17 Super Indoor Play for Kids Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Indoor Play for Kids

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A day indoors for most people is total bliss. They sleep in, raid the fridge for forbidden food. They have a whole day in pajamas thinking about how wonderful life is. And without disruptive calls from work. 

Dads can afford such a day but not moms. Your little munchkins will be knocking on your door as soon as you snooze your alarm to get a few winks.  You need to regain your motivation but first, do you have a plan for the day that includes the kids? After breakfast, will you sit on the couch and stare at each other all day? 

What are indoor activities you can have? If you have none, the kids will get bored and moody in no time. The stuff they do will drive you insane. Your throat will dry from too much yelling.

But, other than spend the whole day wishing your kids were at school or daycare, you can turn the day around. Even when outside it’s all chilly and gloomy, you can have a fuzzy, warm day inside. 

And, you don’t need to spend tons of money, only a little creativity to have excellent indoor play for kids

Check out the list of indoor games and activities we have put together for you. You won’t know what fun activity to start to try out first. 

How Do I Get My Kids Active Indoors?

A mom’s biggest concern is how to cut on-screen time for their kids. They want to find an indoor play for kids that is as exciting as video games to keep them active. Besides, the activities help in children’s motor development and stimulate their brains. 

Try Indoor Games for Kids

If you can’t go outside to play, you should bring the outside inside the house! And the best part about the games, you can join the kids and have some fantastic bonding sessions.

person standing at kitchen

1. Play Hide and Seek- Kids will love to hide in the house in places they think nobody will find them. Have somebody close their eyes as everybody else goes into hiding—the first person to be located counts next.

2.  Put together a scavenger hunt- Engage your kids in a thrilling activity of finding treasures around the house. Leave clues for them to trace goodies you hide all over the place. And, well, you can join in the hunt or organize your freezer because the activity will last a while.

3. Play word games- Take turns at mentioning words that start with a particular letter, and the person who gets the most words correct is declared the winner.

4. Play indoor bowling- Do you have some water bottles you intend to use some time? You just found something to do with them, a perfect indoor play activity– bowling. 

Clear some space and arrange the bottles at one end of the room. Have your children take turns using a ball to take off the bottles.

5.  Tape games- You have a roll of duct tape somewhere in the house? Use the duct tape to make shapes such as squares and triangles on the floor. Have your children hop from one figure to the other without their feet touching outside.

You can also smear glue on a surface and let your children enjoy throwing objects to see what item sticks on and what does not.

brown balloon painting

6. Balloon games-  No child would cry for getting a balloon from Santa any day!  Create one of the most impressive indoor games for kids using the amusement balloons bring.

Inflate a balloon, place it between your kid’s legs and ask them to walk across a room. If you have many kids, make the game a race to see who gets across the room first.

Alternatively, you can hang the balloon where your child can’t reach it without jumping. You’ll keep the child amused as they burn the energy too.

Besides, you can tie the inflated balloon’s mouth with a thread and let your child walk around floating it in the air. Before the balloon gets punctured, you will have done some pressing chore.

Kids Creative Activities at Home

Children’s thoughts are often fantasies pulled out of a dream world. They have minds rich in imagination and love exploring new things. Not to mention experimenting, how else do you explain why they wear your make up, for example?

To keep them occupied and stimulate their thoughts, you got a ton of activities to try out.

1. Draw shapes- Have your child draw interesting shapes using objects at home. For example, to draw a circle, your child can trace along the bottom of a soup bowl. Let the child trace the shape of objects of their choice.

2.  Write letters-  Letter writing is considered outdated, but that does not make it a lesser indoor play activity for kids. Your children are away from most of their family members, such as grandparents. You can’t even visit them the lousy weather outside.

Therefore, as the storm rages outside, let your children take writing pads and write what they want to family members who are far. If your child is too small to write, let them tell you their message, and you write it for them.

Remember to put the letters in the mailbox. Soon, grandma will be calling all excited about the three-sentence message.

3. Make a collage- A tremendous indoor play for kids is making their gallery. Get a batch of your old magazines and let the kids cut out photos they find cool. Help them stick these photos on a plain surface using glue.

Frame the art they make and have some wall decoration for the bedroom.

4. Fix something in the kitchen– Children find what goes on in the kitchen as very interesting. However, most moms never let the children spend much time in the kitchen.

Invite your child to the kitchen to help you bake a cake or even add pizza topping. Supervise their every move in the kitchen.

5. Have a science experiment- Conduct simple experiments with your child and watch them stay glued through the whole process. For example, you can immerse an egg into a cup of vinegar and watch the shell dissolve leaving a ‘naked’ egg.

Other Fun Indoor Activities at Home

Fantastic stay at home kid activities involve having a lovely time infused with lessons. However, when you engage in calorie burning and creative activities, you may want to sit down and relax.

1. Host a tea party- After several play activities during the day, let your children bathe and dress up for a tea party. Host the party at your dining table, but you can all pretend to be somewhere far away from the house. girl reading book

2. Reading aloud- for children who love listening to stories, you have a perfect opportunity to read out their favorite storybooks as they sit and listen.

3. Listen to an audiobook- If for some reason you don’t want to read aloud, you have a way around that. Get a good audiobook and snuggle on the couch as you listen to the events of the story.

4. Engage in brain teasers– Let someone kick start the game by telling a brain teaser they know and engage everybody in finding an answer. If nobody can get the answer after everybody tries at least twice, the person who gave the teaser should answer.

5. Catch food- Have a bowl of popcorns and let everybody engage in trying to catch the food with the mouth. Whoever catches the most kernels wins the game.

6. Watch a movie or family show- When you stay indoors for prolonged periods at some point, you will have to watch television. Therefore, choose a film that every family member loves and sit down for some quiet screen time.  

Final Thoughts

With indoor play for kids, there is nothing like what is the best indoor game. All you need to do is find out what your kids love most, and you get going.

You are stuck inside, but you don’t have to be miserable. Find a way to enjoy being so much inside during winter that you won’t miss the sun in the summer. And if you do miss the sun, you will have memorable winter moments.

Kids at a young age are easy to keep amused and excited. You don’t have to break the bank to get expensive toys. On the contrary, free indoor game activities like the ones we have discussed above will result in the excitement you are looking to get.

Turn your home into a hub of fun activities without much effort and banish cabin fever from your house with indoor play activities. Maintain your sanity through the stay-in period.

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