12 Best Giant Outdoor Games for Kids (for Birthdays & Summer)

Giant Outdoor games

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The exciting feeling of drawing the curtains and the sun rays kiss your forehead never grows old. Suddenly you feel like disrupting everything in your life and going away for like a month to bask in the sun at the beach.

Then you remember that you have overwhelming work tasks and a home to manage. Besides, your kids can’t stay away from school for a month. And then where will your dogs or cats be all that long, at the beach?  A complicated affair, right? 

But that does not mean you can’t enjoy the sun while it lasts. So, out go the indoor activities, and you have giant outdoor games for the kids and you.

Have fun in your grassy backyard, the park, and other outdoor spaces. Plus, the games bring life to birthdays, barbeque parties, and playdates like you’ve never seen.

Stick around as we share the most enjoyable games with you for the fun part of the year-sunny days.

Giant Board Games

 Board games are an ideal way to pass a cold winter morning when you have to stay indoors. You bond with your kids as you teach them some slick game moves.  During the summer, you plan to hold off these activities. 

But not when you can have jumbo outdoor games versions available.

green grass field near body of water during daytime

1. Checkers/ Chess

Playing chess or checkers is practical outside when you have a giant set. For a board game, use a checkered mat or table cloth. Alternatively, you can use sidewalk chalk to design a board with your kids. Not to forget, you can buy nylon boards that you fold easily and take back inside. 

 For younger kids, the amusement of moving around huge pieces will keep them occupied and entertained. So, you meet your goal of making them happy.

2.  Giant Snakes and Ladders

One of the best giant outdoor games for kids is the Giant Snakes and Ladders Game. Players progress in the game by ascending using a ladder to a higher level or descending to a lower level when they get swallowed by a snake.

Since children are visual and love fantasy, they will keep glued to the giant version of the game for long periods,

3. Corn hole

To play this game, you need a board with a punch and some bean bags. A player stands a distance far from the board and tries to toss the bean bag right through the hole on the board.

What makes this game great for children ages is adjusting the distance between the player and the board. You need to have almost zero space for a toddler and get ready for shrieks of joy when the bean bag slides through.

Plus, you help your child’s physical development of eye-hand coordination. 

4. Giant Connect Four Game

Of the giant outdoor games for sale, here’s one enjoyed across all age groups. Two people or two teams can play the game.

Each team has the same color rings to fit into the game board. The winning team has to arrange four hoops following each other either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.

The opponent’s team task is to make that mission impossible as they stick their own.

 Other Jumbo Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are not just for kids. They are activities everybody in the family can participate in without feeling out of place. And the best part is there are a ton of such games you can take part in all summer long.

Badminton, Racket, Shuttlecock, Game

5. Badminton

Has it occurred to you that your backyard or front porch is an ideal place to set a badminton court? Get sturdy yet lightweight nets, poles, racks, and a ball, and you are all set for a game. Unknowingly, you may introduce your child to a game that gets in their heart and stays there.

6. Tetherball

A fantastic giant outdoor game for kids of all ages is Tetherball. A child who enjoys their own company can play all alone and have fun. But for more thrill, you can have two players or two teams. You have a ball dangling on a string tethered to a pole.

Each player tries to swing the ball, so it wraps around the pole. For safety sake, you need to know that the bar securely holds the ball and the base holds firmly without tipping.

Thus you can move around the Tetherball to as many places as you want.

7.  Jumbo Playing Cards

Do you and your family and friends have a knack for playing card games such as Solitaire?  Well, you can enjoy your game outdoors just as much as you do indoors.  

The only difference is you have giant-sized play cards, which make the session even more enjoyable for everyone. We all love experiencing something different.

Golf, Club, Iron, Wedge, Rough, Grass

8. Play Trackball

A grassy backyard makes quite a playing field for this game. 

You need two players for the game, so you and your kiddo are enough. You have a scoop-like racket ball that you use to catch the ball your partner throws at you from a distance.

You have lovely fun sessions of exercise and fun. And both are ingredients that make a happy mom.

9.  Play Flickin’ Chicken

You kids live tossing around things. Or how else do you explain why they would throw all their toys through the window and laugh heartily, for example.  Thus, a chance to toss a rubber chicken at a disc target would be a great idea.

Your dog gets to participate in the merry, too, by fetching the rubber chicken and getting it back to your kiddo.

Besides the amusement, the game is a chance to enhance the physical development of your child.

 And the game will never get old; as the child ages, you put the disc target a greater distance away from them to make the game more challenging. 

10.  Capture the Flag

Another activity that makes it to the list of the best giant outdoor games for kids involving teams. To play the game, you need to divide participants into teams. Each team has a flag and its territory.  

The game involves trying to steal the other team’s flag and planting it in your territory. A game worth getting the kids and grownups all excited as they run around and burning some calories too.

brown wooden fence on gray concrete floor

11. Jenga Blocks

A favorite indoor activity that kids love is building blocks. So, how about an outdoor activity that involves tumbling a tower of blocks. Participants take turns at removing block after block. 

The loser in this game is the person who touches the tower to remove a block, and everything comes tumbling down.

Besides being a fun game, it is safe too. The blocks are of cardboard, and thus you won’t need to worry about accidents.

Instead of buying the blocks, you can consider giant outdoor games DIY ideas of making your blocks. You will need wood supplies and some little carpenter skills. 

12. Giant Bowling Set

 Take bowling outdoors with the giant bowling set. Kids especially will love kicking a giant ball to hit equally giant pins. To make the game more fun, you can encourage the kids to kick the ball backward. 

 The bowling set deflates; thus, storing after use is easy. Besides, you can pack the game set as part of your luggage and travel wherever you want in the world with ease. 

Bottom Line

 The sun does not shine all year, and when it does, you should be ready. Be ready for fun activities that you and your family will enjoy. You may love sitting quietly to soak some sun in, but your kids won’t keep still. They won’t understand what fun there is in sitting doing nothing.

So spice up the summer with fun giant outdoor games. Let your child experience the joy of playing outside before snow comes knocking, and put together activities to keep them busy.