.

1. Personal Habit Tracker by @bullett.jo 

Personal habits are things you do every day. Personal habit trackers are useful for evaluating your daily routine and checking which habits you can include in your lifestyle to improve.

2. Beauty Habit Tracker by @bujobeyond 

As a busy mom, you know you hardly have time for yourself. And it can be a little struggle for you to remember all the beauty routines and procedures. 

3. Healthy Habits Tracker by @myaugustart

Do you always feel like you want to do a lot of things, but never do any? This habit tracker can help you see that you do more than you think. And to work on establishing a healthy lifestyle you want to have.

4. Personal Development Tracker by @diemmybujo 

What does personal development mean to you? For me, it’s more than just developing good habits but also giving joy to others. 

Below are some things you can include in your development tracker to make your life more organized, productive and calmer.

5. Habit Tracker for Budgeting by @bujotheminimal

Managing your budget is always a useful skill, and a habit tracker can help you achieve two things. 

First – to see how you spend money, and second – to see how you save up.

Tracking your savings and expenses helps you understand your patterns and change them for the better. 

6. Cleaning Tracker by @rachelbujo

As moms, we always have ridiculous amounts of cleaning we have to do to maintain it all in order. To keep you on track of your cleaning schedule, try these ideas in your bullet journal habit tracker.

7. Relationship Tracker by @wolkenmeere 

It includes all relationships you have. 

In the fast-moving rhythm of life, sometimes we forget the people we love. Sometimes, just a message or a short phone call can make a big difference.

8. Social Media Tracker

We spend time on social media and most likely way too much time. A social media tracker can help you see how much time you spend on social media networks to create better social media habits.

9. Work Tracker by @tt_iines

Tracing your working activities is an easy way to have more work done. Create a special work tracker or a habit tracker in your work notebook.

15. Study Tracker by @marianeofcysn

Other than mommying all day and working on my businesses, I am also a postgraduate student. I need a habit tracker to help me stay focused and motivated.

16. Blogging Tracker by @girllovesaplan

If you are a mom blogger, it’s essential to track your progress and all tasks. Blogging is hard work, and you want to ensure you do it all and do it on time.

17. Pet Tracker  by @journaling_journey

Having a pet is a massive responsibility with so many things to track. A bullet journal habit tracker for your pet is a perfect tool to ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy.

18. Kids Tracker by @oldesoulcrafts

Tracking kids activities and everything around them is also useful

These are some of the bullet journal habit tracker ideas you can consider. Try out various trackers and see what works for you.

Busy Mom Bliss Resources Vault

If you have limited time to set up, but you already know what you want to track, I have some Freebie Printable habit trackers for you in the Busy Mom Bliss Resources Vault. 

Download them now and start getting all the advantages of a bullet journal habit tracker today. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use printables for your bullet journal; 

I got you covered in this post (How To Use Bullet Journal Printables)

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Supplies

Before we get started, here is a list of my recommended supplies.

  • Journal
  • Stencils
  • Fine Point Pens
  • Micron Fine Line Set Pens
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Soft And Hard Tip Brush Pen
  • Tombow Brush Pens
  • Washi Tape
  • Crayola Super Tips

How To Set Up a Habit Tracker 

To simplify it for you, follow these simple steps to set up your own bullet journal habit tracker that’s more functional.

  • The first page is your bullet journal key- keys are legends of symbols you use.
  • The second page is the index page – you will fill this up after you create other pages. It will be your reference page, such as a table of contents.
  • Nex two pages are your monthly log and month breakdown – you can write your monthly log on the left and a breakdown on the right
  • The next pages are your daily logs.

You can use dots to mark a task, and an open circle and an even such as (write a blog post)

When you complete, X the dot or cross it out completely. 

If the task is incomplete, then migrate it to the next page. You can also add notes to your daily log by using a (-)

However, this is just a guideline; you can create your pages to track. For collections like water intake tracker or income tracker- you can group them by having them in the middle of your bullet journal habit tracker spread or later in the spread.

Use the two fabric bookmarks to.make it easy for you to find your collections or certain spots in your bullet journal. 

I started using bullet journals recently and have seen a remarkable improvement in to.my productivity.

I have managed to wake up early consistently, do all the morning house chores by 9 am, start working till 6 pm, with breaks in between to attend to my kids.

On top of that, I’ve been able to.keep.my house clean and enjoy fun games with my girls.

How To Use A Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Busy mamas, now that you have all this information, how do you use a bullet journal habit tracker?

Quick tips to get you started are;

  • Year-long overview- A look at the year ahead and key dates you need to be aware of.
  • Monthly spread-A look at the month ahead
  • Daily spread- your daily schedule or time blocking for the day.
  • Weekly spread- your week at a glance.
  • Birthday list- mom dad, kids, your kids’ friends, your spouse etc
  • One-Off Planning- Are you planning for a vacation, end year school party?
  • Routines- morning routines, cleaning, etc
  • List of all deadlines.

Bullet Journal for Productivity

Work from home can be challenging, especially when you have to juggle between house chores, kids, and growing your home business. 

I tried productivity apps; I realized apps were just not my thing. I still found myself using the pen and paper. I would make lists over my notes books, and that was quite helpful.

But today, using a bullet journal habit tracker is turning into a science and fun with their templates and beautiful pages.

I wanted to see if I could turn my productivity method into a bullet journal – can it provide similar or better results?

Priority list – the goal is to have a list of the MUST do. It prevents you from taking up other unnecessary tasks and overcommitting.

Weekly Schedule – Organize your week with post-it notes in your super simple weekly schedule.

Inspiration – Purpose to be happy with the little things in life like the beautiful pens you use in your bullet journal.

Do You Have a Bullet Journal Habit Tracker?

Please share in the comment section below what you think of a bullet journal habit tracker.