150 Inspirational Bullet Journal Monthly Spread (Jan- Dec)

150 Inspirational Bullet Journal Monthly Spread (Jan- Dec)

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Keeping a bullet journal is one of the fantastic ways to keep your planning in full force throughout the year. And one of the best ways to keep your bullet journal exciting and fresh is by creating inspirational bullet journal monthly spreads 2020. 

Bullet journal monthly spreads are an opportunity to try out new tricks, practice your lettering skills, drawing skills, and exciting yourself for the month ahead.

Here are 150 bullet journal monthly spread ideas to help you get started with your journaling journey.

But first….

What is a monthly spread?

A bullet journal monthly spread or monthly log is an overview of your month’s goals at a glance, then add them to your weekly spreads as you go.

So, what goes in a monthly spread bullet Journal? Or what should a monthly spread include? 

Usually, you set it up using two pages where you write down specific events and tasks. You also plan for your goals and focus for the month. A monthly bullet journal is customizable – meaning you can remove what doesn’t work for and retain what works.

What to include in the monthly spread

The purpose of a monthly spread is to give you a brief overview of your goals and tasks coming up for the month and when you’re free to schedule more tasks as you progress.

And a Washi Tape is one of the simplest but effective ways to make your bullet journal monthly spreads look stunning – even if you are not artsy.

How to start a bullet journal in the middle of the year

Bullet journaling has no specific time or date you should start. You can even start a bullet journal in the middle of the year, mid-month, or even mid-week. When you start a bullet journal doesn’t really matter because you are starting on a blank notebook.

Let’s now look at some ideas you’ll find inspirational.

Inspirational bullet journal monthly spread ideas for 2020

January bullet journal monthly themes you need to try

January is magical, signifies a fresh start, and provides an excellent February opportunity to look at your goals and make bigger plans. 

Here are some of the inspirational bullet journal monthly spread ideas for January.

1. Create your year in pixels @passioncarnets 

Make the create your year in pixels bullet journal your ultimate bullet journal monthly mood tracker

2. Get your Disney fix @julia.pezowicz 

With the launch of Disney, every modern mom has Disney on her brain, so you may as well embrace it in your January bullet journal setup!

3. Get spirited away this January @dreamowler

4. Create a master plan

5. Focus on the cover page @constancechel

Creating a beautiful cover page will ensure you are excited to be productive every time you open your journal!

6. Reach for the stars @journalwithkate

Look to the stars for inspiration and create a beautiful moon bullet journal setup!

7. Embrace the Frost @bujotrulla

Christmas may be over, but winter is going to stick around for a while. Embrace the cold weather with a wintery January spread.

8. Go simple and beautiful @journautical

9. Move to a cabin in the woods @begumjournals

Do you ever dream of living in a cabin in the woods? You’ll absolutely love this January page cover.

10. Make a level 10 life

See how far you have grown from the previous year.

11. Simpler vertical layout @thejournaltea

February bullet journal themes

February is that month you can awfully get sick of winter, but it’s also a month that can pass by without thinking of Valentine’s Day.

It’s a month things get to settle down after the excitement of the new year.

These bright and cheerful bullet journals monthly ideas are perfect for looking at what important dates you have ahead.

12. Embrace the love in the air @blackandwhitebullet

13. Make this month a gem @kenna.creates

Make your February unique and delightful

14. Go crazy with colors @little_coffee_fox

15. Show yourself, love, with a cherry @tiffany_studies

16. Create a cute scene with hedgehogs @shaynechan

17. Create a wreath @wildeyesbujo

18. Send a love letter @littleolivebujo

19. Use stickers and washi to spice it up @kristensplanner

20. Use pastels @seed_successful_you

21. Add some cute doodles @eliana.journals

March Inspirational bullet journal ideas – prepare for spring (2020)

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you see all the fantastic bullet journal layouts online. Haven’t you so far?

The truth is that you can create effective and beautiful bullet pages with nothing more than a few of your favorite pens.

Also, take this opportunity to look at your new year goals and see how far you are coming along. Then adjust and correct, so you keep on building your best year ever.

22. Look for new dawn @little_coffee_fox

23. Enjoy some breakfast @juliannedoodles

24. The most fabulous coffee in the universe @_coffeeandsarcasm_

25. Take a stroll through the jungle @bujo__gram

26. Flower-themed March bullet journal @star_journals

27. Minimalist touch of green @bujobeyond

27. Draw inspiration from the mundane @amy.Studies

28. Cute little doodles @doodledaydarlings

29. Add a few prickly cactuses @conbdebujo

30. Black and white @wolkenmeere

April bullet journal themes to brighten your month

Making your pages bright and cheerful is such a mood lifter. These spreads are perfect for inspiration.

31. Float away this month @bulletsandconfetti

32. Embrace the rain @bujokellyy

33. Create a digital bullet journal @little_coffee_fox

34. Inspirational flower theme @wildeyesbujo

35. Look to the clouds @productivedoodling

36. Plant your garden @saricastudio

37. Minimalist black and white @supermassiveblackink

Sometimes doing less can create stunning results.

38. Love for cherry blossoms @bujotrulla

39. Hello April- Simple and welcoming @bu.journal.love

40. Use stickers @planningwithkay

May bullet journal themes to inspire you

The warm sunshine has returned, the bees are a buzzin’, and flowers are popping up everywhere. It’s time to bust out your sunglasses, find your flip flops, and start creating some fabulous May bullet journal spreads!

Here is a boatload of inspiration to get your wheels turning.

Remember to add inspirational quotes to your spreads. They are fantastic for inspiring you to achieve great things.

41. Dance into spring @dreamowler

42. Give alternative setups a try @busymombliss

43. A koi pond @Tiffany_Studies

44. Don’t overthink it @enbinguyens

45. Get funky @Little Coffee Fox

46. Bee ready for may @littleolivebujo

47. Celebrate sunny days @ginger.Bullet.Journal

48. Beautiful pink skyline @journalwithkate

49. May flowers @thejournaltea

50. Get dramatic with your flowers @shaynechan

June bullet journal incredible ideas to try

A Monthly Mantra is perfect for making sure you are focusing on the things you want each month.

They could be helping you reach a goal, break a habit, or boost your self-confidence.

51. Create a blanket of blooms @cynthiabujo

52. Get nostalgic @silva.and.bold

53. Spritz up your month with a dash of citrus @@study__ren

54. Funky unicorn with a whimsical and bubbly illustration @Mashaplans

55. Fly away @izstudying

56. Colorful and sleek @flourish.and.blobs

57. Dump perfect @littlemissrose

58. Dream big @bujoabby

60. Sweet like summer @yay.bujo.ing

July bullet journal ideas worth stealing

Wow! These bullet journals monthly logs really make an impact! Perfect for a summer bullet journal monthly spread or even a calendar for your next summer vacation.

61. Go to the beach @plansthatblossom

62. Bring the heat @fenkesjournal

63. You are a star @seed_successful_you

64. Elegant July bullet journal  @casually.created

65. Use your melon @bujo.by.lo

66. Pastel pop @bujoncoffee

67. Keep it simple @the.petite.planner

68. Line the way @conbdebujo

69. Celebrate the bright side of life with a full-blown yellow [email protected]avaguavastudies

70. Lemon tree @dailydotssk

August bullet journal monthly cover pages that’ll blow your mind

There isn’t a great deal of purpose behind the bullet journal cover page. It just works as a nice break between months for easy navigation during a flip through.

71. Candy cart bullet journal cover @via mint.And.åMont.Bujo

72. Under the sea-inspired bullet journal cover @bujowithanne

73. Augusti floral cover page @plannerbynia

74. Ice cream bullet journal cover @bullet.Journal.France

75. Sundae’s and ice cream august cover @vanessajournals

76. Peachy august bullet journal cover @ A Bujo Girl

77. Minimalist bullet journal august cover @booksandlala

78. Feathers august bullet journal cover @my.Life.In.A.Bullet

79. Friends inspired August bullet journal [email protected] MXZDesigns

79. Butterfly august bullet journal cover @emma studies

80. Flying balloons august cover @seedsuccessfulyou

September bullet journal spreads

81. Get foxy in your September bullet journal

A watercolored fox September bullet journal welcome page

82. Dive in with aquatic creatures

A aquatic themed monthly calendar with an octopus and fishes

83. Try a different facet of the natural world

A bullet journal monthly with crystals and mushrooms lining the top

84. Wreaths rock

A simple bullet journal theme using wreaths

85 leafy layers

86. Flower power

A flower themed calendar page open on table with materials strewn around it.

87. Get campy

A camping bullet journal theme that can easily be a September bullet journal theme

88. Look to the stars

A watercolor space scene used on a calendar

89. Find a firefly forest

july 2018 monthly setup - fireflies in the woods

90. Layer up the color

A watercolor bullet journal using many layers of red, orange, and blue

91. Box it in

A September Bullet Journal theme using watercolor in the calendar boxes

92. Dots on dots

A pink rose monthly theme

93. Make gold marbling

A bullet journal monthly layout with a watercolor background and gold veins

94. Splash it up

September bullet journal using splashes of watercolor

95. Make a watery backdrop

A bullet journal with a simple watercolor background

96. Celebrate labor day

A patriotic bullet journal spread

97. Keep it minimalist

A minimalist bullet journal layout open on a table.

October bullet journal themes to have a spooky good time

September winding down and October around the corner means it’s time to pull out your cozy sweaters, pick out a pumpkin or two, and absorb some of the magical October vibes. 

So grab your bullet journal and favorite pens, because you’re about to see a lot of autumn-inspired October bullet journal themes that will knock your socks off!

98. Embrace those coffee vibes @fenkesjournal

99. Keep it simple @bujoabby

100. Try something sweet @bujowithe

101. Get witchy @seasonjours

102. Enjoy the changing of the seasons @seed_successful_you

102. Enjoy being spooky @jashiicorrin

103. Smell the apple pie @chocmusings

103. Pumpkin picking @littlemissrose

103. Halloween @planningwithkay

104. Capture nature’s beauty @journalwithkate

105. Look to the moon @theplannerdlife

106. Write on the leaves @eliana.Journals

107. Keep it black and white @supermassiveblackink

November bullet journal cover pages

108. Embrace the fall colors @katykatehadfield

109. Give it a light touch of purple @lettersbycarolina

110. Autumn colors @bujoncoffee

111. Make it a super month @b.Bulletjournal

112. Add some simple leaves @adriennelovesletters

113. Have fun with stickers @maryberrystudio

114. Add a dutch door @little_coffee_fox

115. Have a gourd time @saricastudio

116. Black it out @casually.Created

117. Add lots of gold @little_coffee_fox

118. Get geometric with it @plslars

119. Practice your art @thejournaltea

120. Add a thankful quote @barbarahaegerart

December bullet journal ideas perfect for Christmas

Here are December Bullet Journal themes to put you in the Christmas spirit! Just read on to find the perfect idea to rock your Christmas Bullet Journal.

121. A cute doodle @bountifulcolours

122. Metallic bullet journal that sparkle @little_coffee_fox

123. Imagine living the cabin life @lolascraftjournal

124. Collect some Christmas doodles @little_coffee_fox

125. Let the snowflakes fall @plansthatblossom

126. Have yourself a candy cane @jen.Calligraphy

127. Add some frosty watercolors @suncerulean

128. Introduce a beautiful wreath @ginger.Bullet.Journal

129. Imagine a winter wonderland @little_coffee_fox

130. Reach for a gingerbread cookie @fenkesjournal

131. Entire gingerbread house.@nicole.josephinee

131. Light up your journal @january._Journal

132. Snowflakes @littlemissrose

133. Christmas ornaments @journalthoughlife

134. Relax in front of the fireplace @bujobeyond

135. Use berries to add dashes of color@juliannedoodles

136. Capture the winter’s natural beauty @isabelhoops

137. Look to the stars @enemesis_4

138. Capture a real-life scene @hayleyremdeart

139. Keep your colors simple @little_coffee_fox

140. GO ALL OUT WITH STARS @bujoandheart

141. Save your energy @contracrastination

142. Ignore the holidays @bujobyworld

143. Hang some ornaments @mylartsy

144. Turn it into a tracker @wolkenmeere

145. Enjoy the present @conbdebujo

146. Cute woodland creatures @bujo__gram

147. Go with a classic @my.Life.In.A.Bullet

148. Countdown to Christmas @plansthatblossom

149. Binge all of your favorite Christmas movies @bountifulcolours

150. Go old fashioned @isabelhoops

Create your perfect monthly spread

Are you a bullet journal monthly spread minimalist or maximalist?

Your bullet journal monthly spreads are a perfect opportunity to make your bullet journal inspiring.

I hope you loved all these bullet journal monthly spreads and they have inspired you to create your own layouts for the month.

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