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8 Adventurous Picnic Ideas For Boys

Picnic Ideas For Boys

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The word adventure seems to invoke a lot of emotion in people. Extroverts are instantly elated. Then we have the introverts: Five days’ notice and hours of mental prep are needed before any type of adventure is carried out. 

But when it comes to boys, little boys, the longing for exploring and overcoming difficult tasks can rarely be satisfied. They don’t only want to run; they want to see who can run the fastest. But in the face of technology, this seems to be slowly fading.

So, you want to plug your son back in and get him off the couch? Set up your picnic basket like so, and let’s figure out how we can make this experience adventurous again.

1. Camping

Nothing beats setting up tents in your backyard, or even a campsite. Surrounded by nature: with all sorts of things to be explored. Tapping into his prime core hunter self, his curiosity will be peaked.

PRO TIP: Make a campfire and cook your packed picnic food and snacks over it.

2. Hiking

I know someone’s heart just stopped. 

Mine almost did the first time I hiked.

Having your little boy tag along on a hike, setting up your picnic at the top of the hill, and watching the sunset. Doesn’t that seem like a wholesome day?

It sure does.

3. Boat Riding

Rent a boat. 

Explore the river.

Teach him how to paddle.

Get to the other side and have a wonderful picnic. 

What’s more to be said?

4. Scavenger hunts

Plan out a list of items he needs to find as he checks it off the list. This can be by the beach, the park, wherever you may choose.  Seat back, set up your picnic, and watch as he excitedly runs all over the place.

PRO TIP: To make it more exciting, give him a time limit.

5. Go swimming


Simple, it’s fun, and since we have concluded that boys love fun, why not? Make it more fun by joining in. I’m sure he would love that.

When you’re all tired out, sit by the poolside, and enjoy your picnic.

6. Fishing

Leap and give this a go. You may both not know what you’re doing, but that just adds to the adventure of it all. Feeling one grasp on the hook is even more exhilarating.

PRO TIP: Roast one of the fish you caught as a picnic dish.

7. Rock Climbing

Just like swimming, rock climbing is fun for kids. Just that reasons enough for them to want to do it. Besides gaining a new skill and getting a workout in, it is always a one-of-a-kind experience.

Rock climbing does not have to be done outdoors. There are several indoor rock-climbing arenas.

Don’t worry, everyone who participates is usually given a harness to keep them safe.

8. Road trips

Pack your picnic bags, get in the car, and get on the road. Let go and go where the road leads you. This may also be the time to have that boys’ talk you’ve been procrastinating. You’ll always have a blast during the road trips. At your destination, or even in your car as you go, take out your food and munch away.

Adventure may just be the way to get him plugged back into the real world.

Anything, even as simple as a picnic, can be made into a fun little experience. So, pluck your son off the couch and set off to have an adventurous picnic day.