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30 Best Bullet Journal Supplies for 2021 (Recommended by Pros)

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Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page or here

Unquestionably, making the best choice for bullet journal supplies can be too much of a task for every journaling beginner.

If you would like to:

  • learn the supplies you will need to start your bullet journal
  • get to discover some of the best bullet journal supplies like highlighters, pens, notebooks, and markers
  • find the most awesome bujo accessories, gadgets, and tools
  • learn where you can find the best buys for bullet journals
  • learn how to best organize the supplies at home

Keep it here for the list of the best bullet journal supplies. 

On most occasions, all you need to begin your journaling is a notebook and a pen. But then you find yourself watching videos of stationery hauls on YouTube, and all of a sudden, you want it all.

Arguably, the most common bujo beginner mistake is investing lots of your money in expensive bullet journaling products. 

Then you give up in a short while after starting the journaling journey.

Admittedly, bullet journaling is not meant for everyone. And that is fine.

Altogether, you do not have to get the most expensive journaling stationery to start you off. You can even get what you need around your apartment.

You can also choose to get your stationery from nearby stores.

That notwithstanding, my advice would be that you should start on a budget that fits you. Go for cheap bullet journal supplies.

Then you can journal for about a month to figure out what best works for you.

If you end up loving journaling, you need to create some savings and collect your supplies in small, manageable portions.

What journal is best for bullet journaling?

Let’s check them out now!

Notebooks/Dot Grid Journals

Here are some notebooks you can check out in your collection of bullet journal supplies.

1. Dingbats Hardcover Journal

The notebook cover is made of synthetic vegan leather. It has 12 colours to choose from. It is a luxurious choice that has a protective cover.

The notebook is primarily used for bullet journaling. It has numbered dot-grid pages. 

The first few of its pages are marked for use as a bullet journal, including key pages, future log, and index.

The pages possess a creamy white paper. They are thick enough for heavy writing and sketching. 

The notebook has an expandable envelope for the essential documents you may need to carry with you.

It has 16 perforated pages, which means you can easily detach your to-do lists or artwork.

Finally, it comes with several ribbon bookmarks, ensuring you can find your way into the journal.

If you love the high-end bullet journal options, then this is a good choice.

Buy it Now on Amazon

2. Minimalism Classic Journal

If you want an affordable notebook, then this is the notebook to go for. It has 100 gsm paper.

The cover is made from synthetic leather, and it comes in 10 colours. Bujo enthusiasts prefer the dot grid notebook because of its flexibility in the creation of the spreads.

It can be difficult to create spreads on a lined or squared page. That is why the notebook comes in handy. 

It also provides structure in comparison to plain notebooks. 

Buy it Now on Amazon

3. Dingbats Wildlife Notebook

Here’s another Dingbats Notebooks option. The only thing different with this notebook is that it contains plain pages. 

It is ideal for bujo as well as sketching. It has a vegan leather covering. The 192 pages have been entirely perforated.

It also comes with an expandable envelope, a ribbon bookmark, and a pen holder. 

Buy it Now on Amazon

4. AmazonBasics Blank Notebook

The AmazonBasics Blank Notebook is a good notebook choice if you are looking for a blank notebook. 

It has a black, sturdy-looking, elegant cover. It comprises 240 pages laid on 120 pages of acid-free papers.

That gives the notebook an archival quality which ensures that the notes do not fade over time.

The notebook also comes with an expandable pocket and a ribbon bookmark.

Buy it Now on Amazon

5. Leuchtturm1917

Leuchtturm1917 boasts of a popular dotted journal, and the company prints the journal itself. 

The journal has numbered pages, an index, and an envelope pocket. 

The journal comes in a variety of colours. Its only downfall is that the quality of its paper is not as good. 

It is an excellent option if you do not mind ghosting and you do not play too much with colours because of the bleeding on the paper.

Buy it Now on Amazon

7. Rhodia Bullet Journal 

Rhodia bullet journals are a favourite for bullet journaling. They have superior paper quality, and if you love to play with colours, this is the notebook to go for.

The notebook has a durable quality with dotted paper which stands the test of time. It also does not bleed through the papers with the use of different pens. 

Unlike most of the journals, this notebook does not have future log pages and the pre-printed index.

But again, not everyone finds them useful and, you can choose to add the pages yourself if need be.

Buy it Now on Amazon

Need some more notebook options? Check out some more notebook options that will perfectly suit your needs.


Here are some bullet journal pens you can try out in your journaling.

1. Scriveiner Pen

The Scriveiner Pen is a luxurious choice of pens that provides a smooth experience in writing. 

Besides, there is convenience in its ballpoint nature which creates elegance as a writing instrument.

If you crave a luxurious pen for filling your spreads in the bullet journal, then this is the pen to go for. 

Buy it Now on Amazon

2. Sakura Pigma Pen

Are you in need of pens suitable for both sketching and writing?

The Sakura Pigma Pens offer different nib sizes, which makes them ideal for both sketching and writing.

The set offers value for your money. Furthermore, it has archival ink quality, which ensures that your writings do not fade over time.

For more smudge-proof options, check out this review

Buy it Now on Amazon

3. Paper Mate Gel Pen

Coloured pens create visual interest in the bullet journals. They are used in making different bullet journal ideas.

Gel pens have gained popularity for their use in drawing icons, sketches, and other images in your journal spreads. 

They are suitable for most types of paper. Gel pens hardly ever bleed through the paper and produce lesser ghosting.

When choosing the kind of pen that is suitable for your writing, always consider:

  • Your comfort while using the pen
  • If you write more or sketch more with the pen
  • How well the pen will prevent bleeding through or ghosting

Keep in mind that a pen does not have to be too expensive to give you the best quality work.

Buy it Now on Amazon

4. iBayam Fineliner Pens

Most Bujo users have their favourite sets of these pens. The iBayam Fineliner Pens are used in creating graphics.

They are also good when writing by hand. Perhaps it could be due to the soft feel of the fibre tip, which is not found in regular ballpoint pens.

It comes in a set of 18 different colours, which provides you with great value for your money. The ink also does not bleed through.

People keep these pens for drawing, charting their bullet trackers, creating calendars, drawing, and so much more.

Buy it Now on Amazon

5. Zebra Midliner Marker

The Zebra Midliner Marker is best suited for creatives. It has soft colours that please the eye. 

The marker has two tips – a fine and a broad tip. Thus, this makes the marker accommodate different drawing, journaling, and other types of uses.

Buy it Now on Amazon

6. PaperMate Flair Pen

Buy it Now on Amazon

The PaperMate Flair pen is a good pen for bullet journaling. The vivid black ink makes note-taking a pleasurable experience. 

The best part?

The ink does not bleed through the paper. We already know that in bullet journaling, this is a big win. 

7. Pilot Metropolitan Pen 

The Pilot Metropolitan Pen is recommended for both men who journal and women. The pens also make a perfect gift for bujo lovers

The pen reflects a high standard of Pilot craftsmanship with its stainless steel nib but still bears very affordable prices.

It provides the kind of luxury you can afford at a reasonable price, and it will take your journaling experience to a new level.

Buy it Now on Amazon

8. Staedtler Triplus Pen

The colour assortment that comes with these pens is every journaler’s wish. 

The Staedtler Triplus pen is suitable for charts, drawing maps, colouring or doodling, or any other bujo art.

What makes this pen stand out is its water-based ink which is non-toxic and acid-free. Thus, this means it can be washed off from garments or cleaned off from surfaces.

It also does not bleed through the journal paper. Even without its cap, the pen does not dry up. 

Its triangle shape is made for one’s writing comfort to ensure that writing is fatigue-free.

Available in 50-Pen, 42-Pen, 36-Pen, and 20-Pen Packs.

Buy it Now on Amazon

17. Pilot Frixion Colors

Nothing can be as satisfying as erasing mistakes made on your bullet journal. 

These erasable pens will keep your bullet journal immaculate.

There is a range of soft colours. They are primarily used for highlighting places and underlining and doodling, decoration, and slight colouring. 

The only problem that exists about erasable pens is that they fade over time. Thus, you cannot use them to write the information you don’t want to lose.

If you are looking for pens to have fun with as you pursue your journaling journey, then you can buy yourself the pens.

Buy it Now on Amazon

9. Prismacolor Premier Pencils 

If you love to incorporate more colours in your bullet journal, these coloured pencils are ideal for you.

They do not feather, bleed or ghost on your journal. 

The set comes with 150 pencils which provide you with a smooth journaling experience. 

What’s more?

They are lightfast and durable. 

Buy it Now  on Amazon

10. Wanshui Color Pencils 

The Wanshui colour pencils are more affordable than the previous set of pencils. They come in 8 fluorescent colours and 12 metallic colours. 

Who wouldn’t love this colouring fun?

Buy it Now on Amazon

11. Tom Holtz Ink Set

On most occasions, inks are considered to be advanced bujo supplies. But you can incorporate them into your journaling designs from the get-go so that you can achieve exciting spreads.

The set gives you unique effects when incorporated as a medium in bujo.

The Tom Holtz Ink Set can be drawn over, stamped, and written. The ink guarantees you a no-bleed experience even when in use with the thinnest journal paper.

Buy it Now on Amazon

12. Lsushine Craft Ink

The Lsushine Craft Ink has 15 colours. It is best used with stencils for the best effects in your bujo. 

Here are more numerous ways for incorporating the colours in your journaling:

  • It’s a waterproof substitute for watercolours
  • Colour-coding pages and tabs

Buy it Now on Amazon

13. Nablue Pack Alphabet Stencil Set 

These stencils give you a consistent and polished outcome for your bullet journal. 

Stencils create an artistic effect on your work no matter your level of artistry. The stencils also work very well on any paper.

Furthermore, stencils make you achieve consistent letters, shapes, and images all the time. 

They are instrumental when creating your tracker icons and page header banners.

Buy it Now on Amazon 

14. 20-Piece Stencil

The stencil set comprises banners, other icons, and shapes encountered in a bujo and alphabets. The collection adds an artistic touch to your journal pages. 

Some other stencil sets you can add to your collection are:

  • Alphabet Stencils – Best used in creating a more polished look, especially in title pages and headers.
  • Architectural Stencils – Different types of shapes work well with bujo, especially in creating trackers and weekly/monthly spreads.
  • Seasonal Stencils – Great when indicating different seasons and creating monthly spreads.

Buy it Now on Amazon

Journal Stickers

Here are some great options for journal stickers you can choose from.

1. Zicoto Set 

Stickers make your journal more attractive. The Zicoto set has over 1,500 designs used in parts of your journal, your trackers, and monthly pages.

If you aim to create a themed bujo layout, the stickers will provide you with that professional look with very minimal effort.

Buy it Now on Amazon

2.So. Many. Planner Stickers

The sticker book has a total of 2,600 stickers. It is excellent for decorating bullet journals and planners. 

The stickers are the right fit and come in handy because you can choose to work with lots of designs.

The sticker book format is convenient for bujo on the go. 

Buy it Now on Amazon

3. Ordinary Stickers 

If you love the floral themes, then these are your type of stickers. The stickers have different icons for remembrance of other special days like birthdays and weddings.

In addition to those special occasions, the stickers will also remind you of the not-so-pleasant but essential to keep in mind kind of days.

Stickers with arrows, different headers, and other essential graphics are incorporated. They ensure that you do not miss out on important events. 

Buy it Now on Amazon

4. Cleaver Fox Stickers

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect stickers for your mom planner, the Clever Fox stickers are what you need. 

With more than 1,500 stickers, you will set up your schedule for one year. Get to organize your day-to-day activities with unique stickers.

Create humour in your everyday planning with the mom stickers, which is a hilarious way to depict a mom’s daily activities.

Buy it Now on Amazon

Check out more mom planner options here

5. Mirida Productivity Stickers 

These stickers come in a wide variety of bold colours. They stand out on a page, so you’ll never miss out on anything.

You can use them to mark important occasions with their appropriate icons so that you do not lose track of your celebrations.

Buy it Now on Amazon

Check out more of the sticker options here.

Washi Tapes 

1. Kovano Rolls 

Washi tapes offer another option for decorating your bullet journal. They can be used for the following:

  • Tabs
  • Page borders
  • Hiding mistakes on a page in the journal
  • Highlighting
  • Notepaper
  • Word art
  • Swatch décor
  • Colour coding
  • Decorative adhesive

These tapes show charming landscapes, and they are an invaluable addition to your journaling supplies collection.

The set has 48 unique Washi tapes. They are durable, versatile, and eye-catching. 

Buy Kovano Rolls on Amazon

2. Aguatape 48 Rolls Tape

These tapes feature an assortment of different designs which are most appropriate for dividing pages in the bullet journal.

The 48 roll set provides excellent value for your money, and they are a great addition to your collection of Washi tapes.

Buy Aguatape 48 Rolls Tape on Amazon


1. Qianshan Pencil Holder

When you are serious about your journaling journey, you get to accumulate lots of journaling supplies. 

If you do not have a systematic way of putting away your supplies, you will lose them. 

Furthermore, if you are always on the move, you will always want to ensure that you have all the journaling supplies you will need.

The Qianshan Pencil holder can hold up to 202 pencils. You also get 9 holder options to choose from.

It has four different compartments for your colouring materials, pens, adhesives, etc. 

Buy Qianshan Pencil Holder on Amazon

2. Easthill Pencil Case 

If all you need to carry are your basic journaling supplies, this is the storage case. 

The expandable Easthill pencil case is all you need even when you have to store more items in it. It also comes in a size that is convenient enough to fit in a backpack.

It comes in a minimalist design and is available in only four colour options.

Buy Easthill Pencil Case on Amazon

What Supplies Do I Need For A Bullet Journal?

Have you been wondering about the supplies you need for you to begin your bullet journaling journey?

Well, here’s a beginners guide to what you’ll need to start the journey with a complete bullet journal supplies kit:

  • Notebook (At the start of the journey, any type of notebook will work)
  • Pen (Get a variety in thickness for the different uses)


  • Crayola Markers
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Pencils
  • Correction tapes

Alternatively, get yourself the best bullet journal supplies for beginners. It comes with an assortment of the following items as well:

  • Fineliner pens
  • Stickers
  • Notebook
  • Stencils
  • A set of Washi tape

With these options, you are right on track to begin your bullet journaling without having to look for some of the best deals in bujo supplies.

To get value for your money, you would ask, Where can I buy bullet journal supplies?” 

Well, here’s the thing.

The store near you may not offer you the best in terms of bullet journal supplies. Here’s a list of the top 9 stores of choice for your bullet journal supplies.

  1. J*B Welly
  2. Goulet Pens
  3. Jenni Bick
  4. Etsy
  5. Amazon
  6. Jet Pens
  7. Two Hands
  8. Paperchase
  9. Mochithings

Best Bullet Journal Supplies on Amazon 

Have you just started your bullet journaling journey, and you are working on a budget? Here’s a list of some of the best buys on Amazon and their best alternatives.

1. Nuuna Grid Journal

The Nuuna Grid Journal is a little larger than the A5 size and a small dot grid. It has bright white pages.

The notebook is priced a little higher than other similar notebooks. But its design elements are the reason for the higher price.

Every cover has a unique design. It has text designs, pattern designs, map designs, and so much more. 

Alternative: Scrivwell Journal

  • The Scrivwell journal has 12 different colours and 208 pages of 120gsm paper. It only costs just about ¼ of the price of Nuuna.
  • It has a slightly large size, bright white paper, and an artistic cover.

Buy Nuuna Grid Journal on Amazon

2. Faber-Castell Pens

What sets the Faber-Castell Pens from the rest is how long they last. The pen can last even for more than four months compared to most other cells of the same calibre.

A set of these pens comes with nibs in regular size, brush pens, bullet nib, and a calligraphy pen. 

Alternative: Muji Pens

  • The Muji pens are known for their smooth and juicy ink.
  • The pens have different widths, so you get to purchase the different sizes separately.
  • Currently, the brand offers 0.7mm, 0.5mm, and 0.38mm sizes.

Buy Faber-Castell Pens on Amazon

3. TomBow Brush Pens

The TomBow Brush Pens has its colours rich and vibrant. Its dual-tip allows for various uses. For use with large headers, the brush pen is the best.

For use with smaller headers and colouring, the bullet nib is the best choice. The pens come in 108 different colours. 

You can choose to purchase all 108, or a pack of 96 colours, or themed packs of 10 and individual colours.

The pastel set is a favourite because it has a variety of colours that are incorporated during different seasons.

They can be used as highlighters as well with their lighter tones.

Brush pens can be very frustrating and challenging to use if you haven’t done brush lettering. If you want to do lettering, check out the free practising sheets.

 Alternative: TomBow Fudenosuke

  • The TomBow Fudenosuke pens come with less flexible and smaller tips, making it easy to create thick and thin strokes.
  • These pens also are excellent for small brush lettering for habits, quotes, weekday headers, and more.

Another bullet journal that shouldn’t be left out is the Moleskine notebook.

Are Moleskine notebooks good for bullet journaling?


These hardcover journals come in various sizes, colours, layouts, and you can customize them according to your needs. 

Buy TomBow Brush Pens on Amazon

Best BuJo Supplies – Final Word

There you have a list of the best bullet journal supplies as you begin your journaling journey. 

As a general rule, the best journaling supplies are the ones you are most comfortable working with. 

We sure hope you find yourself some favourite supplies from the above list. 

Also, please check out further resources about bullet journals:

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