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15 Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

15 Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

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As a work-at-home busy mom with toddlers, I love to find cleaning tips for busy moms like me. 

We all want clean homes. Right? But sometimes it’s not feasible. We’re raising kids, running errands and building a home business, and everything else life throws at us.

A clean home can quickly end up on the back burner, especially when you have tight deadlines.

While it’s easy to put house cleaning aside, it’s not the best idea. A clean home is always comfortable and happy.

These 15 house cleaning tips for busy moms will help you ensure your house stays tidy -even with little kids around.

1. Create a routine

A routine helps you plan your week better and get things done quickly. Print out my room by room cleaning list and use it to clean your house.

Here is a simple cleaning schedule

  • Monday – plan the week’s meals and clean out the fridge
  • Tuesday – Clean bathrooms
  • Wednesday – kitchen & bedrooms
  • Thursday – laundry 
  • Friday – floors & dusting
  • Saturday – Empty the garbage can
  • Sunday – Swing day/catch-up day

2. Declutter while you clean

Clutter can hinder your cleaning speed. So as you clean, pick up things, and put them away, or discard those you no longer need. I do that a lot with toys, especially broken ones.

3. Wash toys in the mesh bag

Toys can get grimy. Put them all in the mesh bag and into the washer/ They’ll come out clean all clean in no time.

4. Make hydrogen peroxide your cleaning buddy

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent multi-purpose fluid. You can use it to clean windows, mirrors, and toilets. You can also spray it on sores and cuts.

5. Use your vacuum

Use a volume instead f sweeping the floor to save lots of time.

6. Clean your iron

Has your iron become back and scorching your clothes? Use it on the steam setting and iron slat to clean it off quickly.

7. Clean out water stains fast

Do you have a problem with water stains? Cut a few lemons in half and rub them on stained areas. Give the lemon acid time to work and rinse off everything.

8. Clean the garbage disposal cans

Use an old toothbrush to clean your garbage disposal can. Finish it off with sprinkles of lemon juice for a fresh smell.

9. Clean your oven

Put a layer of baking soda in your empty oven and sprinkle it with some vinegar. You can be doing something else while it soaks, then comes back to it, and you should wipe it off quickly.

10. Clean your wood

If your busy littles got a little marker on your wooden floor, just dab toothpaste on it and scrub it off.

11. Clean your carpet

If your carpet is stained with any protein, spray it with peroxide. Use clear Windex on tougher stains. Place a towel over it and slightly iron it until it clears.

12. De-grim your air vents

Air vents are hard to clean, in fact hardly remembered. But it’s crucial to clean them for your home safety.

Put a towel on your butter knife and use it to wipe in between the air vent for an easy clean.

13. Clean as you go

Avoid leaving everything to do all at once in one day. You’ll get so tired and won’t be able to do it all. So clean and tidy as you go. You can have each day of the week dedicated to a specific room or item for maximum productivity.

14. Be gracious to yourself.

Having a perfect home is ideal but not always necessary. Prioritize and do what you can. If you fall behind your schedule, that’s okay; tomorrow is another day to start- all over again.

15. Involve your kids and other people

Look here mama… you’re not a superwoman. Ask your kids or other people around the house to help with some chores. Don’t feel stuck when you can ask for help.

I hope you enjoyed reading the spring cleaning tips for busy moms. 

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Remember to let us know the cleaning tips you use as a busy mom in the comments section below.