A Simple Stay at Home Mom Schedule That Actually Works

A Simple Stay at Home Mom Schedule That Actually Works

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Being a stay at home mom sounds fun, easy, and practical. You get to be around your children and see them grow.

However, nothing quite prepares you for the nagging feeling that you are always rushing. Nightfall always finds you wondering what you have done all day. Laundry, for example, keeps piling, toys litter every room, yet you fall asleep and wake up tired.  

Designing a schedule helps you regain the control you have lost. You’ll be happier and get things done.

Again, you can squeeze in time to work remotely, as a freelance writer, for example. And yes, you don’t have to wait only until late at night for the children to fall asleep so you can work. 

How can I make a stay at home mom schedule?

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1. Write Down Your Schedule

If you decide what to do but don’t write it down, you will forget some important tasks. So, how about writing the schedule and sticking it where you can see it. For example, on the refrigerator door.

Furthermore, use Apps on your phone to design a schedule, or you can use stick notes. Fill in the tasks that you must do, such as making meals or doing the laundry.

You can add extras such as watching your favorite show when you are done with the main tasks. Be careful, however, not to overstuff the schedule. Always remember, it is okay not to get everything done at a go.

2.Have A Flexible Schedule

Creating a schedule when you’re a stay at home mom is not like the schedule people have at school. You take specific lessons to a particular time and have strict timelines to observe.

However, with kids, this is not possible. When you put them to bed, for example, they can sleep for two hours. How about if they slept for half an hour when you thought it would be at least an hour?

Either way, you will start wondering, what do I do now? Relax, learn to be flexible. A change or two in how you thought things would turn out won’t make it a lost day.

3. Take Time to Prep for Each Morning

When you prepare for the following day, it gets a lot easier to have a productive day. For example, after dinner, clean up the utensils and pack snacks for the school-going children. Also, don’t forget to put things back in their place, so you find them easily when you need them.

Moreover, take time to write down meal plans. You can write down a meal plan for a whole week rather than on a day to day basis. It is rather unwise to know that it is almost lunchtime and you don’t know what to make.

Writing a meal plan ensures that you save money and have nutritious food in your home. 

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4. Introduce independence in your children

Kids are dependent little beings who will always crave attention. Many moms choose to stay at home, so they give attention to their children’s needs. However, that does not mean you don’t have time to do anything other than watching them.

It would be best if you taught the kids to engage in their play activities on their own sometimes. Let it not be watching television. The kids can arrange cards and blocks or even draw.

You are the super mom who not only teaches the kids independence but also gets time to do other things. Take that time to sort the mails, reply emails, or even work-related tasks like writing a blog post.

5. Let The Kids or Your Spouse Help Around 

Have a schedule that favors you in that the children, if old enough, can handle some tasks. For example, after meals, let the children tidy up, feed the pets, or even dust. 

They may not do it so well, but some work will be taken off the table for you.

If you ask your spouse or other family members to help with some chores, you will get a positive response. Family members need to know what they can do to help and won’t see you as lazy or overwhelmed.

6.Schedule Rest or Nap Time

Children need to have quiet and still time during the day; napping time is the most fantastic idea. Although some children may have outgrown the napping time, they can have rest time. They lay down quietly or read a book.

That said, it is not only the kids who need the nap, but you also need the power nap. Plus, children will fall asleep quickly if you are there, for they think it is sleeping time.

Set a timer for like 20 minutes, wake up full of energy, and take the extra time as children nap to tackle a chore or task.

Simple Schedule Ideas for Mornings, Afternoons, Evening and Night

Every home is different; every mom has their way of planning out their days. However, you sure need ideas on what to have on your schedule to get the perfect routine for you and your kids.


  • Wake up before the children wake up. Do something you love—for example, a yoga session, reading, or even meditation. 
  • Have a rule in your home that even if the kids wake up, they should stay in their room until a specific time. Why? You don’t want to be distracted in the middle of your meditation.
  • Have a bath and dress up. If you stay in pajamas all day, your brain will convince you it is a rest day.
  • Bathe the children, change their clothes
  • Have breakfast
  • Drop the school going kids to school
  • Get grocery items
  • Play activities time (together or on their own)
  • Have snacks
  • Prepare and have lunch.


  • Nap for babies and rest time for older kids
  • Take that time to nap a little or do some house chores.
  • Run errands
  • Pick school going kids from school
  •  Let the kids and pets go outside for a breath of fresh air.
  • A snack will be great.


  • Prepare dinner
  • Do homework
  • Have dinner
  • Clean up
  • Prepare for bedtime, such as brush teeth, read bedtime stories.
  • Tuck the kids in bed


  • Prep for the following morning
  • Watch a movie with your spouse or sit down and work. 
  • Lay down before midnight
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Be a happy stay at home mom.

Choosing to be a stay at home mom is a big deal, especially for moms who are leaving their careers forever or for a while. 

However, you can be a mom around the kids most of the day and enjoy every inch of it.

The chores may overwhelm you, but that is not to say there is no way you can tackle that. Create a routine that works for you and watch yourself get enough time to do things you never thought you would with toddlers around.

Besides, children are easy to coach; you won’t encounter much trouble creating routines for them. In any case, a routine with time creates a pattern making it easier for children to follow religiously.

Do you have a schedule? Could you share with us what works for you?