BUJO Travel Spread- A Concept Every Busy Mom Needs To Master (A Simple Guide)

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Are you feeling overworked lately?

Or maybe just a little burnt out? 

As busy as you are, these are not new states of mind. 

A short- or even long trip may just be what you need to rejuvenate. 

So, what is the first thing that comes into mind when you think of the word ‘Travel’? Travelling brings with it a list of unforeseen adventures, cultures, and experiences.

Travelling will ensure you step out of your regular schedule by indulging in the simple pleasures of life. Ultimately, you will get you right back to where you need to be emotionally and mentally.

Despite all this, a perfect trip is achieved through proper planning. What better way to accomplish this than to use a BUJO (Bullet Journal) spread?

What is a BUJO spread?

BUJO- Bullet Journaling has become a household name. Used to keep life organized either at home or at work, more people have started to use it. A bullet journal spread groups pages (1-2) about a related topic together to give you an easy overview quickly. 

A BUJO essentially helps you plan around your life, daily activities, and goals. 

If you are new to bullet journaling, read here for a beginners’ guide.

In case you already have one, why stop planning when you’re headed out for your trip? 

Bring your BUJO Travel Spread with you as a travel journal.

What do you put in a travel journal?

BUJO Travel Spread

Because the experience of traveling is personal, in turn, that which is put in a travel journal tends to be personal at times.

With this in mind, read on to find out some of the things you can put in a bullet journal travel plan and travel page.

Bullet journal travel plan

Here are some steps to create a simple bullet journal travel plan:

1. Travel destination ideas

Where would you have loved to go? Brainstorm these ideas here. 

This trip does not have to be an exotic one to the Maldives. A simple trip may just do wonders for you.

These ideas should go to your travel bucket list page that we will talk about shortly.

As soon as you narrow down to where you would like to go, you can go off to the next step.

2. Pre-travel planning

Most of us get to the last day before a trip, and that’s when we realize we don’t even have a passport. To avoid all the chaos that comes with the previous minute prep, create and write down a before-travel to-do list. 

The list will include everything necessary to do before your big trip, personal or work-related.

3. Planning the actual trip

Here goes everything from what you would like to see, when you are set to go, how you will be going etc. 

PRO TIP: Do extensive research on where you are to go to. Find out simple things like the weather and the easiest means of transport in the area.

Set down your flight and accommodation plans for easy look-up.

Find out the activities you would like to do and how much they would cost.

With all this information down, you can easily create an itinerary. Itineraries will ensure you make the most out of your trip.

Finally, you are set for the trip!

4. Journaling the trip

Journaling the trip is where the personal aspect comes in. 

In a nutshell, it should entail keeping daily records of where you went and what you experienced.

You can even get creative with it and compile postcards, maps, receipts from the restaurants you ate at or what you bought, etc. 

Take some film photos and glue them right on too!

Essentially, have fun with it and make it yours.

Bullet journal travel page

Below are a few bullet journal pages you can include in your travel journal:

1. Travel bucket list

As mentioned earlier, you can create a page consisting of all the places that interest you. Having a travel bucket list makes it easier for you to choose where to go next as they will all be down on one page.

2. Saving-4-travel tracker

Travelling may sometimes cost an arm and a leg. It is wise to start to save as early as when you figure out where you would like to go.

Your plans may not be set in stone, but the prospect may be just as great. Approximately calculate how much you may need, including flight fees, food, activities, etc. 

The next step is to give yourself a deadline on when you should have saved by.

Whether you plan to save per week or month, the choice is yours. Set this information down for accountability.

3. Packing checklist

Don’t you hate getting to your destination and realizing you forgot a very important outfit? Having to go out looking for a swimming costume just because you forgot yours is sure to dampen the mood. 

Avoid this by creating a packing list from outfits to personal and hygiene items. Write them all down and check them off as you pack.

4. Memories

One of the most important rewards of taking a good trip is the memories that you live with after. Using photos, words, or even drawings, set aside a bullet journal travel page for memories.

5. New culture/words learned

When traveling to a new place, one will come across new cultures and ways of living. 

Track these down by creating a page where you write down new words learned or even customs of culture experienced.

6. Travel itinerary

Plan out your days well to ensure the trip is as successful as you wish.

7. Where ‘I’ve’ been map

Set aside a page, it can be written, or a map of the world pasted on and indicated the places you have traveled to.

8. New foods/delicacies

Any new foods you tried out? 

Place them here.

9. Track your budget

Stay on track with your budget by logging your spending.

10. New friends/contacts?

Any new friends made?

You can set aside a page solely for their contacts.

Travel bullet journal theme

Coming up with a theme for your travel BUJO may seem a bit difficult, but with some patience, you can create something great. 

Read here to get some travel bullet journal theme ideas.

Bullet journaling supplies

BUJO Travel Spread

What do you need to make a travel journal?


  • Bullet journal notebooks. 

Preferably those that are heavier than regular notebooks.

  • Fine tip pens and highlighters. 

Colored pens and highlighters will add some color to the journal.

  • Glue and tape.

Will stick together the maps that you will gather.

  • Maps.

Collect and cut out maps of where you are headed or would like to go. (You can stick them in the ‘Where I’ve been map’ page.

  • Scissors and stickers.

How do I make a travel journal?

Making a travel journal is quite simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • Gather the supplies above.
  • Create the bullet journal travel pages and bullet journal travel plan.
  • Figure out a theme and make the journal yours.

How to start a travel bullet journal

If you have a bullet journal already, starting a travel bullet journal may not be a difficult task.

For those who have little to no experience in bullet journaling, getting into travel journaling may seem complicated.

Creating the pages and BUJO Travel Spread, figuring out the theme path you would like to take may seem complicated but getting that out of the way makes work easier. 

Come up with a consistent time and space where you would journal your trip. Whether it will be it in the morning before your activities or in the evening when all the memories are fresh. Set apart a time and stick to it.

Starting a travel bullet journal takes just one step, but that step is usually the hardest. 

That step is starting. As soon as you set your mind to start, you should start.

Bullet journal ideas

Below are some fantastic travel bullet journal ideas.

BUJO Travel Spread

Source: @journalhereandthere

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BUJO Travel Spread

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BUJO Travel Spread

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BUJO Travel Spread

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BUJO Travel Spread

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Source: @tsandybulletjournals

BUJO Travel Spread

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BUJO Travel Spread

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Final Thoughts

Here’s to hoping that you gave thought to one of my initial questions: what is the first thing that comes into mind when you think of the word ‘Travel’?

You may have had a million answers to this, but I hope that a BUJO travel spread now comes into mind too.

After you are back home from your refreshing trip, you will be able to look back at your travel journal and appreciate and relive the memories.

Have any of these thoughts stuck out to you? Is this a new idea that you would now love to try out? Give us feedback on the comment section below.