Best gel pens for coloring (+ Tips for Reviving a Gel Pen)

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What are the best gel pens for coloring in the market?

It can be very frustrating when you spend your money on a new gel pen, only to discover that its ink smears, get dry fast without you having finished the work, or the job is scratchy. 

You may ask, are gel pens good for coloring?


Gel pens are an excellent way for filling adult coloring books or for use in self-expression or a daily planner for creativity. 

There are very many gel pens in the market. So, how do you know the most legit brands without wasting your money or time on low-quality gel pens?

Luckily, this guide will give you a detailed review of the best gel pens for coloring, and you will discover some of the best brands in the market.

The best gel pens for coloring are the gel pens with a broad tip which quickly places a lot of color, and pens that give you a smooth drawing. They should also not bleed through the paper on which you are working on. 

There are different types of gel pens available in the market, which produce great work with varying stationery and adult coloring books. 

Below you’ll discover some of the best options for gel pens for coloring in the market. It doesn’t matter whether you want to fill out an adult coloring book or decorate your journal. These pens will give you the best tools you can work with.

In a rush? Wondering which is the best gel pen? Here are our two top picks for the best gel pens for coloring 2021: the best cheap and absolute best gel pens for coloring:

Best Gel Pens

Sakura Gelly Roll Pens 

Best Pack on a Budget

Tanmit Gel Pens


How to Select the Best Gel Pens for Coloring 

Here are some top tips on what to look for when getting a coloring gel pen set. 

  • Color – Be careful when choosing color gel pens. Pastel gel pens will do much better on a darker shade of paper than on a light shade of paper. Also, consider the glitter, glaze, neon, metallic, and other variations of ink which will help in adding detail to your coloring work.
  • Legibility – Look for gel pen brands that do not have a reputation for bleeding and smearing through the paper. These tendencies will make your work messy and are most likely to make your planner illegible. 
  • Ink flow – Look for gel pens that will color smoothly and not get clogged or dry up. Gel pens, in comparison to other pens, are expensive. Thus, you do not want to be throwing out a gel pen just because it has prematurely stopped working.
  • Price – When buying gel pens, consider the number of gel pens you want to invest in versus the deal you are getting. Whether you want them in hundreds or you want a few, keep in mind that your best buy is when you buy them in bulk.
  • Variety – The type of gel pen you will invest in will depend on how you like your color. 

When you have in mind the kind of coloring you would like to do, then you are in the best position to decide what best suits you. 

What are the Best Gel Pens for Coloring?

1. Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Pens – The Best Brand in the Market

These gel pens are the most popular in the market. These Japanese gel pens stand up to their excellent reputation. Branded as “ice cream smooth,” these pens come in different types like the following:

In addition to the single gel pens available, there are plenty of large Gelly Roll sets available. Gelly Roll pens have a tiny silicone ball inside their cap to prevent the gel ink from getting dry. 

Thus, it is important not to drop the pens into the pen cup. It can create air bubbles in the pen’s ink, which disrupts the ink flow. It will, in turn, lead to a poor coloring experience, or the silicone ball may get damaged.

2. Clear Glitter Gelly Roll Pen

If you love a hint of sparkles to your drawings, this pen is the perfect option for using to add to the page’s luster. 

These pens are a perfect addition to add illusion on reflective surfaces on a coloring page or can be used for the following:

  • Waterscapes and mirrors
  • Metals and jewels
  • Wings and translucent material

3. AEN Art Gel Pens

AEN Art Gel Pens come in a set of 24 pens that have all the standard colors needed in coloring. There is a unique feature in these pens: they possess a double-headed tip and a more refined tip which allows for line work. 

They also have a brush tip that colors the broader spaces in a page.

Another advantage of these pens is that the ink in the pens is fade-resistant. The art created using these pens lasts for years as long as you store the work properly.

The pens have only one minor inconvenience: they dry out fast. It means that you can’t wipe out a mistake or blend some colors. Nevertheless, they still are a good buy for coloring.

4. Art – N – Fly Gel Pens

These silver and gold metallic pens are awesome for adding a shiny detail to adult coloring books. They’re primarily used for Christmas cards or other seasonal stationeries. 

Silver and gold metallic gel pens will show well when paired with dark-colored paper. These pens are water-resistant and smear-resistant. 

Because of their fine tip, the best fit for detail work is to fill huge color patches.

They best fit in the calligraphy department due to their smooth ink flow. If you are trying to become a guru at handwriting, then these are your to-go gel pens. 

5. ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens

The ColorIt Glitter Gel Pens set is among the large gel pen sets you can find in the market. It offers you a large variety of colors to choose from as well as an ink refill for every pen.

They also have a case for carrying them, which comes with a magnetic closure. It has an attractive dark blue fabric with a touch of glitter. 

You can’t find any better offer than this in the market given the quality and quantity for under $30. It is a perfect start for people just starting on adult coloring books or working on their planner.

The one disadvantage with these pens is that it best fits smaller space designs and adult coloring books with mandalas rather than large spaces.

6. White Uniball Signo Gel Pens

While this pen may not come in a set, these pens offer a perfect addition of white highlights to your illustration. Consequently, this adds a good amount of depth to your images.

They work well over other colored gel pens and are even layered over other different types of media like a permanent marker or watercolor paint.

These pens also write well over colored pencils. These white gel pens can at times become difficult to source. Pick a few of them and keep them as part of your collection.

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Now that you have an idea of the different types of gel pens available, here are some of the best gel pens for drawing: 

7. Fiskars Gel Set

Want a pen that can draw the rainbow? The Fiskars set has 48 vibrant colors, including glitter, neon, glitter, and even two blends of color. They are best used on dark paper and multimedia projects for a much-needed decorative touch.

8. Pilot V-Ball Pen 

The pilot brand is known for its dependability. The pen features an advanced system used in feeding the ink and thus helps in effortlessly writing and drawing on journals. 

9. Sakura Pigma Pens

Almost all artists are familiar with these pens. These pens come with an assortment of nib sizes that help you perform both bold and intricate line work. Pigma ink doesn’t bleed or feather through the paper.

It is also fade-proof against UV light and the sun.

10. Artline Drawing Pen

The Artline drawing pens have their nibs reinforced by metal making them great for templates and rulers. Their ink is fade-proof and water-proof. 

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Gel pens are used to create some fantastic results. Are you wondering how to do some outstanding work for your adult coloring book? 

Read on for a list of gel pens to consider.

Best Gel Pens for Coloring Adult Books

The list below will give you some of the best gel pens for coloring on Amazon:

1. Feela Gel Pens

If you desire a large set of gel pens at a low price, then the Feela set is for you. It comes in a collection of 360 pieces, which include 180 refills and 180 pens. It is among the largest gel pen set in the market. The set consists of 7 different color effects: swirl, metallic, neon, glitter gel pens, neon glitter, standard, and pastel.

A hundred of them are glitter, which makes it an excellent selection for glitter pens enthusiasts. They come packaged in a break-resistant, eco-friendly case. 

In this set, note that the manufacturer has not numbered the refills. Also, to avoid confusion when using the colors, you have to put each pen back to its original space. 

2. Chromatek Glitter Pens

The Chromatek glitter pens are a good quality option that will not cost you an arm and a leg. The largest set available consists of 100 pens, and they have 50 refills.

They are among the best gel pens because they have vivid colors. They also have a smooth ink flow. Applying them is made easier by the rubber grip they possess. 

All pens have a 1.00mm precision tip. They are made of clear plastic, which allows you to monitor the ink levels and refill when need be.

The pens are non-toxic, acid-free, and they follow the set safety standards.

3. Shuttle Art Gel Pens

The shuttle art gel pens offer various set sizes, from 12 color sets to sets of up to 240. The collections include neon glitter, pastel, glitter pens, metallic colors, and swirl. 

A highlight to these gel pens is the “magic” shade, which is black but will change color when applied to paper. 

They have a unique triangular grip, and it helps your hand not hurt even when you color for long periods.

The tip size ranges from 0.8mm to 1.00mm.

If you love glitter pens, consider a set of only glitter gel pens. 

4. Paper Mate Ink Joy

If 10 to 14 pens are enough for your collection, then the Paper Mate Ink Joy gel pens will be your best selection. 

These gel pens are perfect for ergonomics as they possess a comfortable grip. The gel ink dries up three times faster than other regular gel pens. 

They have a tip size of 0.7mm.

Granted, the Paper Mate Ink Joy has some of its gel pen selection best suited for writing and less coloring. But they will still give you great results in color.

When you unpack them, each tip has a little plastic protection on the nib. It keeps the ink from drying before you start to use the gel pens. The front part of the pen has rubber for better grip.

It also comes with a clear plastic part so that you can monitor the ink movement. A unique feature of the pen is the two hearts seen at the back of the pen.

The pen’s ink dries faster and becomes smear-proof in five seconds or less.

What we love most about these pens: Quality over quantity.

5. Tadkin Gel Pens

Tadkin Gel Pen sets will offer you 100 unique colors. There are  in the collection, so this works well with people who love variety. 

The colors include neon, glitter, and metallic gel pens. On paper, the pens will create a smooth and vibrant effect. 

What’s more?

They are acid-free and non-toxic. The set also makes a perfect gift set because the huge variety includes something for everyone.

Tadkin gel pens are known for their fair price as well as good quality. The ink flow is smooth, and if you leave the pen unused for a while, you might need to scribble on a paper to get it to work again. 

6. Reaeon Gel Pens

Reaeon gel pens come in 100 varieties of colors and 100 refills. The pens offer metallic colors, standard colors, neon glitter colors, neon colors, glitter pens, and pastel colors. They are also acid-free and non-toxic. 

Reaeon gel pens will offer a money-back guarantee in different instances if you are not happy with your set. 

In the Reaeon set, no color is similar to the other. Thus, you are guaranteed a huge variety. The pens have a smooth ink flow and an average drying time. 

Also, while coloring, you must use the pens carefully so as not to smear on the paper. 

What you are guaranteed to get from this set is 16 neon, 28 glitters, 18 metallics, 15 pastels, 6 rainbow, 14 fluorescent, and 3 standard gel pens. 

What we love most about this set is the different varieties of colors. 

7. Smart Color Art

The Smart Color Art pack contains 140 colors, and it offers you convenience and variety. The 140 pens are a mix of neon, glitter, and so on. 

They have an extra-fine tip from 0.6mm to 0.8mm. 

These are great pens for adult coloring, especially for those who love variety and work with precision. 

The pen does not have smears, neither does it dry out. They make an excellent fill, which makes them an excellent selection for coloring and gel pen coloring books.

The colors do not bleed even when you layer them. 

Smart Color Art is known for its excellent customer service experience if there is a problem when you order. 

We love this pack’s remarkable precision and its suitability in layering colors.

If you need gel pens for note-taking, consider the following options: 

  1. iBayam Fineliner Pens 
  2. Zebra Midliner Marker
  3. PaperMate Flair Pen
  4. Pilot Metropolitan Pen 
  5. Staedtler Triplus Pen

Some of the best glitter gel pens for coloring in the market include:

  1. Taotree Glitter Gel Pen
  2. Soucolor Glitter Gel Pens
  3. Artistro Glitter Pens
  4. Yooho Glitter Pen  

When using glitter pens, take note of the following:

  • For a subtle addition of color to your page, use the glitter pens to add some sparkle to the outline.
  • You can use glitter over the medium you want without adding any other color.
  • Try using different patterns and strokes so that they can appear on random spots of the page. 
  • Use hatching and stippling with your glitter pen. The gel pens add a different texture and color element to your work.

How do you use gel pens for coloring?

Below are different ways for adding gel pens to your page coloring:

  • Use gel pens as opposed to marker pens when you want to color an entire page. It will work well, especially with the creamiest, richest gel pens like the Sakura Gelly Rolls. Use them, especially with these free inspirational coloring pages
  • Make use of gel pens when making highlights on a colored pencil or top marker. Use them on these free unicorn coloring pages
  • Use the fine-tipped gel pens in accents for detailed coloring pages. 
  • Add doodles and sparkly accents to your planner pages and your coloring.
  • You can color in just a few highlights like on this wealth affirmation coloring page
  • Add depth and texture to your designs with crosshatching and stippling.

Sometimes your adored gel pen will begin to scratch instead of naturally flowing, even when you have been gentle with it and have properly stored it.

But if you still can see some ink inside, there is hope to revive it. 

  • If the gel pen has stopped writing, it may be that an air bubble got into the pen or the ink on its tip has dried up. It can also be due to temperature changes.
  • Do not bang the pen or try to shake it to get the ink to flow again. It will only make the problem worse.
  • As the first measure in reviving it, scribble in circles, preferably on a blank page. Sometimes, this will help.
  • If the scribbling doesn’t help, try the following:
  • Clean the tip using alcohol
  • Heat the tip
  • Soak the pen in hot water
  • Add some water to the ink tube
  • Blow on the ink


Gel pens are awesome pens for use when coloring books and the good thing is that there is a variety of them in the market. 

The gel pens you choose depend on the variety of pens you wish to have and how your budget best suits your needs. It also depends on whether you prefer regular gel pens or glitter pens.

Gel pens will offer you a non-messy way to bring color to your coloring books, craft, and DIY projects. They will spark creativity and deliver dramatic results to you. 

Do you use gel pens in your coloring? We would love to see your projects, or maybe you can tell us your favorite gel pens.


1. How are gel pens used for coloring?

The gel is a water-based ink as well as a wet application. Before it dries, the color will easily smear. There are also fast-dry options to consider. 

You can apply the smearing in blending to create transitions between colors.

2. What is the better option for coloring: Gel pens vs. Colored pencils?

Colored pencils are easily found in supplies stores or bookshops. They are appropriate if you want an essential start. 

If you want solid coloring, then gel pens are the way to go. It would be best if you put minimum pressure on them to achieve a great result. Your artwork with gel pens will be akin to posters.