79 Easy Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads Ideas for Busy Moms

79 Easy Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads Ideas for Busy Moms

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Bullet journal weekly spreads will help you plan out your week. 

Whether you are looking to a minimalist weekly spread or something more elaborate, you’ll find tons of bullet journal weekly spreads for your inspiration on this page.

What’s a bullet journal weekly spread?

The weekly bullet journal layout is typically a 2- page week at a glance spread. It’s more like a conventional planner to help you plan and prepare for the week ahead.

Having a view of your week all on one page helps you know what’s coming up. If you use it for business, it helps you keep track of deadlines, work to do and other important dates.

It consists of sections for the days of the week, but you can also add meal.planning, weather forecasts, weekly trackers and much more.

What is the BUJO weekly spreads?

A daily and weekly spread is a layout where you add your tasks for the day, complete them and add notes about a day. 

The difference is how the layout looks like. 

A bullet journal weekly spread generally is a one or two-page spread that shows the whole week, either divided into boxes or columns and rows.

Bullet journal weekly spread ideas

Bullet journaling is fun, and you can customize your planner to suit your needs. 

Creating layouts isn’t necessary for your weekly bujo spread to be useful, but many moms enjoy using them. They add a nice rhythm to her week.

You’ll love creating your weekly spreads, and it’s fun to have a reason to work on something colorful every week and then get to enjoy the outcome throughout the week.

Weekly spread bullet journals for your inspiration

Here are some gorgeous bullet journal weekly layout ideas/ bujo weekly spread ideas to help spark your creativity.

  1. 1. Colorful Boxes by @plansthatblossom
  1. 2. A Bujo Fall Theme Spread by @bujoandcookies

3. Colorful Minimalism by @bujo_club

4. Harry Potter Bullet Journal Spread by @anouksbulletjournal

5. Simple Lines Bullet Journal Weekly Spread by @buj.o

6. Autumn Tree Cycle Weekly Spread by @thepalepaper

7. Bujo/Scrapbook/Collage/All Of The Above by @bujonessie

8. Clean Box Spread by @mishabuu

9. All On Top @lynne.hastoncrafts

10. Simple Line Weekly Spread @soundslikestudy

11. Circle Spread @lifebywhitney

12. Boxed In @lifebywhitney

13. Weekly + Daily Spread Bullet Journal @buj.o

14. Boxes and Beautiful Designs 

15. Underwater Spread @showmeyourplanner

16. Minimalist with Pictures @sincerely_lib

17. Clean Boxes with Room For Habits and Meals In Your Weekly Spread @senseistudies

18. One Page Minimalist Spread @tangledblissbujo

19. Boxes for Priority, Work, and Other @the.petite.planner

20. Classical Spread @thuys.bujo

21. Vertical Lines @lifebywhitney

22. Pink and Feminine BuJo @ardanastudies

23. Doodles and Calligraphy @plan.tful

24. Mixed Media Journaling @maryberrystudy

25. Go Crazy with Stickers and Washi Tape @planningwithquinn

26. Boxes and Flowers Bujo Spread @inkbyjeng

27. Side By Side Weekies @bluelahe

28. Clean and Crisp, Minimalist Boxes @studygr.em

29. A Box For Everything @theblackerthebujo

30. Clean Boxes with Light Blue @freckledbujo

31. Calendar and Events Spread @geoffstudy

32. A No-Nonsense Minimalist @cafe.study

33. Feel like You got it all @mashaplans

34. Beautiful and Simple @paperandlists

35. Simple and Clean Calendar View @mindbodyjournal

36. BuJo Habit Tracker @flyingpaperwords

37. Slick and Aesthetic @ramen_doodles

38. Travel Itinerary @thatbujokid

39. Beautiful Activity Log @bujojane

40. Focus On Intentions And Self-Care @booksofnotes

41. To-Do List @bullet_journalish

42. Monochromatic Wonder of a Bujo @dreimoeven

43. Just, YAAAAS @studywithinspo

44. Another One @bujowithkat

45. Simple and Pretty @abulletandsomelines

46. Book List of goals @mishabuu

47. You’ll love this @jagodapisze

48. Minimalist Fitness @merakumi

49. No Spend Rules @craftydeesigns

50. The dreamer @procrastinstudy

51. Maximize Your Day @estudio_arco

52. Simply wow @bullet_journalish

53. Another minimalist @theartofbujo

54. Elegant and Clean @flyingpaperwords

55. Minimalist Calendar Spread @elizabethjournals

56. Functional and Simple @theartofbujo

57. Minimal Time-Table Tracker @futurepolyglo.t

58. Functional and Beautiful @maris.bujo

59. Simple Spread @benevolentgrowth

60. Simple, Clean Dailies Decorated With Pictures @cafe.studyy

61. Playlist Spread @a.freckle.a.day

62. Super Easy @mrsmcbujo

63. Classic Future @bulletby_r

64. Simple Lines Bullet Journal Weekly Spread @buj.o

65. Vertical Bullet Journal Weekly Spread:From AmandaRachLee via Instagram

66. Write your goals for the week and the next @From Square Lime Designs via Instagram

67. Classical Spread @thuys.bujo

68. Vertical Lines @lifebywhitney

69. Pink and Feminine BuJo @ardanastudies

70. Doodles and Calligraphy @plan.tful

71. Go Crazy with Stickers and Washi Tape @planningwithquinn

72. Boxes and Flowers Bujo Spread @inkbyjeng

73. Side By Side Weekies @bluelahe

74. Tropical Nature Bullet Journal Weekly Spread @bulletjournalbymarieke

75. Sunflowers and Simple Lines Bujo @marthasjournal

76. Cactus Bujo Weekly @bulletsandconfetti

77. Colorful Flowers Spread from Pinterest

78. Yellow Minimalist Spread : Pinterest

79. Fall Pumpkin Bujo Theme from Pinterest

7 Tools for bullet journaling

You can use anything you want to create a great bullet journal. But here are the basic 7 fantastic bullet journal tools you need to create an epic bullet journal!

  1. The Notebook
  2. Pens (or even markers)
  3. Fineliners
  4. Brush Pens
  5. Ruler
  6. White Out
  7. Double-Sided Tape

How do you do a bullet Journal Weekly spread?

Here is a short video on how to create a bullet journal weekly spread.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads that boost productivity.

So, have you picked a weekly layout that looks good?

Try it out, adjust parts that don’t work for you, tinker with it until you come up with something you love. 

You can even start with a bullet journal weekly spread -one page.

Embrace your creativity, even change things around in the middle of the week. After all, that’s the joy of bullet journaling -self-discovering and having to start all over again.

It’s your turn to share.

Is there any layout that you use? Or do you have something completely different?

Tell us in the comment section below.