7 Tips to Help You Regain Your Motivation and Get Things Done.

7 Tips to Help You Regain Your Motivation and Get Things Done.

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The motivation buzzer.

You are probably wondering why you cannot start on a project you have been planning to do? You find yourself feeling lazy, and every time you think about it, another thought peep into your mind like a thief in the night, and the primary thought is slowly pushed away.

That is because, over time, your motivation has been receiving small short blows that currently are down. Like a boxer in a wrestling arena, the fight is not over until the referee counts 10. 

This is where your motivation is at the moment, laying flat on the wrestling arena, but will you call it quits, or will you hold unto those hopes and dreams called the arena strings stand up and achieve your win?

This is where I come in with tips and tricks to get you motivated.

1. The list

Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson made a wish list of things to do before kicking the bucket on the movie ‘The Bucket list.’ Without the list, I don’t think they would have been motivated to work hard to achieve their goals.

During my induction in one of the companies I worked for, the trainer handed us an envelope and a piece of paper; she instructed us to write our goals down, i.e., what we want to have achieved within six months of working for the company.

I wrote my list using Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, and I sealed my envelope. Six months later, I got to open my wish list. I was excited to see I had achieved my goals on time.

Hence we all need a map to guide us on our journey. Compile your wish list with achievable goals, set them in an order that is convenient for you. Put your goals aligned with a timeline of achieving them. 

2. Calendar 

Once you have your wish list in place, please take out your calendar and highlight when to start a project, when to finish it, when to take a break. Planners can also be used for this purpose. 

You can get a monthly planner or a yearly planner. Make it yours express yourself in it, color code it if you have to, type it, handwrite it. When it is all done, look at it. If you feel tingly, congratulations, your motivation is headed on the right track.

3. Think of the end goal

Find opportunities on your end product by looking at the bigger picture. This can be adding to your portfolio, a stepping stone to push your career forward, gaining experience on a new skill, and polishing an old one. 

Achieving your dream of obtaining something.

4. Figure out when you are most productive

People are cut from a different cloth, hence the difference in behavior and character. Find out when you feel energized are you a morning person or a late-night person. 

An easier way to do this is to keep track of your daily routine and see what time you manage to do more accurate work.

5. Remove anything that is destroying your focus.

It could be several things, attending to many functions, too many Whatsapp groups, social media, TV. Figure out what it is. 

Another thing that could be limiting your focus is being scared; call yourself for a meeting and establish what you are afraid of; once you get that out of the way, you are good to go.

Life sometimes put us down; you could be going through something painful or stressful, you feel down, and you don’t want to do anything.

Reminisce what that one thing that has always gotten you happy was? Are you in a position to do it, if yes, run for it? Life has to go on, and you are not a quitter force yourself to go on.

6. Find your strength

What do you love doing? I will be a great place to start your wish list on. Put your strength on it; it’s a matter of ‘do or die; you will not be getting a second chance to do it; this is your chance. 

Let these words linger on you every time you start a project. What is the worst that could happen? Doing a bad job is better than doing none at all. 

Don’t bite more than you can chew, start small, and slowly climb your ladder to the top; divide your projects or goals into bite-sized goals. If you are thinking of it has hard work. 

Stop, take a breather, and shake it off. Take a cup of your favorite beverage, stretch a bit, breathe in and out, close your eyes, and see the result, daydream a bit. Do whatever fits to kill the thought, by focusing on what you can control.

7. Downtime

Nobody can be 100% productive for 24 hours. If it’s time to call it quits, give it a rest, don’t push it; the more you push, the higher the chances your motivation on that particular project will start going down the slope. 

Some people say they would instead finish on a project then pick it up the next day. Well, this may work for some people and not for others. Find yourself, where do you belong?

8. Bribe yourself

Your first goal is done; let’s celebrate, treat yourself to some shopping therapy, dinner, take a trip have some fun. When you are sipping your glass of wine and a smile on your face for a job well done. 

Your brain is ready for the next task; your motivation is going gun-blazing ready to kick off.

Picture perfect

You are on the right track; your motivation is blazing; how about downloading a picture of what you will acquire when these goals are achieved successfully. Save it on your desktop.

What other tips motivate you? Let me know by commenting below.

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