21 Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity as a Busy Mom

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Life is already busy, especially for working moms.

It’s so busy that we often lose sight of the big picture.

How do you pause the never-ending cycle of juggling between chores and work – and still feel you aren’t achieving much?

Take time now and create habits that’ll help you make maximum use of your time to and unleash your inner mom bliss.

1. Shift your mindset

Change your mindset

Are you always thinking about how busy you are? How little time you have? Or how frazzled you are.

I do. And the more I think about it, the more I feel overwhelmed.

Here’s the thing. This kind of thinking only stresses you out more. Too much stress depletes your excitement and motivation for work.

From now on, shift your mindset to one of abundance. Instead of worrying about how much you have to do, just say to yourself something like this… 

I have all the time I need to do what is most important to me.”

It’s all about focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t have. It’s about having a gratitude mindset daily.

Consider having a gratitude journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can even use a notebook and paper or an app on your phone where you write down three things you are grateful for.

Having a grateful attitude is 100% a life gamechanger.

2.Begin with the end in mind

There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency, something that should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker

Always begin with the end in mind. It means to begin each task, day or project with a clear vision of your desired result. Then continue exercising your proactive muscles to make things happen.

Your goal could be health, financial, organizational, relationships or vacation. Whatever your goal, have a clear picture of what you want your end product to look like.

3. Plan to become an ultra-productive mom


We have laid the foundation for becoming a productive mom. Now it the golden moment to hit the ground running.

Prepare ahead of time, have all your tools to go, and make most of your precious time.

How do you do this?

Create a simple action planner to run to when you need to keep track of your activities. 

4.Set smart goals

Setting annual goals is fantastic, but let’s be realistic as a mom on the go. You likely don’t have time to give that much advance thought.

Instead, think of your goals as 12-week goals. What do you want to achieve in the next 12 weeks or 4 weeks…whatever is practical to you?

Make 2-3 goals or if you can set 3-5 goals that are a top priority and doable.

5. Make a list of productive go to tasks.

Lists help direct your energy and remind you of the must-dos.

Lists also enable you to organize and group like tasks. 

For example, if you want to email several people, you can schedule that in one block of time instead of at different times.

6. Set 3-5 Specific Goals for the Day

Why is this important?

Trying to achieve too much might disappoint you when you don’t. Having 3-5 specif goals for the day (including one top goal) is reasonable.

However, don’t set broad goals such as redoing your website.

Refer to your smart goals list, pick one and break it down into more bite-sized chunks.

That way, it’s more reasonable and more likely to be less overwhelming. 

Clearly show how multiple tasks keep moving you forward towards your big goal, and remember to prioritize them.

7. Work on top priorities first.

What if you have a long to-do list? 

While it feels good to check off several things as done, don’t do it.

Focus on your priorities first. In your to-do list, identify those tasks you must do no matter what. Make sure every task you prioritize helps you move a step closer to your overall goal.

For example, I have set the main goal to have at least 20 posts on my blog in the next 20 days. My small daily goal would be to publish at least 1 article no matter what. One blog post takes me about 2-3 hours, so it’s manageable. 

That way, if nothing else gets done, this one bog goal is still done. 

It might be a shift of what you think, but part of productivity is being efficient with your time and ensuring key projects and goals are still done.

8. Define your focus

We all have seasons in life, and we need to plan our goals around that season. 

For example, there may be a time when your kids are your number one or your business, health or spiritual. Whatever it is, it’ll likely demand sacrifices and trade-offs.

So the clearer you get with your goals and set priorities, the more comfortable it becomes with some trade-offs.

Ultimately, clarifying your focus will be your monthly, weekly, and daily guide in making decisions.

9. Find your “golden hours” to skyrocket your productivity.

Quiet moments are golden, so you better spend them intensionally. Those are the hours you can focus on your work.

Are you struggling to know how you spend your 24 hours a day? 

Go pen and paper and write down each activity, starting time to keep an effective activity log.

You can track the entire day or just time you spend working for your home-based business.

10. Recruit your little ones to help

Recently I realized I was doing everything for my kids – even those they could do for themselves.

I started introducing small tasks and they shocked me with how much they could do

Introducing age-appropriate tasks builds independence and confidence in your child. It is also a huge help to you. I was delighted to discover my 5-year-old was capable of bathing and dressing, cleaning surfaces and much more.

Even your little ones starting at age 1-3 can begin to help you with things like picking toys and putting them away safely. Putting clean spoons away or dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

The earlier you get your kids helping, the faster they’ll learn and the more help you get. Plus, kids love to be included and to help. You also get to spend time with them and enjoy learning new things and mastering new tasks.

11. Make the little ones busy so you can work.

While you can get them to help you with some tasks, you can also keep them busy in a child-proof environment, so you don’t need to watch them all the time.

My kids know they don’t get to use laptops until after 4 pm. And while on their laptops watching their favourite cartoons, I’m almost sure they won’t get “creative” around the house. All I need to do is lock the kitchen door with a key and keep it away.

You can also keep them busy with coloring and doing other creative stuff.

In our FREE Library, you will also find over 200 magical Unicorn Coloring Pages.

12. Batch your time

Avoid going back and forth between activities because you spend a lot of mental energy. Instead, do them in blocks of time.

Batching helps you schedule time for essential tasks in your business. For example, have time dedicated to client work. Schedule time to talk to clients or respond to their emails. Take up some house chores, kids’ activities, your studies etc.

Spend an hour brainstorming blog post ideas, then another hour drafting an outline, two hours drafting, one-hour creating graphics and 30 minutes scheduling on social media.

Do you get the point?

13. Clever mom multitasking

This one is my favourite. 

Find ways to sneak in work while mommying. For example, you can listen to a podcast while doing dishes or cooking. I always boil cereals while doing other house chores or working or check social media while my little ones are bathing.

Check if your phone has a voice-to-text feature or install a dictating app. Then you can record a draft for a blog post or brainstorm ideas on the go. Google Keep is another feature you can explore. Check it out. It’s free and can do more than recording your voice to text.


14. Ask for help

Don’t be shy to ask for help. You can ask anyone around you to help with kids as you rest or work on something.

Some tasks require skills, and maybe you think you don’t have the budget to outsource.

A few weeks ago, I embarked on an aggressive path to launch my blog and eCommerce store. I was overwhelmed sooner than I thought. I couldn’t delegate any of these to anyone unless they have online marketing skills.

Thankfully my niece, a first-year student, was more than willing to help with basic stuff. So I shared resource materials I was using with setting up the eCommerce store. That was a big chunk of virtual assistant tasks off my plate.

I plan to put her on a pay as soon as the business is stable.

So help is always around you. You only need to ask.

15. Establish a system and routines to save time and brainpower

We have specific places we keep stuff. It makes it easy for anyone to find them, especially in the morning.

You can also create a system or routine for specific tasks you do daily, weekly or monthly such as laundry, dusting, filling etc. My kids know their routine; wake up, take breakfast, brush teeth, bath, make beds, help mom clean up, read, then play and watch come later.

Routines create more ease, enabling you to be more productive.

16. Embrace technology

Technology makes our work easier. 

Check out for productivity and time management such as the Pomodoro, budgeting apps, digital planners, Evernote, Dropbox and much more. 

These tools are there to help you achieve more. 

17. Accept seasons of life with all its merits.

It’s not a piece of cake to raise little ones while growing a home business. It’s a demanding job, so give yourself grace and accept that in this season, things will not be perfect.

At least not everything all the time. There are times the house will get messy and will take time to clean up. You have a choice to make. Will you choose an immaculate looking house over your happy, creative kids?

I let my kids play, but they also know they have to clean up after play.

So, don’t lose sight of the important things you can’t get back. Stop and smell the roses, as that’s something your little champ is excellent at.

So learn from them and enjoy your time together.

18. Self-care helps with productivity.

As moms, we’re wired to meet everyone else’s needs and forgetting our own naturally. We are always doing it all, always on the go.

But we also have to take care of ourselves and meet your own needs.

Selfcare doesnt have to be a weekly visit to the spa. It can be a simple as making sure your family eats healthy food, taking time to exercise, get enough sleep, and drink enough water.

Today, I discovered www.calm.com. Check it out. Its mission is to bring calm to your chaos.

19. Set aside 20-30 minutes daily to give your kids more focused attention

As a busy mom, all you want is to get things done, and the last thing on your mind is playing with kids.

However, I have discovered something. Taking a little bit of time during the day to give my kids undivided attention to play with, snuggle, eat breakfast together, colouring fills their love tanks.

It launches them into a broad span of playing happily by themselves.

They feel loved and learn values as well – which is most mom’s priority. Right? You also get a window of opportunity to get some work done as your kids play without you.

20. Schedule time to rest and have fun

Okay, this one is difficult for me. I hardly make time to rest.

But here’s the thing.

If we continually push ourselves too hard, we become less productive and likely become grumpy.

More and more work becomes counterproductive. According to research, people who work long hours are likely to make more mistakes have poor interpersonal communication, and get less done.

Limit your work, and take time to rest and enjoy life. You’ll find yourself more energized and able to do more.

Plus, you’ll always have something fun to look forward to.

21. Sleep better, work better.

Moms with toddlers and or newborns hardly find enough sleep. It could be a toddler refusing to lay down, or having to wake up often or late night feeds with a baby and so on.

What do you do?

Instead of fighting it, go with the flow and use the time you’re awake for. Grab your phone and spend some time listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, reading a book, or taking a course you recently bought on Udemy or wherever.

I do most of my reading and research at night.

But wait, productivity should be your goal.

We have looked at all productivity tips busy moms can implement to skyrocket their performance.

However, productivity shouldn’t be your primary goal. 

Adam Grant says, “A better option is attention management: Prioritize the people and projects that matter, and it won’t matter how long anything takes.”

Remember that as much as we all love to be more productive, it is meaningless. Focus on your true priorities and limit the non-essentials. You’ll get more done of what truly matters most.

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