Hi, I’m Andia and I help busy moms organize their everyday life.

I studied Banking and Finance at the Master’s level and spent over 10 years working for financial institutions streamlining business operations.

The story short is that after spending almost 10 years building a career, my former employer downsized. Boom! Just like that, I lost my job, no savings, and no fall back income stream. I felt frustrated and hopeless with my home and finances – not knowing where to start.

But there was a silver lining on the dark cloud.
Staying home more made me realize how messy the home was. We spent a fortune in groceries, food rotting in the fridge because we were hardly home to eat it. Too much clutter – kids old clothes, broken toys, and so much more.

That’s the reason I started this blog.

I believe that most women can quit working and stay home with their kids if that’s what they want to.

I also believe most women can create multiple streams of income to cushion them in the event of misfortunes or as a way to financial freedom we all desire.

However, quitting your day job to become a stay at home or work from home mom isn’t a walk in the park either.

You need patience, persistence, and strong organizational skills. Creating multiple streams of income while working on a full-time job is also hectic. Don’t forget you’re also a mom and want to have time with your kids.

It takes sacrifice and hard work but you CAN get there. And I am committed to showing you how!!!

I have been a work from home mom since 2016, and I learned that you cannot separate finances and home management as a busy mom. It’s impossible.

They’re entirely intertwined.

I learned that if you spend wisely, you CAN have everything you want and more, no matter what your income!

How about you?

Do you love the idea of budgeting and saving? Do you love the idea of creating a home instead of just a house? Do you love the idea of a simpler life and enjoying each and every moment of it?

Maybe just like me, you have trouble actually sticking to your plans. You set a budget, then break it as fast as you set it. You try to save money, but draw it out as soon as you find yourself in a small fix. 

Though no fault of your own, whether it’s nature or nurture, you can’s seem to make any tangible progress on your home and financial management.

I also struggle with the same.

But I also believe that I can help you. 

I have successfully cut the cycle of paycheck to paycheck and able to contribute to family finances – all working from home. I made huge progress in developing a simple home management system up and running that tackles every aspect of my life. And I want to share my journey with you.

It’s been a crazy journey to here though. And I still have a long way to go. But I want to walk this journey with you.

So, where are you on your journey?

Do you feel like your bills and walls are closing in on you? Do you feel like you can’t seem to have time to start and run a small side business? Do you feel stuck? Like you’ve lost hope and you’re spiraling? Maybe you feel like you should give up.

Don’t quit.

You can do this! I’ve been there, and I’m excited to show you how to overcome it all. I’m excited you’re here. Let’s walk this journey together!