12 Easy Small Closet Organization Ideas to Try Now

Small Closet Organization Ideas

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Closets are not even a priority when organizing your house. Why? You close the doors, and the cabinet sits pretty. You are the only one who knows of the jungle therein.

Once you open the doors, everything sprawls to the ground. You have to search through this mess every day to get something to wear to work. 

 You wish you had more space, but no, you are stuck with your small closet. A closet that reminds you every time you open it that getting organized is an elusive dream.

But have you tried small closet organization ideas? Brilliant ideas that transform your closet into a darling that is as functional as you like.

How to Organize a Small Closet with Lots of Clothes

Everything has a capacity. If you have a two-liter water bottle, it will never hold three liters. And you are okay with that.

However, you are frustrated when your closet can’t hold your mountain of clothes, extra blankets and pillows, and a ton of pairs of shoes. 

Not to mention other things you pull out from in there that you have no idea how they got there. For instance, I once found a feeding bottle!

1. Time to Declutter

Before you ask the best way to organize a small closet, consider taking out what you don’t need. For instance, find an alternative storage place for your bedding and consider donating the clothes in good condition that you no longer wear.

Lesser items are less hectic to organize. Plus, what’s the use of keeping things you will never need? Let go.

2. Have A Donation Basket

Have you dressed up in the morning, and you did not like the reflection the mirror gives? The dress or top is not torn, alright, but the vibe the clothe had is gone.

 And you toss it back into the closet and get something else. You are building a tornado that will blow up in your face every time you throw back something you don’t want. 

A small closet organization hack is getting a basket to hold such clothes. When the basket gets full, give the items away—a sweet, simple way of banishing build-up from your closet.

3. Rotate Your Clothes 

You won’t need your bulky sweaters and hoodies during the summer. Likewise, you won’t have much use for hats, tank tops, and shorts during winter.

Or if you are pregnant or nursing, your clothes sizes change periodically. One of the best ways to organize a small closet is having a wardrobe with what you need at a specific time and season. 

4. Get A Free Standing Rack

Closet space may be limited, but you have some space for a rack in your room. Expanding your closet for more room is impractical but getting extra storage is not.

A free-standing rack has a rod just like the closet for hanging all the extra clothes you don’t know where to store. white long sleeve shirt hanging on black steel rack

5.  Add A Second Rail Rod

A closet is a simple structure with a rod and a shelf below.  You have hangers to hold your clothes on the rod while you use the frame as you like.

Other than trying to squeeze all your clothes on the single rod, add an extra one. They are cheap and easy to install. And they pay you back with the extra space you so much need.

6. Use pocket organizers

When you think of small closet organization ideas, think of space-saving. For example, you can buy a shoe or handbag organizer. Instead of letting your shoes litter the floor, you place each pair in a pocket and hang them in the closet.

Even better, you can use the pocket organizer for other things such as t-shirts and tops. Pocket organizers are transparent, enabling you to see what’s inside. You won’t have a difficult time retrieving what you want.

7. Add A Dresser

 A close look at your drawer will reveal unutilized space. No drawers, no nothing. You have room to make use of; your closet is not as small as you think, after all. 

Your answer to “how do I organize a small utility closet” is adding a dresser. A dresser is meant to hold all the items that don’t fit anywhere in your closet. For example, socks, what is their place in your wardrobe?

Designate each dresser drawer to a set of items, including your jewelry.

DIY Closet Organizers On a Budget

Organizing your closet does not have much to do with having a huge budget. Sometimes all you need is time, effort, and a few simple -to acquire items.

For example, you have a shoebox that you can throw into the trash can or keep and use it to store your socks or bangles.

8.  Utilize The Door Space

The closet door is a blank canvas you can utilize to bring order and organization inside your closet. You want space to hang your hats without messing up their shape? Or do you want someplace to hang your scarfs and belts?

Grab some adhesive shower hooks and stick them on the door and hang whatever you like. Remember to place items you regularly use, so you grab them and run to the door. You can’t miss the bus because you could not find your scarf.

9. Have Drawer Dividers 

What would happen if playgroup and grade one kids shared one classroom, yet they have different teachers and different activities? Well, that is a messed up situation.

 But guess what? When you have a closet where everything mixes with everything, you are in that exact situation. 

Therefore, consider drawer dividers for small closet organization ideas. Cut up a carton you have no use for and neatly make compartments in your drawers.

And what you have is space to store neatly small items such as ties, handkerchiefs, inner wears or watches, and earrings.

10. Make Your Own Scarf/ Belt Hanger

Some people will always find themselves at the scarf or belt section in the store. And over time, they amass these items, which is okay because everyone has a right to getting what makes them happy.

However, tangled up scarves and belts on the floor is a sour sight. You can never have an organized bedroom. So, how about making simple hangers that will hold your belts and scarf securely.

Get a glue gun, a hanger, and some shower curtain rings. Attach these rings on the hanger, and your scarfs and belts have a spot just for them.

hanged assorted-colored clothes in white cabinet

11. No Shelves, No Problem

To get the most out of your closet, you need to use compartments. An ideal DIY closet organizer idea is creating your shelves using bins, baskets, or large boxes.

 Other than folding your sweaters and place them on a shelf, you put them inside a box. You won’t even have to worry that the whole pile will topple to the floor. 

Consider using stackable boxes and baskets to get the most of all the available space. And don’t forget to label them too! Otherwise, you will have to take out all the boxes before you get to the one you want.

12. Repurpose Kitchen Supplies

Nothing feels better than finding a use for an item that sits idle collecting dust somewhere in the attic. Making DIY closet organizers on a budget makes you repurpose stuff.

 For example, a spice rack that hangs on the kitchen wall will be great for your closet wall—store all the small items you want. 


When you take the time to organize your closet, you are not wasting your time. You are bringing order and sanity into your life.  When you organize your freezer, you have an easier time making meals.  

When you organize your room, you get quality sleep. Plus, I don’t know anyone who loves to live in disarray, do you?

You experience immense peace, save time, and even are happy about inviting people to your home. A messy closet should not ruin your otherwise great life. You don’t have a walk-in closet, but you don’t need a bigger one with the right small closet organization ideas.

The time to get your closet in line is now. Schedule some time.

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