13 Laundry Room Organization Ideas That Make Your Life Easier

Laundry Room Organization Ideas

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Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Nothing boosts your confidence, like wearing clean clothes. You can’t help taking a second to sniff the scent of your fabric softener off them. So refreshingly clean!

However, your heart drops when you remember that laundry is piling every time you wear your clean clothes. Not just yours but your partner’s and the kids. And oh, your pets’ too!

You can’t ignore a full hamper of dirty laundry because whoever long you will take; you will finally have to get into the laundry room and make the clothes clean again.

Then comes the part where you need to fold the clean clothes and neatly store them in the closet. And week after week, you go through this torturous routine. 

But have you considered laundry room organization ideas that will spice the gloomy chore, at least? No mom wants to pass on some hacks that will make her life more comfortable. 

Read on and discover a ton of simple yet practical solutions for your laundry room.

Laundry Room Organization System

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Systems run institutions such as schools and homes. Moms are in charge of a home, and they know for everything to function; they need budgets, schedules, morning and evening routines, and so on.

Thus, enjoying doing your laundry more has everything to do with putting in place a system. Have a laundry day, have a proper way to sort out clothes. And yes, get into details of planning your laundry room.

1. Do Something About the Ironing Board

Say hello to something you need so much, should be somewhere easy to reach, but you don’t know where to place it. But not anymore.

A brilliant laundry room idea is storing your iron board in the space between the washer and the dryer. That way, you can conveniently fish it out, set it up, and when you are done, you tuck it away. 

2. Make Wall Storage Space

A storage spot for brushes and brooms in your laundry room helps you do your laundry faster. You won’t spend a minute of your time rummaging through stuff looking for your blue lint roller. 

Therefore, make a pegboard and find a spot for all your items.

3. Have A Laundry Guard

Has your favorite blouse gone MIA, and you can’t explain where you lost it between the laundry room and your bedroom?

And then, when you decide to get a new washer, you discover your blouse behind the old washer, all dusty and forgotten.  You have an assortment of other clothing there too.

Get a laundry guard to help you out, so you don’t accumulate some unwanted mess unknowingly. Pot, Glass, Desktop, Container, Jar

4. Make A Soap Station

Liquid detergents are notorious for dripping and staining your counter surfaces, so you keep wiping endlessly.

However, you can stop that with one of the laundry room organization ideas of making soap dispensers. 

 First, assign a convenient place in your laundry room for the detergents. Kick the organization a notch higher by pouring the detergents in cans with taps, so you dispense what you need and close the tap. 

5. Have More Hanging Space

 Organize your laundry room by installing rods and racks on the wall. You will have an ideal place to air dry your clothes that need that.

 Also, you have a suitable position to steam the clothes that need steaming.

Alternatively, you can mount a drying rack and utilize the wall space sitting empty but useful. black and white polka dot basket

6. Place A Hamper Close By

You hate reminding your children to place their dirty socks in the rightful place. But countless times, you end up collecting some lone dirty socks everywhere in the house.

How about putting a colorful hamper in your laundry room? You will never get an “I did not know where the hamper was” anymore.  And the bonus, you have added a useful room décor.

7. Have A 3 In One Laundry Hamper

Laundry room organization ideas are about reducing your workload in brilliant ways. Think of a laundry hamper that helps you presort your clothes before cleaning day.

An example is a hamper with compartments labeled DARKS, COLORS, and WHITES. When your clothes are in different compartments, you can even play a game of loading the washer with your eyes closed. You sure will enjoy the laundry day more!

8. Brighten the Room 

Room décor brings serenity to a room. And you keep wondering what colors are suitable for a laundry room.

You feel like staying much longer in a colorful room. But, I bet you have never read your favorite book in your laundry room. You can spice up the dull room because, like it or not, you have to get in there.

Have a picture of your pet displayed on the wall or anything else you like. You can also slot a place for a chart to remind you at what temperature you set the washer for a particular type of clothes.

 You don’t want to run the washer at normal, hot for your red and purple clothes.

9. A Landing Zone Is a Must-Have

Since pockets are great for putting anything and everything, the laundry room is the place they are discovered.

Where do you place the already used ticket stubs, change, or even the paper with a phone number someone gave you? Do you stop midway to go to your room and place the coins in your purse? Too much work.

Whip out one of the brilliant laundry room organization ideas. Have a jar out of reach for your small kids to put everything in if you want less clean up time for you. After you are done with the laundry, you can empty the landing station.

Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

You have so many things to find a space to store in your laundry room, but you don’t know where to find the space. You think shelves are a great choice, and yes, that’s genius! Time to find out how to organize laundry room storage cabinets.

 10. Have A Slim Cart 

Not everybody has a large laundry room with plenty of space. You keep asking, “How can I maximize my small laundry room?”  Well, a slim, tall rolling cart is one of the best laundry room ideas for you.

You will not only have ample storage space but also make the tiny space you have work.

11. Reverse Low Built-In Storage

Most times, when you have not built the house you live in, you won’t get all the specifications you want. And you are likely to have tiny storage space in your laundry room.

Do you have to spend money to add to space? You can ask someone with carpenter skills to fix some shelves for you.

Alternatively, employ laundry room hacks. Bring in your old bookshelf or the closet you stopped using. You have readymade shelves, and when you decide you don’t need the shelves anymore, the closet or bookshelf goes back to where it was.

12.  Have Baskets and Bins

basketful of textiles

Baskets and bins are great for storage when you have shelves, especially for towels and rags that you need to fold and tack away. Inside a basket, they won’t collect any dust. So, stop asking how do I organize my laundry room cupboards and get yourself a pretty set of baskets.

A quick tip: Get the same type of baskets; they are more appealing and less hectic to store.

13. Labels Come in Handy

If you are going to use baskets and bins, you will need to label them. Labels let you know what is in a particular basket before you lift it off the shelf.

You won’t have to search through your shelves frantically, yet you took so much time folding and neatly tucking away everything.

Final Thoughts

Laundry day is not doomsday. To drink bitter herbs juice and eat leftover food because laundry ruined your day.

You can learn to enjoy the gloomy task by employing smart laundry room ideas because you have to do your laundry.

 No two ways around that. Unless there comes a fantasy era where clothes once are worn are thrown away, and clean new ones show up at the door.  

Until then, be a productive, happy mom who rocks at parenting and cuts through rocky chores, and still emerges smiling. You finish with the laundry and have a picnic for your boy or girl. Cool, right?

And no rocket science, just simple, practical laundry room organization ideas. Don’t wait any longer.