5 Best Organization Apps to Keep You On Track

Best Organization Apps

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I met Anny, a mom friend of mine, at our weekly hang out joint. And she could not stop talking about some organizational app that has doubled her productivity.

 My mind went to the good for nothing apps sitting pretty on my phone. I need to organize my phone and ditch them. Why? App reviews are written by novelists and have way too much flowery language. At least organizational apps for students worked for me, but that was then.  

But for the sake of peace, I tried Anny’s app. I was surprised; there’s another world, the best organizational apps present for everybody, especially moms. 

 Excellent tools help you take notes, mark out important dates, remind you of stuff, and prioritize your scheduled activities. Moms need these tools to survive the storm in the sea of unending chores and tasks. Check out the five amazing organizational apps for every mom. Screenshot Image

1. Awesome NotesC:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Awesome Notes.png

Are you looking for a multi-purpose app to organize your daily or all year long activities? Awesome Notes is one of the five best organization apps worth your time.

You get a radiant app that gives you the freedom to choose the color, font size, background images, and icons you want to use for starters.

In this app, you have a place to:

  • create to-do lists
  •  a calendar you can mark out important dates such as deadlines and anniversaries
  • Notes
  • Photojournal
  • Audio reminders

If you desire to have a couple of plans, the app gives you folders to name whatever you like. Think, for example, of a folder you call “My Thoughts.” You get space to pour out your heart every day, a safe place to tell yourself what you feel and what you want in life.

 If you wonder what the best organizer app for iPhone is, you have one now. 

Once you download the app, it comes with free folder samples with instruction guidelines on using it. Trust me; you won’t even need a lot of reading. In a few days, you will be creating folders of your own with absolute ease.

Plus, you have a pass lock for individual folders if you need to keep snoopy eyes off your phone. The audio reminders are also unique; you won’t confuse them for your phone ringing, for example. 

2. IFTTT C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\IFTTT.PNG 

Since moms have too much on their plate, they should have five extra hours in their day and one more hand. But none of that is practically possible. But IFTTT (stands for IF This Then That) is somewhat the extra hand.

Do you need to rush and get the crying baby who has just woken up, need to turn on the fan, and turn off the balcony lights all in one instance?  Moments you feel like crying and laughing at the same time.

But guess what- IFTTT steps in swiftly. You need to pick the baby and leave the two remaining tasks to the app. How? 

IFTTT connects to all smart devices in your house, including voice assists such as Siri and Alexa, enabling you to issue out commands. You, therefore, save so much time and get help performing multiple tasks concurrently.

Besides, you don’t need a major in computer science because you need to write zero codes. If knowing that does not boost your confidence using the fantastic tool, I don’t know what will.

Using IFTTT is a breeze, even for beginners. Sign up using your email address, Google account, or Facebook, and you get started.

Once you have an account, use your user interface to create commands your devices will follow. A rule is called an applet. 

You will have ample guidelines for creating applets such as automating happy birthday messages for your friends on Facebook.

Finally, some relaxation for a mom wondering how should I organize my life in 2020.

3. 24me app


On the list of five best organization apps for moms is 24me, another smart assistant.  A tool that completes tasks for you and wades off procrastination.

24me offers a platform for you to manage your internet-based tasks, daily schedules, and tasks all in one place.

Signing up for this app is easy; you can even use your Facebook account. Once you have a user account, you need to grant it access to your calendar, contacts, and current location. Sounds like a little too much?

Well, in turn, the smart assistant organizes your schedule automatically, completes tasks, and setting up reminders lest you forget about important stuff. For instance, you will be on time to make an important call.

The smart assistant allows you to add Email, Text, Call, and Meetings. But as much as there is no much room to stretch that functionality, the app does its job excellently.

Even better, you can sync all your devices so that you know what you should be doing wherever you are. Also, 24me is among the best organization apps for Android, as well as IOS versions.

4. LastPass

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How many times did you try to log into your Google account, and you could not remember your password? You could write your passwords in your diary, but what if it gets stolen? The thief would have found a treasure to plunder.

 Among the five best organization apps is LastPass. As the name suggests, you need just one last crazy strong password, and you are to go. You get a secure place for all your passwords, bank account details, and other personal data like your insurance policy.

How does this app function? You need to create an account using your email address. Next, you need to create a master password that is hard to guess for anyone with ill intentions.

To help you out, you have a password generator that automates a password that is either easy to read or easy to write. If you don’t want to create a password of your own, you can use the sample you get for it is safe.

Besides, you can create a password you can’t forget from your favorite motivational quote or a line from a song you love. Pick the first letters of the words and add a few numerals, and you have a password you won’t forget.

From then on, you can use auto-login using browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Even when you need to fill in forms, this magical app will do all the heavy lifting.

 The app allows you to set up Emergency Access for your trusted person if something happens to you and they need to access your personal information. For instance, your partner or children may need to follow up on your money.

Other brilliant qualities include accepting face and fingerprint authentication and telling you what passwords you have that are weak and need changing.

5. Budget Boss

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Writing a budget is not glamorous, but you can’t survive the 21st century without a reasonable budget. Otherwise, you end up with an empty wallet ten days into a new month. Not when you have children to raise. 

What makes Budget Boss one of the five best organization apps is simplifying budgeting. The app relies on manual input, where you set up your budget. Budget Boss uses the information to predict your balance and a graph representation of your spending. 

You fill out daily expenses, and that way, you can monitor where your money is going. The long-term benefits include; the app shows you what financial future you are building. That is, if you save a certain amount of money monthly in a year, you will have committed an X amount of money.

Besides, you have a calendar app integration that allows you to set reminders when bills are due. Not to mention the password lock that enables you to keep your financial information only known to you.

Final Words

Technology has worked against humanity in many ways on the ugly side. On the beautiful side, lives become much more manageable. And organizational apps are evidence of how to be motivated getting things done.

When you get the right apps, they track your spending, help you organize your schedule, and keep your personal information safe. And since getting things done feels good, you can’t pass on such magical tools.

With the five best organization apps, you have somewhere to get started. Be a smart mom by making your life easier.

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