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65 Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas to Keep Your Sanity as a Busy Mom

65 Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas to Keep Your Sanity as a Busy Mom

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Emotional health contributes to your overall health – especially for busy moms doing it all.

Busy moms who are emotionally healthy take control of their moods, thoughts, behaviours, and feelings. They can cope with the busy mom overwhelm. They keep their problems in perspective and bounce back from setbacks.

Over to you, my friend, how’s your day going?

Are you having a lovely day or a bad day? What makes you feel good/bad? If you have a mood swing, what is causing it?

Mood trackers are an exciting way to keep track of your emotions daily. Mood trackers help significantly for our mental health and mindfulness.

With a bullet journal mood tracker, you’ll have the data to cross-reference with exercise, diet, meditation and other factors in life.

Here, we’ll talk more about what they are, why keep track of your mood and some creative ideas to inspire you to create your own.

What is a bullet journal mood tracker?

A mood tracker is a page on your bullet journal that lets you track how you feel. Are you sad, tired, angry, bored, etc.?

You can create a weekly or monthly mood tracker by writing down the days of the week or month. Add a color key with the moods you want to track then fill it in each day.

Mood trackers help you identify your emotional triggers and patterns, giving you self awareness and improves your mental health.

So, why should you track your moods daily?

Benefits of keeping a bulletin mood tracker

Why should you start tracking your moods? Here are some reasons;

Find triggers for your good or bad feelings.

So many things impact your emotions: exercise, food, social connections, menses, etc. A mood tracker eliminates speculation.

It makes it easier for you to cross-reference with circumstances in your life to help you identify your mood trigger.

Are you feeling bad because of a lack of sleep? Does a cup of morning coffee boost my mood?

You’ll be able to find out what lift or brings down your mood.

Become mindful of your emotions

Sometimes we blame ourselves for having a bad day, especially when we cant fit in. 

But mood chatting can help you be mindful of your emotions in a non-judgemental way and always find something to boost your mood.

Tomorrow is still a new day, and you can make it a new beginning, with a better mood.

Take control of your mental health.

You can choose to be a victim of your emotions or an active participant in your mental health.

Filling your bullet journal mood tracker is your first step in this positive and empowering change of mindset.

Makes it easy for professionals to help you

According to the Center for Quality Assessment and Improvement in Mental Health, tracking your daily moods helps clients and their therapists develop a more collaborative relationship.

It helps doctors and therapists spot problems and marks progress.

How can I track my moods?

Charting your mood is easy once you create a system that works for you. Here are simple guidelines to help you get started tracking your progress.

You can track your mood in a journal, spiral notebook, diary, or a plain filler paper.

Calendars also make great charts allowing you to add a few words for each date. 

You can also use a recording device if writing is too tedious for you. You can even find apps available for charting your mood. Whichever method you use, pick one that is convenient for maintenance.

The basic mood chart will include information on how you were feeling throughout the day. All you need to write is a few words to capture your mood – such as happy, sad, nervous, woke up anxious, felt calmer this afternoon.

Some people find it helpful to include symptoms such as headaches and rank it to a scale of 1-10 10 being severe.

Aside from the mood, also track life events that could potentially influence your mood. Events may include going for a movie, disagreement at work, financial struggle, sick child, spouse, or self.

Ensure each entry includes a date so that you’ll be able to trace your progress over time.

What should be included in a mood journal?

The mood journal helps you track and monitor your feelings. And if you use it correctly and stick to it, you begin to get around your defences.

You may find it challenging in the beginning, but you start to see the benefits after a few weeks as you become aware of your feelings and the things that upset you.

Anytime you notice a shift in your mood (sad, happy, anxious, etc.), note it down and the external circumstances.

To create an easy to use weekly mood journal, follow these guidelines;

Make a log with 6 categories in a book or excel sheet. In the log, make a calendar with room for the following;

  1. Date and time – usually date for every day of the month, divided into hourly categories
  2. Mood change
  3. External factors – what’s going on in your life and other unusual circumstances.
  4. Internal thoughts, fantasies, memories at the time.
  5. What you think a well-adjusted mom would feel in the same situation.
  6. Assign a rating 1-10 describing how well your mood corresponds to the feeling in the picture of a well-adjusted person under the same circumstance.

It may sound tedious, but most people succeed in doing so. Review your bullet journal mood tracker daily, and see what patterns you begin to notice.

If mood tracking helps you locate your feelings and listen to them with an open mind, you’re already great strides at taking charge of your mental and emotional health.

Bullet journal mood tracker Ideas

1. Simple “water-drops” mood tracker @marthasjournal 

2. Moon phase mood tracking spread @a_tea.and.a_bujo

3. Fall leaves mood tracker

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26. An incredibly cute mood tracker to add to your bujo @ art_n_foxes

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66. The_bujoist hogwarts letter mood tracker @source

How do you make a mood tracker bullet Journal?

Here is a short video to help you make a mood tracker bullet journal.

Do you like these bullet journal mood trackers?

Which one are you doing next month? Or do you have a mood tracking idea to share? Leave a comment down below!